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Thread: Rock Star: INXS 9/20 Finale Recap - You Complete Me

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    I've been a bad, bad girl Siryn's Avatar
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    *sniffle* I'm having withdrawal symptoms now. These were so fun.. thanks guys!!
    I me some Marty Casey. Go Marty!

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    from sky to fire fireflyer's Avatar
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    Siryn, I hear ya! I can't believe there's nothing left to recap! We need more! We need a recap of the tour! We need a recap of INXS's career! The FORTers have taken us this far... We don't want to miss the end of the story!

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Remember Dana, Neil and Tara? Yeah, me neither. Maybe this flashback thing isn’t so bad after all?

    It wasn’t until week five or thereabouts that he went from being a schlep to…well, he‘s still a schlep- just with a better act.

    Marty just about blew his vocal chords through his nose before he even became a fan favorite.

    He’s the rock star equivalent to Teddy Ruxpin- sweet, cuddly and harmless.

    Mayhem ensues. Cars are overturned, beer bottles are broken over everyone’s skull and cats and dogs are living in harmony.
    Fantastic way to round out the season, speedy

    I'd like to echo ShrinkingViolet's comment and thank all the recappers for this show.
    You all did a fantastic job.

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