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Thread: INXS Performances

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    I watched Regis & Kelly and they did chat with them for a little in-between songs. (They did Pretty Vegas then talked to them after a commercial break.) You didn't miss much - it was the usual questions like "did you know JD was the ONE from the beginning? (Answer: No.) And they brought up how he was living in his car, etc. JD did a little dancing with Kelly a couple of times. She said she watched the show. They sang about half of "Need You Tonight" then the show ended.

    Letterman usually doesn't interview bands from what I've seen, so I wasn't surprised, but it would have been nice.

    Oh, and I thought his voice sounded a little rough on both shows so I hope he's taking care of himself too. Probably still getting over the bronchitis...

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    Had to post, as I went to the show last night in Kelowna, BC. Outdoor show, and luckily the skies cleared and it was great. JD was performing with a soft cast on his leg, from hip to ankle. Apparently he tore his ACL ligament a short time ago in Regina. What an amazing guy, he put everything he had into that show, and was pogo'ing around, dancing, jumping, you name it. He had so much energy it was wild. He looked great too, btw. :luvstruc

    The concert was awesome. They played for two hours, and the sound was incredible. He so truly fits in with this band, it's like they have played together for years. Nice to see things come full circle. Last year when the weather turned warm, I started watching RS:INXS and loved JD from the beginning. Now the weather has turned warm again and I was able to see them live in an incredible concert. It was great!

    BTW, his voice is truly amazing, and it seems to have gotten stronger. He really had the crowd going, and when they left they were chanting "JD, JD" and he was almost in tears. He kept thanking everyone, over and over, and saying how grateful he was. I know it's just MHO but he's really a great guy.

    Hope the next series can measure up!

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    He was out of the cast on 6/17 at the Greek, but he was popping Vicodin. I think the show was a little better at Pala in January, but it was still awesome.
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