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Thread: Storm Large - Supernova

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    Quote Originally Posted by realityfan25 View Post
    thanks. i feel kind of wierd now. how could i think storm would have a album or single out in stores?
    I bet you don't feel as weird as I feel old. That song came out years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hypnoboy View Post
    I'm glad Storm is off this show... it gives her time to get the 'Tommy Lee' stink off her. She is FAR too good to be with SuperNova, a group that is going to have ONE album, and 'Small Venue' tour, and that'll be about it.

    Get some rest Storm, you're going to need it. The world is waiting to see what you'll do next.
    I totally agree. Storm has a great career in front of her.

    I may be repeating a popular sentiment, but I have to say it is funny how this is the only reality show where the real winners are the ones eliminated.

    - g

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    I loved watching Storm but everyone's right. She's far better than to front SN! I absolutely loved her own song What the What.... Great catchy tune. Kept singing it after she was off the stage.

    Just waiting for some great big news for her and her next album! Go STORMY!
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    I love Lady Like...
    I wonder if she could make an album soon! She's great singer and songwriter!

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    Dang, I am really going to miss her. Hopefully she will be w/ the HB on the House Band/SN/TPC tour. When will we know for sure who will be going on that tour?

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    I'm not sure about this, but I thought I heard Brooke say that the final four would be going. That left me feeling especially cynical over this elimination because I think Storm is the most interesting performer of the five left, and if I had to pick only one to see, it would be Stormy.

    But I'm not positive about this. Maybe someone else can remember?
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    Storm is going to be on Ellen Degeneres Monday the 11th...this will actually get me to watch Ellen!
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    Wooo hooooo! I've watched Ellen every single day (I TIVO it and watch it before the evening's fare, around 7 pm) since the day it started. So glad that our Stormy is going to be a guest!!!!!!!!!! She just had Ivan from the Shoobie Doobie Dance ShowTM on yesterday.

    Brighten up an otherwise dark day... Monday is going to be very trying emotionally, worse than the past three years, more in line with the one-year anniversary.
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    Storm's cover of Wish You Were Here is now up on music.msn.com
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondieGal View Post
    Dang, I am really going to miss her. Hopefully she will be w/ the HB on the House Band/SN/TPC tour. When will we know for sure who will be going on that tour?
    As a few others have said, Brooke said the final 4 would be touring. So I would assume that would be Dilana, Magni, Lukas and Toby. But with Dilana, she might just have an emotional breakdown when she realizes she won't win and completely go nuts, disqualifying her of her tour status and they bring on Storm. That's my hope anyway. I'll take Storm over Dilana anyday of the week.

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