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Thread: Buying songs from the show

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    Quote Originally Posted by CdnINXSFan
    I always figured it was related to shipping. That's definitely not the problem here.
    I used to work for a company and we could not sell to Canada due to the shipping/duty/blah, blah, blah. It took almost 2 years for our company to get permission to sell/ship to Canada. I don't understand it.

    Well Giz, that is weird and definetly discrimmination. I'd personall write to them and complain. Where in Canada are you? Near the border? or not?
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    What I have issues about this whole thing is the fact that we do have the NAFTA agreement - why are there issues with selling music over the net. If I'm willing to pay in US$ for a song (ultimately paying more) I should be able to do so, regardless of where I live. On the 'net borders don't exist so they shouldn't for internet trade as well... I'm in Toronto, myself, and can at least download "Pretty Vegas" off Itunes next week... I would like to have the music from the show though... it would be nice to have a full disc of my boy!

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    The biggest tragedy in my life right now is that I can't find the cable to upload music to my MP3 player. (We just moved.) I'm about to pay exorbitant fees to buy a new one. I even dreamed that I found the cord last night! I'm obsessed with downloading my favorite Rockstar music!
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    That's strange. I live in Canada and although I haven't downloaded any songs but a friend at work has. He did not say anything about having problems.

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    William 13, they've replied (from MSN) officially, that they don't have songs available to Canada. Your friend is probably getting them from a share-ware site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giz
    They emailed me and said its available through local partners in England, Germany and Australia. Thanks a lot guys. RS was very popular up here, and once again we're shafted. Colour me unimpressed.

    I don't know if if would be song rights. I've tried to buy a number of things off the internet from major companies and have been rebuffed because I'm Canadian. They'd better not come crying to me when they run out of water, cause I can hold a grudge.
    So much for us signing the Free Trade Agreement with the U.S., huh?

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