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Thread: 9/20 Finale Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Hey, OriginalSinner, guess you REALLY didn't like JD. Rock on, man.

    REMEMBER< there were several voting sites where we could vote for who we wanted to see as the lead singer for INXS< and every time JD got the LOWEST amount of votes. There's a reason for that, and INXS should have paid a little bit of attention to public opinion. After all, we are the ones who are going to be buying the concert tickets and CDs. (AI has it right, they let the public decide who will win and guess what, they make a godzillion amount of dollars on the singers the public picks. Hello--we kept MiG in the top three all the way through, didn't we, and he would have made a godzillion amount of dollars for INXS. Oh well..their loss)

    Basically INXS hired JD because he was the best suck-up. Period.

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    Suicide Blonde
    I still have a happy headache from last nite's show!! I thought they all did well and I was so glad to see that. I loved that the theater turned into a real concert with the lights going down and the stage lights working when INXS got up on stage and played with Marty and JD. IMO, INXS clearly made the right choice although I certainly wouldn't have boycotted them had they chosen Marty. JD's reaction to winning was just <sigh> so wonderful. I must have replayed it 50 times.

    YCAGWYN - I thought JD did such a great job!! I loved it!!

    I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I will genuEYEnly miss this forum and the great posts you've all contributed to each of these threads.

    Also would like to add to the thanks of LAGuy and JLuvs for the first-hand reports all summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanJagSol
    He sure did!!

    I think that JD is cool but I think MiG was a better fit just because those guys are so old compared to JD. I don't know how old MiG is but he fits in better looks wise. It looks like JD is playing with his dad and or uncles.
    Actually JD is only 3 years younger than MiG, and about 11 years younger than the youngest INXS member.

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    Strange Brew
    The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that the band gave JD such a hard time early on to size him up. They threw him in the bottom 3 the first day and he responded positively. And gave him a hard time about some of the comments he made, and the studio session, and about singing Suspicious Minds. They gave him a much harder time than others but I think they did it to make sure he was up for the job and decided early that some others either didnt fit in or didnt have the ability to improve or change. I think that was the problem with who I thought were the favourites at the beginning, Ty and MiG. They had a lot of experience and essentially were the same performers at the end as they were at the beginning. I think the band preferred someone who they could mould or would be flexible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimrs
    I think they had the winner picked before the show even started. Why else would every episode focus on him? And then there are the numerous crash and burns JD had and still won?

    I am sorry I can't see any attraction to him or his voice. Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able look forward to a new INXS album, although I might get the Rock Star CD.

    I have to do this just once ...

    JD as the new lead singer of INXS?
    I agree...I believe they knew who they were going to pick very early on...what a farce!

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    I enjoyed watching the show, though I wasn't invested in INXS or the outcome of the show.

    But an observation, JMHO: It seemed obvious to me that INXS were pimping Pretty Vegas in preparation to releasing it. After all, it was sung an unprecedented three times, even though my guess is that the third time (an encore by JD, probably contrived only so PV could be sung yet again) the fans might have preferred to hear "Money".

    With that in mind, I believe JD was selected at least a couple of weeks ago, if not earlier, since I didn't really think INXS would ask him to record a PV single while they chose a different front man.

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    I'm kind of sad to see people can't be gracious about JD winning. He was my favourite, but if MiG had won, or Marty, I might have had a gentle snark, but people are being really vitriolic. It's giving me heartburn!

    I loved last night's show, and thought they made the right choice. MiG will do really well in musicals and with softer rock cd's, he will really appeal to that market. He seems like a really lovely man and I wish him the best. (As for people saying he was the most popular, I don't know that that matters, as were his fans mostly previously fans of INXS and their style? We don't know if they were the demographic INXS is looking for). For Marty this is great publicity for his band, and while I enjoyed watching him, I was getting bored with the bending backwards and screaming. I thought JD and MiG were more versatile in their use of the stage. I also thought JD was the best at making it seem like a performance of a band, whether he was with the house band, or last night with INXS.

    I, for one, found it really touching seeing JD's reaction to winning. I wouldn't count the band out, just yet, as a new infusion of creative point of view could be really good for them. The show will bring them a new audience, and I think their videos could look pretty good. They don't necessarily have to be as big as they were, but I think they can still be pretty successful. Finally, I don't see it as a fix, if their decision about who they want has been narrowed over the last few weeks. I'd be a little horrified actually if they really didn't know til last night. Last night may have just confirmed what they felt after last week. I do wonder what they were all whispering about at the end.

    I'll miss discussing this, and (most of) your opinions! I'll also miss Garry Gary, and Kirk's little moustache. It's been fun. Watching ANTM is going to be anti-climactic in the extreme.
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    Here's my analysis. Feel free to tear it apart, but just never tear us apart. Enough with the lame jokes.

    Hindsight is of course 20/20 but with the choice last night, it all fits that they would pick JD. In fact, the real question was, did the band want go in a different direction or did they want to maintain a certain level of continuity with their previous style? We know now that it is the latter, and JD is the best choice. Look at all the contestants. Now remove the women because that's obviously too much of a change. Of the men left, most of them are too "out there" musically or stylistically to fit with the band. In fact, JD's closest competition as a Michael replacement would have been Wil, believe it or not, had he decided to look passed the first row and at least pretended to be awake. He has the look and the voice, at least judging from the early songs. The rest of the guys would have mandated some drastic change in style. It makes you wonder if INXS had auditions that weren't televised, would they have even looked at these other people? We had southern folk, grunge people, happy theatre people, a guy who looks like Beck.

    Also, it seems as though INXS wasn't allowed to reveal what direction they wanted their band of follow because that would have tipped the winner. Imagine if they had this conversation in week 5.

    RBN:INXS: Marty, you can't go all crazy.
    Marty: I want you guys to meet me half way.
    RBN:INXS: Marty, we have a certain style and we want to keep it that way.

    If they said that in public, they could have just picked JD right then and be done with the show. That Mark Burnett is smarter than he looks.

    Anyway, Marty may actually have gotten the optimal result by being second. But JD certainly did well by upgrading from living in a car to fronting a very popular band. Congrats to him.

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    giz, btw - i always love you posts.
    i agree with you that i have been increasingly getting crazy about the negativity around the outcome.
    there is a fine line. i said earlier that INXS picking JD solidfies that i won't likely seek our seeing them in concert or purchase their new album (unless they add some much better songs than us, easy/easy and pretty vegas). this is not because i don't think that jd was probably the best pick for them or because he isn't a great talent. i just personally chose to remember my inxs with MH and leave it at that. now, i could be wrong - perhaps a kickin' song is released by the new INXS - or marty opens for them and seeing them live make me change my mind, but for now - i'm happy for them, but the selection doesn't make me more excited to seek out the new INXS yet -

    does that make sense?

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    I am just going to say this once for the hell of it as I have been reading a lot of negative posts and I feel the need to get this out of my system.

    I do not think that INXS had made this decision months ago and I think to claim that would not only be a diservice to the band, but also to the extreme talent of JD. Sure he may not be everyone's cup of tea vocally or performance wise, but he is an amazing performer, arranger and has shown a lot of growth during the show. I do not think that JD is a kiss a$$ either. He was just showing his genuine love for the band and again that is something to be commended in my eyes. He deserved to win.

    As far as MiG and Marty go. They left with dignity and were both given a proper send off from the band, no matter what edited version was shown on TV. Marty can expect me to buy his Lovehammers cd's and I am sure he will go on to do awesome things.

    Someone commented on why didn't MiG keep doing songs like Baby I Love Your Way and here is my answer to that: it would not be staying true to MiG. He has too much talent to sing one type of performance over and over and he wanted to challenge himself. Why did he tell INXS he was happy that he had made it so far and that it didn't matter to him if he won? That is genuinely how he felt and MiG is a honest guy. I am sure he would have been thrilled if he had gotten the gig, but he knows that he got lots of exposure and the world wouldn't stop spinning if he didn't win. I will see him in Broadway shows, but I think it is a diservice to him to say that is the only area that he could and would excel in. I hope he signs and puts out lots of his MiG originals on CD.

    ETA:It was a great experienece going to all these shows with LAGuy and my others partners in crime and I enjoyed sharing it with you all.
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