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Thread: Live Chat with JD and Gary - Monday 09/26

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    Live Chat with JD and Gary - Monday 09/26

    Live Chat with JD and Gary
    begins on Monday, September 26
    at 2pm ET/11am PT

    Don't know if I'll be able to attend it, but it would be great if someone that attends the chat could post a transcript.

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    Well! Apparently MSN chat doesn't like my Mac. Oh well. I'll have to rely on a transcript...*sob*....

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    Oh, man, I have to go to work for a few hours. Could someone post a transcript please??

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    Quote Originally Posted by giz
    Oh, man, I have to go to work for a few hours. Could someone post a transcript please??

    I wish I could! I'll be in the middle of explaining academic integrity to engineering freshmen! Please, someone, help those of us who need a daily JD fix!
    "A pessimist is an optimist with experience." --Chuck Daly

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    Darn ... that is the time I hold my weekly staff meeting with the team .... grrrrrr ... hate when work gets in the way!!

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    Why do they keep having these chats in the middle of the day? Who the hell is available in the middle of the day? Why don't they do them in the evening when everybody can go?


    I give a big to whoever can get a transcript...!

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    Big props from me, too, if anyone *pleaaaasseeee!* can give a transcript.

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    Don't worry peeps.
    I was able to get home in time, so I'll get you guys a transcript.
    Right now, we're still waiting for JD and Gary to arrive.

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    Here is the transcript. Questions answered were picked randomly. Enjoy.

    Welcome to MSN Live! We are pleased to welcome Garry and JD To MSN Live!
    Congratulations to you both!

    JD: I want to say hello and thank you!
    Garry: Hello to everyone who has enjoyed the series and thanks for all the well wishers to everyone for helping us find the perfect singer for our band.

    JD, what advice has Gary given you concerning your new found fame?
    JD: hi Kelly. To be grateful for the experience. There are tools I can carry on in my musical journey, career.
    Garry: I keep kidding him with quotes from "Karate Kid 2."

    Which area of musicianship do you enjoy most--live performance, songwriting, rehearsal process, studio recording, MSN chats, etc.?
    Garry: MSN Chats are down the loist because making music is what we are about.
    Live performance is what we are about. It is immediate and only for the moment.
    JD: Me too. There is something unique and hearing people sing back. It is definitely the moment.

    JD - you looked a tad bit nervous on Ellen - were you?
    JD: Yes, I was a bit nervous. It is more of an excited nervous. I thought every time I looked behind me I thought Oh my God. It's INXS and that made me really happy.

    Jd: Congrats! Has it hit you yet, that you've had your dream come true?
    JD: No, I haven't really thought about it. I am still reeeling from the finale show. If anything the band welcomed me with open arms. Now I get to be part of this great rock band and moving forward.
    Garry: Well, we are in the early stages of planning and we will tour for as long as it takes to get to all the fans. We are finalizing the first leg and we will keep going until we reach everyone we need to reach.
    Garry: I have a feeling we will be doing a lot of touring in Canada.

    I think you picked the right person! Congrats, J.D.!! What was the deciding factor that tipped the scales in J.D.'s favor?
    Garry: At the end of the day there were only two people who discovered the inner power they had. JD and Marty. The real swing was getting onstage with them and with JD it really like a band.

    Congrats! You guys rock. JD, I was lucky to acquire a piece of your "money" did you write the sayings on them yourself?
    JD: On my personal bills I write "You are not a slave." Most of that money was written on by the art dept. They snuck in some of their own sayings.
    JD: if you ever find a real bill with that saying in Sharpie marker i is probably one of mine.

    Have you started recording in the studio? How has that been?
    Garry: We are in the studio as we speak. We did get to do much preliminary until we had our singer.

    [b]JD...where you shocked to be picked?[/b
    JD: Of course I was shocked. For a split second I though I was being sent home. I thought I would have to knock on their tour bus as it was pulling away. I was in shock to put it mildly.

    When will the first new video be out?
    Garry: We are going to film our first new video this week, this Friday. It will be released in about three weeks.

    Garry - You guys seem so sweet with JD, fatherly, brotherly, encouraging, are we really seeing the relationship as it is?
    Garry: Of course, you are, This is about music.
    JD: There is no BS. People can see through BS. INXS is a genuine band.

    Garry, at the end of the show something was said to Marty about being ya'lls opening act for the tour. Is he going to do that?
    Garry: We talked with Marty and his family and he is very excited about it. We are definitely trying to work that out. We found some amazing talent on the show. It will be great to have him there with us.

    Are you going to do a music video for Pretty Vegas?
    JD: Yes. Ironically the title of the video is going to be called "Pretty Vegas" as well too.

    JD, I cried because I was so happy for you! Did your family attend the finale?
    JD: Yeah, my mom, dad, stepmother and cousins were there. My mom and dad haven't been in the same room for a long time and it was great.,
    Garry: We had his family in the green room and it was pretty amazing.
    JD: I couldn't look at my mom or I would have started crying.

    JD and Garry are you aware how many fans are excited right now about the band and the tour?
    Garry: I guess it is dawning on us that the single is doing so well in the states and Canada.,
    We were so busy making the show and preparing the album we weren't paying attention to how popular the show was.
    JD: And how important the fans are. It is funny on Nov. 29 when the record comes out we will be making an even deeper connection.

    JD you have all of these great sayings that everyone is quoting now - where do you come up with this stuff? We love it!
    JD: I have a very small brain. I grew up in a family that had humor. When things are tight and tough and you can laugh, it is good free medicine. If you can make somebody laugh it is all the better. I just li to see people smile. That is all.

    JD - do you or have you spoken to any of the rockers that got eliminated?
    JD: I have been trying to. I spoke with Ty and Marty. To be honest with you we have been so incredibly busy to finish this record on time. Everyone needs a good month to unwind. I wake up in the morning in a cold sweat thinking there is a camera around me. I will probably be in contact with them in about a month.

    Will you ever reveal what your infamous numbers mean?
    JD: (laughs) No I am going to keep that one to myself. It is a lucky number and I'll leave it at that. Write down 448 and you will be amazed at how many times you see it in a day.

    [b]JD - will you move to Australia at any point?[//b]
    JD: I am homeless right now. We are a band. If they go to Australia, I will go too. If they decide to move anywhere that is fine by me.

    GB and JD ~ You were awesome on Ellen and Late Late Show. Will there be more TV appearances? Maybe SNL?
    JD: there might be. We are on a need to know basis at the moment. We may be doing some stuff in October.
    Garry: We really have to get our album done. We are focusing on getting our album out.
    JD: The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

    Do you have a name for your new album?
    Garry: I am not sure it is official yet but the working title is "Switch."

    Garry: Will you be re-recording any of the back catalog with JD!?
    Garry: We will discuss it even for the fun of it. We will a new record out to the masses and anything else is an added bonus.
    JD: Whatever happens to be, tour dates, you will hear everything.
    Garry: An obvious way to do it is with a live recording.

    First of all, congratulations to JD and INXS !!! Can't wait till Nov. 29, guys....how many tracks will u record on this album?
    Garry: There will be twelve songs on the album. We will probably record more than that. Maybe 15 or 17.
    JD: There might be some hidden tracks on there.

    Congratulations JD, I am a huge supporter and fan (just ask my husband). How will you keep true to yourself during this whirlwind of fame & fortune??
    JD: Well, I have five brothers who will make sure I take care of myself. They have my back. I would do anything for these guys. That is what makes things easy when you know you have a friend.

    Will the Virgin store appearance be performance or will it include a signing of some sort too?
    Garry: probably a bit of both.

    JD - were you ever worried that the drama that sometimes played out in the mansion would keep you from winning?
    JD: Only every secoind I was involved in that. I think that it was very hard to do that. What made it hard makes it great. I am here on the other side and a well rounded person because of that whole experience.

    How much influence does producer Guy Chambers have on the INXS sound on the new album?
    Garry: Pretty major. He has come along through songwriting with Andrew. He has so much musical knowledge. We had to think on our feet. Guy is a master on staying on top of all the musical changes.

    JD & Gary - Aside from the INXS song, what was your favorite cover of JD's (to perform & hear.)
    Garry: I would have to say "Money." That was areal musical experience for JD to go through.
    JD: I learned the most from that song. It is brilliant. That mde me hear everything that is going on. That is happening now in the studio. I am hearing everything that is going on. It is incredible.

    Best moment so far?
    JD: For me, coming into the studio the first day. It was just the band. The first day walking in because that is what I came in to do. It was the very first day on the job.
    Garry: I guess for me even though we knew a worldwide search was the best way to find the right singer. Against all odds, we found the right singer for our band. When we played live it became apparent we found him. That was what made it all exciting for me.

    JD, Garry, thanks for joining the fans here today on MSN Live!
    Garry: Thanks so much for hanging in there and trusting us to do a tv show to find the right singer. We look forward to seeing you all.
    JD: Thank you to everyone that voted and watched the show to the INXS fans and I would like to say how grateful I am. I feel like we have a big family that is 30 million people across the world.
    JD: I am working on Christmas cards right now for everyone. That will take about five years. (*laughs)

    Thanks to Garry an JD for joining us for this final Rock Star INXS chat event.

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    Thanks soooo much, Wolf! You know, JD comes through as so genuine, so normal. I just love how appreciative he is, and how much he loves being a part of the band. Describing them as his 5 brothers. It's cool.

    Love too how Gary says that against all odds they found the right person, and it became evident when they were on stage together. That is what we all saw too, that is was just "right" somehow. I am sure the other performers on the show can see it too, and feel like it was the right decision. They seem so happy, so excited about the future together. I truly hope it all works out, that their album is well received and sells really well, and they have a wonderful concert tour.

    I'm THRILLED to hear them say they will be touring a lot in Canada. Believe me, if they come anywhere near me I will be the first one in line! I will *not* miss seeing them with my lovely, crazy, wonderful boy front and center.

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