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Thread: Storm Large - Supernova

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    Looking forward to more songs--she rocked almost as much as Dilana! She may get the gig though,because she is prettier. Anyway,will be anxious to see her perform again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysticalChicken View Post
    I'm rooting for her. She's from Portland, which is where I live--or close to it, anyway.
    According to a Boston area newspaper, Storm’s actually from Southborough, Massachusetts. I had no idea.

    Read All About It HERE

    Livin’ Large
    By Kathy Uek/ Daily News Staff
    Monday, July 10, 2006 - Updated: 01:32 AM EST

    SOUTHBOROUGH -- Growing up, Storm Large was independent, unpredictable, gutsy and knew what she wanted.

    Now 37, Storm Large is an unusual woman, according to her father, Henry Large. "She makes a big splash wherever she goes."

    The Southborough native hopes to take the world by storm on the CBS reality show "Rock Star: Supernova." Storm is one of 15 performers shooting to be the new lead singer of Tommy Lee’s band Supernova.

    "She always loved to sing," said Henry. "God gave her the pipes, but she’s tough and worked hard. I’m very proud of her."

    When Storm was a member of the crew team at St. Mark’s High School, she was one of the top rowers in the east, according to her father. But, in her sophomore year she gave it up.

    Not interested in sports like her dad, who coaches baseball and football at St. Mark’s, Storm dreamed of becoming a rock star. "She always wanted to be on stage and be successful at it," he said.

    And those dreams may be getting closer to becoming a reality. Storm made the first cut, garnering enough votes from viewers, after the premier episode last Tuesday.

    Each week, the three singers with the fewest votes get to perform a song of their choice to avoid being cut. The last singer standing will head out on a world concert tour and record a new album with Supernova, made up of Lee, the former drummer of Motley Crue, Jason Newstead, previously with Metallica, and Gilby Clarke, who has worked with Guns & Roses.

    To support Storm, childhood friends drew attention to their celebrity friend and made some noise around town yesterday. Friends and family met at the home of Karen Morgan in Southborough and climbed onboard a red and white Bean Town Trolley, adorned with about 20 red and black balloons on either side.

    While trolley driver Chris Fisher clanged the bell of the trolley, fans shook coordinating colored pompoms and trumpeter Phil Nurmi played songs such as "The Trolley Song"and "Up, Up and Away," by The 5th Dimension.

    The trolley wove through the streets making scheduled stops to pick up more fans who filled the 40-person-capacity trolley.

    "We have regular sitdown jobs like nursing, sales and management," said Elizabeth Baldelli of Southborough. "We’re all boring, unlike Storm. It’s typical of her," she added pointing to her white T-shirt with a pink silhouette of Storm holding her band mates.

    Eventually the trolley stopped at Mauro’s Village Cafe for breakfast while fans passed out fliers asking people to vote for their celebrity friend.

    "I think it’s fun, because of the food and the trolley," said family friend Drew Laurence, 7, enjoying waffles topped with blueberries.

    "She’s doing exactly what she wanted," said childhood friend, Lisa Laurence of Southborough.

    The Southborough native has something in her favor. She already has a name appropriate for a rock star.

    "We couldn’t help the name Large," said Henry Large. "When her two brothers were born, they were given family names. My wife, Susan, was adopted, and when our daughter was born, she started her own tradition and named her Susan Storm Lodge.

    "But she was always Storm," said Henry.

    "She definitely knew what she wanted," said Andrea Hallion. "She wanted a different life of music and dance, and got to do it. She’s a rock star."

    After graduating from St. Mark’s in Southborough, where her father coaches and teaches, Storm attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan. She then moved to Los Angeles and San Francisco before she settled in Portland, Ore., where she has lived for the past several years and is backed by her band, The Balls.

    Before Storm was established she tended bar in San Francisco to pay the bills and sang in clubs.

    "It was all hush, hush before CBS made the announcement on Storm’s 37th birthday," said Daphne Phalon.

    Now sequestered in a Hollywood Hills mansion until the end of the competition, Storm is only allowed to make one 15-minute phone call per week, her supporters said. No one knows where she stands in the show.

    "Get 13 others off the show and let her win," said Phalon.

    "I’m like her other mother," said Ann Leavitt, whose daughter, Daphne, played with Storm when they were children. Storm’s mother is deceased. "Stormy is a love. She’s a sweet, gentle soul. I wish her every success. She’s worked hard for it."

    Kathy Uek can be reached at kuek@cnc.com.
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    My absolute favorite local cartoonist drew a comic featuring Storm, about a year and a half ago:

    Storm on the Portland Spirit

    PS All of Mike Russell's CulturePulp comics depict real-life Portland events.
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    Storm would be one of two people I would pay to see front this band. She knocked me out the first night, and again last night. I think Dilana might be a better fit for Supernova, but I'd definitely like to see more of Storm.

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    she looks amazingly like lindsey lohan...

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    I think that Storm Large is fab-u-lous! She's got talent, personality, and that little bit of crazy that you need to be a Rock Star. Whether she wins or not, I sure hope she gets phenomenal success from her participation on this show. Go Storm!
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    She was amazing last night, her encore performance was my favorite one yet. I hope she wins to be honest. Or if she doesn't win, to at least get a record deal or something.

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    I like how she brings theatrics to her stage presence. Lots of facial expression and energy. She lets you know she is really each performance and not just phoning it in.

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    I think these guys need her theatricality, while they seem to think it's "too Vegas." I really think they're missing the boat with her. She's got the age and experience to hold her own, and these three old farts need someone with her dynamics to grab the audience's attention and not let go. The fact that she can sing seals the deal, IMO.
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    I hope she takes to heart their counsel to show a more vulnerable side next week. IF she can do that as well as be hard and wild, I think she's going to be tough to beat. Despite the pigtail debacle, which I will forgive her for if she continues to show up like she did last night. LOL.

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