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Thread: Switch

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    From the INXS Website:

    25 October 2005

    SWITCH tracklisting revealed
    INXS.com can reveal the tracklisting to Switch - in the coming weeks get a track-by-track breakdown of the album from INXS themselves:
    1 - Devil's Party
    2 - Pretty Vegas
    3 - Afterglow
    4 - Hot Girls
    5 - Perfect Stranger
    6 - Remember Who's Your Man
    7 - Hungry
    8 - Never Let You Go
    9 - Like It Or Not
    10 - Us
    11 - God's Top Ten

    The Guy Chambers-produced album features compositions by Andrew Farriss, J.D. Fortune, Garry Beers, Kirk Pengilly and Jon Farriss.

    As the excitement surrounding the release builds, Sony are offering a pre-order deal to US citizens which includes a free poster and download of 'Pretty Vegas'.

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    Looks like INXS is releasing another CD (available as as import) on November 1st...big month for the band, huh?!

    Taste It: The Collection [IMPORT]


    List Price: $13.99
    Price: $13.99 and eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. See details.

    Availability: This item will be released on November 1, 2005. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

    See more product details
    Track Listings
    1. Bitter Tears
    2. Faith In Each Other
    3. Who Pays The Price
    4. Hear That Sound
    5. Shining Star
    6. Taste It
    7. All Around
    8. Wishing Well
    9. Strange Desire
    10. Please (You Got That...) (Ft Ray Charles)
    11. Kill The Pain
    12. I'm Only Looking
    13. Cut Your Roses Down
    14. Strangest Party (These Are The Times)
    15. Don't Lose Your Head
    16. Shake The Tree
    17. Girl On Fire
    18. We Are Thrown Together

    Link to the info
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    Wonder what happened to "Easy Easy". Wasn't it supposed to be on Switch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickeyfan
    Wonder what happened to "Easy Easy". Wasn't it supposed to be on Switch?
    I think that they might have realized it wasn't the best song or they renamed it.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Remus Lupin
    From INXS.com...

    At the helm: Guy Chambers

    by Nathan Hull

    From the legendary Chris Thomas, to stalwart Mark Opitz to the optimum funk of Nile Rodgers, INXS's producer choice has always been as integral to their sound as the songs themselves. For the creation of the band's 11th studio album, Switch, Guy Chambers stepped into the fray and into the fire. INXS.com caught an exclusive interview with the songwriter and producer extraordinaire who was given the daunting task of recording the album in just one month.

    The Switch sessions were to prove like no other the band or Guy had ever worked on. Flanked by his manager and long-term engineers Richard Flack and Paul Stanborough, Guy stepped off the plane at LAX and into INXS's adopted world of reality television, high security compounds, an army of TV executives, bizarre mansion parties, ludicrous schedules, NO SINGER and a near-impossible deadline for the album's delivery. "It was definitely one of the hardest and strangest projects I've worked on! It was incredibly stressful at times because the demands were so high," opens Guy. LA's a dark and brooding temptress at the best of times; biting at your heels with distractions and attractions to throw any project off course, but with such a non-standard recording schedule at hand and a TV show being filmed three times a week, the party shenanigans didn't have much opportunity to inflict any long term effects.

    "The band was under so much pressure. There were so many demands on their time for media and TV filming. They were still writing. The songs were in various keys because we didn't know if the singer would be male or female…" Guy could continue with a list of hurdles that faced him and the band, but instead switches pace and errs towards the positive. "As soon as J.D. was picked [on 20 September] things definitely got easier." In just 4 weeks J.D. would have recorded his first album as the lead singer of INXS.

    In a recording career only 12 years old, Guy Chambers has accrued 28 Gold/Platinum-certified albums, 3 Brit Awards, 3 Ivor Novello Awards, 12 Number 1 albums and 6 Number 1 singles. Impressive statistics whichever angle you take them from. Although most famously the muse and partner-in-brilliance to Robbie Williams, Guy's discography is as awesome as his award platter. Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem, James Blunt, Jessica Simpson, Andrea Bocelli, Charlotte Church, Jamie Callum and Tom Jones have all scored from the Chambers songwriting and production stable.

    With Andrew Farriss himself opting to open up and work with a breadth of huge songwriters across the globe including Desmond Child, Cathy Dennis and The Matrix, it was only natural that he and Guy Chambers would eventually come together. "We originally got together and wrote four songs in a week," starts Guy. Although only 'Us' has made the album from that original week's work, further songwriting sessions between the pair would happen. But was during that initial period that Andrew began formulating a plan to employ Guy's skills at a production level. "He saw the way I worked, he saw how I understood music and I think, most importantly, he saw that I was quick." Andrew knew then that this album would have to be created in under a month - crippling circumstances for a band which would easily occupy a 5 month stint in the studio. "The only record I've ever made quicker was Robbie Williams' Swing When You're Winning which we did in 3 weeks," says Guy. "But that was a jazz record," he drops as an aside.

    Guy himself cuts a modest figure. Hugely focused, dry, self-aware and seemingly unaffected by the oh-so-usual industry fatigue, Guy believes in structure and has honed his craft through the writing of thousands of songs to "learn technique". Inevitably the meeting of minds was not always a smooth ride. "Andrew and I certainly had our ups and downs at start," says Guy. "We're both quite controlling by nature and it took a while but in any relationship you have to accept that another person's skills may actually help enhance something."

    Largely only acquainted with the band's hits and the effervescent Kick, Guy was quick to do his research. "I always Google an artist straight away and do my research. I was immediately aware of the TV show and what process the band were going through." The fragility of the project - confounded by the fact the band didn't actually have a singer at that stage - could equally be argued as a strength. Guy entered the project blind and unblighted by the band's former glories and never having seen the band perform live. He was clean to INXS's world and, as such, came aboard open-minded about what the band wanted from the album. "I wasn't really briefed on a sound the band wanted to achieve as I don't think they really knew what they wanted. Remember at that stage, they didn't even know if their singer would be male or female, " says Guy. "Andrew did state that he didn't want to make an "angry" record though and was keen for the band's funkier edge to show through."

    "I was presented with over 100 songs to work through for this project which involved a huge amount of listening," exasperates Guy. "The track choices for the album were mine and although Andrew and I had written a lot of tracks together it wasn't hard to remain impartial." The task in Guy's mind was simple; he had to pick the strongest songs to suit the album. As well as being the first time Andrew had ever written for INXS with external writers, Guy was also keen for all the band members to have input on songwriting. "It was important to open that up," explains Guy. "Kirk, Garry and Jon also have tracks on the album which provide some real diversity to the sound. The trouble was finding time in the schedule to allow them all to go off and write songs."

    Guy doesn't hesitate in admitting one of the attractive prospects of working with INXS was that he hadn't previously worked with a real band of INXS's stature. He also grins retrospectively acknowledging that this was also one of his first hurdles. "Pleasing all six guys was one of my biggest challenges," Guy states. From the simple fact of accommodating most of them with a co-write on the album, Guy also recalls one of his first conversations with Kirk. "I even remember stressing to me how much he felt saxophone was needed on this record. I'd never recorded a sax before!" Such "shortcomings" were swept aside as Guy brought his guitar and editing skills to the fore. "More than that, I'd say my arrangement experience and thought processes about songs' actual "contents" were important factors in my work on this album," Guy affirms.

    To a large extent this was J.D.'s first experience in a major recording studio. Couple that with the indescribable life-change thrust upon him and the phrase "headfuck" would seem apt. Aside from songwriting and recording the hours and days that followed J.D.'s inauguration into INXS were a media frenzy wracking up almost 100 interviews. "J.D. initially had a hard time focusing. He's very excitable anyway and I think he was suffering from shock for the first week," Guy muses. "But then he really got his shit together and put in some incredible performances. He's a very entertaining and talented individual."

    Indeed on this one album J.D. has already racked-up three co-writes ('Pretty Vegas' and 'Devil's Party' with Andrew and 'Never Let You Go' with Jon). Moreover, Guy feels there's was an instant songwriting chemistry between J.D. and Andrew. "I think J.D. and Andrew have really connected and J.D.'s talent is highlighted by the fact he has got three co-writes on this record alone. I see a future between them."

    The Guy and Andrew- penned 'Hot Girls' apparently took the longest to record of all the tracks. Spliced with a Japanese-vocal sample ("Jon Farriss's idea and very cool") the track was originally planned to have male/female sparring vocals. The demo to the track also featured a high-paced attack but this changed when Guy actually came to record the song. "Most pop songs have a chorus within the first 25 seconds, but I wanted this song to build." The plan was put into place for J.D. sing an octave lower for the first chorus. "Then by the time of the second chorus when more instruments also kick in, J.D. goes back up an octave and the impact is so much greater."

    Another stand out moment on the album is the emotionally-charged and highly-personal 'God's Top Ten' which does feature the male/female vocal idea. Step in Suzie McNeal. Guy recalls, "Andrew had always seen the song as a duet and loved Suzie's voice. It's an incredibly personal song and the lyric was slightly altered from Andrew's original demo to accommodate that someone other than him was singing it. God's Top Ten is a song only INXS could do." The result is an album-closer of immense proportions and akin to 'Freedom Deep'. Its throbbing heartbeat may fade but the memory it conjures remains.

    Recorded in full at Westlake Studios, Guy firmly believes the studio choice has large impact on an album and Switch benefited from its birth in LA. "I've worked in that actual studio before with Delta Goodrem and it has a lot of history," says Guy. Most famously, Michael Jackson even built an extra observation booth overlooking the studio so Bubbles the chimp could watch him at work. "American studios just have a certain sound," Guy explains. "It may be their mics as there's always such a great selection which we don't always have in the UK because they've normally all been stolen." Contrary to an original concern, the rugs and North African decoration that had been placed in the studio for TV purposes actually helped the sound of the album. "We didn't want to sound to be too big and eighties. We wanted it controlled and the carpets and rugs actually allowed a warmer sound."

    An achievement against the most insane odds, Switch captures a moment in space and time for INXS. A period of change, ambiguities, challenges and hype. Veering from the Roxy Music funk of 'Devil's Party' to the Rolling Stones riffage of 'Hot Girls', Switch refers to the classic INXS signatures. While the pseudo-calypso rhythms of 'Never Let You Go' and the Prince-ly falsetto of 'Remember Who's Your Man' keeps any listener on their toes. This chameleon of a record not only marks the return of INXS but the start of a new era.

    With 'Pretty Vegas' boldy leading the INXS resurgence and ahead of Guy entering projects with Italian artist Zucchero and Natasha Beddingfield, this modest man's mood about Switch is staunchly hopeful. "It deserves to do very well. Thir sound has progressed. I see 3 or 4 big singles on there," starts Guy. "I just wanted the band to sound like a band and I also really wanted to highlight J.D. as a talent. And I achieved both."

    Special thanks to Dan Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickeyfan
    Wonder what happened to "Easy Easy". Wasn't it supposed to be on Switch?
    From INXS.com:

    USA: Digital frenzy

    US digital service providers will sell INXS's Switch flanked by added exclusives on each.

    iTunes USA will exclusively carry a non-album cut entitled 'Let's Ride' as well as a digital booklet; MSN will feature a different bonus track entitled 'Amateur Night'; Real/Rhapsody will carry the familiar 'Easy Easy' and Yahoo! Music will host a live version of 'Easy Easy'. After each DSP's period of exclusivity, the whole package will be made available across all providers.

    (I know that 'Amateur Night' was the name of a song JD was writing during the final weeks of the competition. He played a snippet of it during a Canadian radio interview. I liked it, and will be very interested to hear the final version.)

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    OK, the album is listing "PRETTY VEGAS" songwriting credits to: music by Andrew Farriss and lyrics by JD, Marty and Jordis (from the workshop early on, I guess). Also, Suzie is included as a featured vocalist and she and Deanna (and Paul Mirkovich) do background vocals on the album.

    If someone's already posted this, sorry for the redux. But I've been having way major problems reading the posts, much less posting occassionally myself!

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    I was listening to one of the XM stations the other day when the DJ mentioned the new album & said it sounds great & that INXS is back.

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    I'm truly enjoying the new album, especially Afterglow, Never let You go, and God's Top Ten. Glad to have new INXS back in my life!

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    OMG this CD rocks! Love "Hot Girls" and "The Devil's Party"-- Instant classics IMO.

    The band sounds amazing. I'm dying to see them live!!!

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