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Thread: Lukas Rossi - Supernova

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    I'd be in the front row.

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    The only I don't like about Lucas (well there are a few) is that when someone else is being praised he looks so pissed off. Someone else getting the encore or praise doesn't take anything away from you at all Lukas.

    Not to mention I find his vocal stylings to be a bit exaggerated. When listening to Lukas -- I totally get what Simon Cowell means when he says the performance was "affected". To me it is like when pop-punk guys sing with a british accent. Lukas' growl just seems really lame to me.

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    I was watching him while SN was playing their music. He did this practiced, cheesy Elvis kind of sneer. It just looked so phony and rehearsed, like he's spent a lot of time in front of mirrors trying to perfect it. I don't really get the persona he puts off at all. He comes off as a wannabe. He is really pretty talented, so if he'd drop the posing, I'd probably root for him as one of the final 3.


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    Salty Sea Hag
    I dig the little dude...sneer and all.

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    Lukas looks like Clint Howard

    LOL - I hate Lukas, but he is funny during the reality shows..

    just do an image search on google images for clint howard.

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    I like his look... what can i say I like skunks... But he comes off way too cocky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LandCruiser View Post
    Ditto. I don't even know who Jeff Buckley is, but this guy in no Freddie Mercury. Personally, I did not think he was very good last night. Sadly though, he was one of the best.

    And how many weeks have you been watching? Lukas and Dilana were amazing. Lukas has a unique voice and very good confident apperance. He will be the one to win this or Dilana is right up there with him.

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    First time poster-Lukas :-p

    Well I luuuv Lukas. I don't think his persona is a 'get up' or an 'act'. He was in a band 'Cleavage' I believe....I forgot the whole title of the band. I know there is a fan site for the band, but not an individual site for Lukas.

    I like his on stage performances was not crazy at all about last night's performance. But I do hope he can go far and possibly win the competition. Either him or Dilana Robichaux. That 'chick' is Janis Joplin/Melissa Etheridge incarnata. I like the 'smoky' tones of her voice, and just her whole stage presence. Sorry to see Dana go....wish it had been Jill Goia. That rendition of, 'Don't you Forget about Me' was HORRIBLE!!!! She did totally 'oversing' the song. Was not really expecting Dana to go home.....

    back to Lukas...luv me some Lukas!!!

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    Hey, Hot4.... to the FORT!
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    For all the Lukaslovers there's plenty of him with his last band RiseElectric on the net.....and yeah, Cleavage was awesome, let's hope he still has it in him.

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