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Thread: Matt Hoffer - Supernova

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    Jun 2003
    I really like Matt, he has a good voice. Thought he was better than both Phil and Chris.

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    Sep 2003
    Loved his version of Planet Earth. He should have gotten another chance.

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    He was so much better than the other bottom two, and he took risks. I'd buy his c.d. Class act.

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    Adelitas Way 7.14.09 libra1022's Avatar
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    Matt may have sealed his own fate by choosing Duran to sing, and that's a shame cause it really wasn't the worst performance of the night. If that's the direction he wanted to go Careless Memories would have been a better song choice since it's the "hardest" Duran song I can think of (and I believe that the House Band would have kicked major butt with it).

    Sad to see him leave so soon since he was one that had potential in my eyes, but I do understand that for THIS audition he made a critical error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff View Post

    Counting Metallica, The Police, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Rufus Wainwright among his influences, Matt further proves his unique talents, and that, yes, hockey players/ex-real estate brokers can rock. They can rock hard.
    Seems he forgot to put Duran Duran in as one of his influences as he maintained on the elim. show.
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    I actually forgot to watch the elimination show last week.... so I was a little surprise Matt got the boot. I agree the song choice probably had something to do with it, but I think there were a number of other performances much worse than his...

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    Well, if any good came out of Matt's choice to do Planet Earth, it's that I like Duran Duran now too (I'd heard of them, but I never really went to listen to their music). I loved his performance. The other two were meh.
    Gustav Holst was right!

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    Actually, if I remember right, at the website for the show, you can see the music tastes of all the contestants. I know I saw Duran Duran there and my guess is that it was one of Matt's picks. So them not knowing he liked Duran Duran or the others liking any other band is a bit of hooey. If we can find it out via *their* website, they should have access to the info...
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