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Thread: Lukas Rossi - Supernova

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiteWeightLiz View Post
    I'm really TRYING to like his performances after reading some others' admiration of him, but he's just not doing it for me. Perhaps it's because I keep expecting him to deliver what his overly huge ego projects about himself, and it's just not happening! (for ME, anyway)
    Join the club, I'm not seeing it either. I don't think he's bad, but I don't think he's all that great. It's probably the only thing I don't agree with SN about either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN View Post
    I don't mind the attitude, whether or not it was real or made-for-TV.....

    He said " a lot of you sucked". I counted five. I almost put him in the group, but he grew on me near the end of White Wedding.

    Hot? I think he resembles
    not so hot
    I almost wet my pants with this one!

    I finally figured out who he reminds me of... I'm dating myself in saying this, but remember the recurring character on M*A*S*H, Sgt. Rizzo?? I have a hard time posting pics on this site, but here's a couple of thumbnails:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Has anyone actually verified the "leaving on the streets" claim. I'm very skeptical. I like to see how much truth there is in that. To me, when someone says they are living on the street it means they are actually living on the street, sleeping on the street, barely eating, etc.

    I somehow doubt this is Lukas' situation. So he apparently wrote music for McDonald's commercials? I'm sure he got a paid a pretty penny for that. And he also has such a good friend in the EMI office in Toronto that would organize his trip to Vancouver for the audition. That doesn't sound like someone that would be "living on the streets".

    Do people just use that term, no matter what if there makes their story sound more dramatic? Your apartment building is on the corner of the street, so can you say your living on the street?

    So do we all believe that he's actually living on the street?

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    Last year I couldn't stand JD and he won. I hope that's not the case this year. Every time I look at Lukas, he reminds me of the Chucky doll only with black hair or the little boy from the Munsters only not as cute. I hope they get rid of the foreign girl with the black hair, her voice sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m0ckeryj0nes View Post
    finally the oompa loompas have broken the glass ceiling of reality tv

    I don't think his voice is strong enough or versatile enough to cut it. Toby and Dilana are the only ones who stand a chance. Maybe Magni,depending on what he shows us in the next few weeks.

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    His performance was by far my favourite this week.

    I can take or leave anything else he's done, but Lets Spend the Night Together was really good imo.

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    I agree, Fluff. His performance just screamed "rock star" to me. I really enjoyed it!

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    Add me to the "not Lukas" club. He's not a bad performer, but he looks like Peter Lorre, after a REALLY bad acid trip. I don't understand people who spend that much time trying to look bad. And I think his voice is VERY limited. And, while JD last year was a jerk, I think some of his attitude came from really, REALLY wanting THAT JOB - that's why INXS gave him some slack for stepping on toes. With Lukas, I think he steps on toes because he likes pissing people off. He's all about himself, not about being part of Supernova. He claims he's lost a lot of friends who really weren't his friends. My guess: He's pulled a lot of self-centered head games on everyone around him, and he has no friends. Supernova should take notice, because that's how he's going to be on the road, too.

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    Add me to the pro-Lukas club.

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    I can not look at this guy. He would be a reason I would not buy a concert ticket to see SN if he was fronting them.

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