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Thread: Toby Rand - Supernova

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    Well, out of curiosity I watched the DVD of the TV reality show, Tommy Lee Goes To College, and now I know why Tommy was not adverse to Toby using the megaphone and siren on one of his songs, because Tommy used them himself in the fraternity pledge scramble sequence and in the Finale Rave party he threw for all the students and faculty involved. Way to go, Toby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OriginalSinner View Post
    But pop is all good, pop outsells hard rock
    But SN isn't going to be a pop band, this does them no good.

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    what does EVS mean?

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    According to Toby, it means "whatever."

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    Toby is definitely the most handsome guy left in the group. And he's done well so far. But is he the kind of guy that hang with SN? He doesn't seem as at ease with the house band performing for SN as say Lukas and Dilana. Even Storm. I don't think he'll be the winner. But then again, what do I know
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    Honestly, I cannot see anyone but Toby be the front person for SN. At first I had a crush on him (and to borrow JR's icon for Storm ) , but now his vocals and performances are making me a believer.

    Broadway, I do believe that we are Toby's Fort groupies!
    And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know ~ Kansas

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    Toby has got to go, sorry Ladies. His Encore last night sucked! Too much of a pretty boy to be frontin this band. Take off the eyeliner and all you got is a lead singer for a boy band.


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    I disagree. Toby is the only one that can front this band. I hope he wins

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    Toby and Storm are the only 2 that I would hang out with. Love the prankster.

    Lukas is a freak goth that hates grunge. Probably hates GnR,Crue and Metellica and would prefer to sing Cure (which he would be good at). Is that SN - Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    Dilana doesnt have direction, She was good at the start but seems one dimensional.

    And Magni, Love the guy, the person. But way too nice to hang around the caliber of TLEE.

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    Toby bores me. His performances aren't terrible but they aren't that good. He is tied for Storm for least stage presence, and I just like Storm's attitude and personality better. I'm hoping Toby is the next to go.

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