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Thread: News Articles About "ROCK STAR": Post Here!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea
    NEW INXS frontman J.D. Fortune has revealed how he’ll spend his first rock star wage packet – paying off his mum’s mortgage.

    In an exclusive interview the 32-year-old told us: "The best bit of this for me is that I can help pay for some of my mum’s stuff like her house, pay off those debts.
    That is nice. If he doesn't give his car that he won to the New Orleans family he was talking about, I hope he gives it to his mom (although he may buy her something nicer now that he'll be getting a bump in salary) or sister.

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    Remus Lupin
    Not exactly news articles, but these are comments from Queen guitarist Brian May's website regarding RockStar INXS. Note that his opinion to the show gradually changes from initially negative to grudgingly positive.


    **Mon 12 Sep 05**
    (though I have to wonder why Brian May is reading the Beaver County/Allegheny Times)

    I have to guess he's doing the journalistic thing of being so faintly ironic that he can't be accused of being on either side of this question !! Because no-one can figure out exactly what the heck he's saying!

    It's actually quite funny, and I think intentionally so. Yes, what did Paul Rodgers ever do, except be one of the greatest rock singers EVER ?!!!

    It's hard for me to comment ... because the INXS guys are friends really .... and I like them a lot. But the program makes me cringe. I'm so glad we never did anything ike this ... (Yes, we were asked more than once to do something similar, and declined very quickly!) I think, along with most of this Reality TV stuff, it's , embarrassing and degrading to everyone involved. I could hardly believe the INXS chaps were doing it when I heard about it ... I can only think that the lure of TV viewerships was too tempting. I'm sure they are buying themsleves a load of sales for their new album....but at what price, in the long term ? We shall see ... I just think they are worthy of better ....

    Of course many of our We Will Rock You performers entered the competition ... and Mig, God Bless 'Im, is still in there, I believe .... I think Mig is great and deserves to win the competition .... I just hope it leads to some thing worthwhile for him .... for we will surely miss him if he does become the new face of INXS. I just wish they wouldn't keep doing that awful thing of pointedly mentioning the INXS name - so obviously plugging it, in case people don't know who the Hell they are !!! My daughter didn't - even after the plugs !! And the whole voting thing has to be a farce in the end .... because surely all that matters in fact is finding out who the boys themselves want to be their singer - and that could have been done much quicker and less painfully, and in a much more dignified way, in private..

    I gotta say, though, at the end of it all, I wish them ALL luck .


    **Tue 20 Sep 05**

    Yes, I 'm not really a TV watcher, so it doesn't come naturally to follow the INXS "Opportunity Knocks" contest! (Remember Hughie Green?!) But I caught some of it tonight, and was glad to see MiG do another good job. Also sad to see Ty go - of course he's a pillar of We Will Rock You Vegas, so I was sad to see him so sad. Of course there's no telling what will happen to INXS once they DO choose their singer, so Ty may be well out of it ... he has a brilliant future no matter what he does. I have to say I thought young Jordis did a fabulous job on "Imagine" - just been watching our own perf of that in Hyde Park ...which will be the bonus track on .... oh some DVD we may be putting out soon!

    And the gal who attacked Bohemian Rhapsody with such gusto? A brilliant job ... she's so accurate ... she chose some unusual lines within the harmonies, all of which worked, and was spot on all the way. I really liked it. And the house band ROCK!

    OK .. I still don't like the whole dramatic "who's going home .. hush hush" nonsense ... to me it's embarrassing ... as if the Gods were making judgement? But I have to 'admit' I'm getting won round by the pure performance elements ... really good playing and singing - under high stress circumstances - no shame in that.

    I hear the final is Saturday Night.

    We in the UK seem to be seeing it all about a week late (I wonder why? - kinda spoils it - this is 2005, right? Satellite hook-ups, etc? What happened, guys?!)

    I also hear that MiG is in the final ... So I gotta wish my pal Good Luck!!! I can hardly be impartial here, can I? ..... Go MiG!!


    **Wed 21 Sep 05**

    Well, if you don't want to know who it is ....... DON'T READ ON !!!!

    Ha! Apparently they are voting on us being in the next show?!!! ha! ha! Can you imagine? I don't think so! For any number of reasons .... so don't bother voting for us, folks!!

    I mean, REALLY!!! (as Fred would have said!)

    I gotta say ... Well done the winner, JD ...and good luck to all of you INXS chaps. And well done Mig .... you got the best result for you, really.... because your style calls for something a bit different from those guys. Life has a way of sorting things out the way they are meant to be. Selfishly? Of course I'm not crying!!! We Will Welcome You back with open arms, and I think we're very lucky.

    Phew !


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    Last for today, I promise. Interview from Chicago Tribune:

    We chat with the competition: J.D. Fortune

    By Karen Budell

    Chicago has Marty mania as fans follow their hometown hero in the race to lead INXS, but Marty Casey has two contenders to face at the finale of "Rock Star: INXS." We caught up with Canadian J.D. Fortune, 32, in a phone call from the rockers' mansion in the Hollywood Hills to find out why he thinks he's the right fit for the band.

    What was one of your favorite performances you gave on the show?
    I have to say my favorite performance was when Marty and I escaped the "Rock Star" mansion. We got in a little bit of trouble, but we escaped anyway. It was good. But my favorite stage performance would have to be, I'd have to say the night of "Come As You Are" and "Pretty Vegas" was a very special night for me. Also, just doing "Suspicious Minds" and getting rid of that sort of Elvis thing that followed me here under a veil, you know what I mean.

    What do you think sets you apart from the other finalists to make you the right man for the job?
    I just believe in heart, and I think that INXS and I share the same heart. And if you follow that heart you can't go wrong. And obviously they're following theirs by continuing on because they're not finished yet, and I'm following mine which brought me to here. So hopefully that will take us down the road together.

    What, if anything, is working against you as you move into the finale? Yes, the production staff here is working against me. No, I'm just kidding. It's a conspiracy. [Laughs.] I would have to say the only thing that would be working against me would maybe be if I didn't connect with INXS the way I feel like I can. Maybe they haven't seen it yet. That's about the only thing I can say. If they have, then hopefully we'll have no problems with regards to life on the road together and in the studio. But I'm hoping they're going to give me that chance.

    What are some of INXS' critiques that you've really taken to heart, and how has that helped you grow?
    I've really taken to heart just being in the moment and owning the stage and not having to perform outwards, but having my performance be that that is derived from some place within that draws the audience into me as opposed to going out there like a monkey attached to an organ grinder, you know what I mean? Just dancing and moving around and being very manic. I think I've come along way since then.

    What have you been doing to prepare for the finale?
    Just remembering why I came here in the first place, and that's because of INXS. And I would probably never do another reality TV show ever again, but if INXS asked me to I'd do this 1,000 times over just to show them how much I want to be in their band. And as far as the finale goes, I'm just concentrating right now. I picked a new song again, and I'm concentrating just on making that be felt and not heard. I think at this point it's about feel. They know we can sing and they know we can perform on stage, but I think they need to see who's going to make them feel that performance.

    What are your favorite INXS songs?
    "Heaven Sent," "The Stairs," "Devil Inside," top three.

    What did you sing at your INXS audition?
    "Never Tear Us Apart."

    Did you do any originals as well?
    I did, I did a couple originals. And I thought I had a really crappy first audition, and by the grace of god and a producer by the name of Dino, he asked me to come back the next day and sing for INXS.

    Out of the other rockers, who would you be most interested in working with in the future?
    I could tell you right now, I'd be interested in working with Ty Taylor, Brandon Calhoun and Suzie McNeil.

    In terms of your life before this, you were living out of your car for awhile; how has that helped shape you?
    Well I think when you hit sort of a proverbial rock bottom you have a choice: you can either stay there and wallow in self pity or you can step up and say, 'OK, I'm gonna dust myself off one more time.' And that's exactly what I did. Being in that position in my life gave me focus on what's important – money, fame, all that stuff set aside – it's really about being human. And that's what brought me to the show, and that's what I've learned being on the show: just to be a human being.

    Did you get a tattoo at the mansion?
    I did. I got 448 tattooed on my neck. The tattoo artist's name was Gabrielle, he tattooed 448 on the right side of my neck.

    What does that mean for you, 448?
    [Laughs.] It's kind of a personal thing, but it is numerology sort of thing. It would take me a long time just to break it down. If I know things are going well, I see 448s in phone numbers, in receipts and I see that number everywhere. And it's just a sign that I'm doing the right thing.

    You've been able to sing your original "Pretty Vegas" four times on the show. How does that feel?
    It's such a feeling of gratification. It's actually sort of overwhelming and I'm still riding that high, that buzz, of what's going on. I mean, 'How are people interested in this?' And it's so flattering to look out into a crowd and see people mouthing back the words to your song. Let alone know that it's touching people in their living rooms right across the world. That's a pretty special thing and I honor it very much and I plan on writing regardless of what happens here, and hopefully I'll be writing with INXS.

    When it comes to "Rock Star: INXS" info, we've got what you need; this is what you need:
    • New sensation: Chicago's Marty Casey is a hit
    • We chat with the competition: MiG Ayesa
    • We chat with the competition: J.D. Fortune
    • Jam session: Dave Navarro dishes
    • You asked Marty; now he answers

    Karen Budell is the metromix nightlife producer.

    Originally published Sept. 20, 2005.

    "A pessimist is an optimist with experience." --Chuck Daly

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    Thanks for all the great clippings PurrpleCat. They were all interesting!

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    Can reality TV singer save INXS
    By entertainment writer PETER HOLMES
    September 25, 2005

    THIRTEEN long years after their last hit album, INXS are preparing for a final roll of the dice.

    On Wednesday, the group's remaining members selected handsome Canadian JD Fortune as their new singer.

    Fortune, 32, won the US reality television show Rock Star, which followed INXS as they auditioned singers to replace Michael Hutchence and Jon Stevens.

    A former Elvis impersonator from a small town in Nova Scotia, Fortune is charged with the mighty task of restoring INXS's reputation, which has been battered after years of false starts and empty promises since Hutchence's death.

    Fortune is now holed up in a Los Angeles studio recording the 11th INXS album.

    "I'm not here to waste INXS's time with a lacklustre approach," Fortune said.

    "These are talented artists who aren't finished their journey."

    An INXS devotee, Fortune paid tribute to Hutchence, the band's lyricist and original singer, who died in late 1997.

    "Michael will always be a part of INXS – it's something that will live on forever," he said.

    Following Hutchence's death, INXS hired Terence Trent D'Arby, former Baby Animal Suzi De Marchi, and Jimmy Barnes, all on a casual basis before settling on Noiseworks' Jon Stevens in 2000.

    Stevens was shown the door in a bitter split last year.

    It is unknown whether Fortune will be paid a wage, as was Stevens, or become a profit-sharing member.

    An INXS single, Pretty Vegas, will be released next month, followed by an album, Switch, and then a world tour.

    "Rock Star was a bit cliched, but there were some genuinely talented people involved," said ARIA board member Philip Mortlock, who worked closely with INXS in their 1980s prime.

    If the gamble pays off, INXS will have staged one of the most remarkable comebacks in popular music history.

    For their long-suffering fans, the alternative doesn't really bear thinking about.

    The Sunday Telegraph

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    Good to see JD is having some influence on the songs for the new album!

    New INXS singer puts hammer down as CD drop date nears


    September 24, 2005


    Now that the Mark Burnett-produced reality series "Rock Star: INXS" has run its course on the CBS network, Australian rock band INXS is back to work in earnest. Canadian singer J.D. Fortune, 32, won the international competition to become the band's sixth member and singer, topping an impressive field of hopefuls, including runner-up and Chicago native Marty Casey of the Lovehammers.

    After less than a day as INXS' first permanent singer since the 1997 death of founding vocalist Michael Hutchence, Fortune and his new bandmates began a race against the clock to complete their new album, "Switch," in time for a scheduled Nov. 29 release.

    "It's been a whirlwind," says an elated but weary Fortune. "My feet haven't touched the ground since this happened. Last night, I got home at 2:45 a.m. and was out the door at 4:30 a.m. We're in the studio cutting tracks because we've got to get this record finished."

    Though many songs have already been demoed, Fortune is helping to shape the material for "Switch." "I'm getting lyrics to some of the songs, and we're going over them in little groups," he says. Fortune also influenced a new tune, "Easy Easy," performed during the series finale. "After playing it live, we decided this morning that we probably needed to pick up the tempo a little bit. I think we're recording that on Friday." Fortune says despite limited time, some new songs may be written from the ground up.

    Fortune's first attempt at writing lyrics and melody for INXS, "Pretty Vegas," resulted from one of the workshops featured on the show. Fortune's lead vocal was recorded during the competition. "I asked to sing it [in the studio], just so I could have a copy of it," Fortune explains. "I laid down a ghost vocal, and we took it from there. It's such an honor that the band would consider keeping that as part of INXS." The single has just been released to radio, and "Pretty Vegas" will be available for purchase via iTunes on Oct. 4.

    The series' final workshop saw contestants collaborating with INXS' principal songwriter, Andrew Farriss. Fortune and Farriss developed an idea called "Love and War." "We both felt that was a little busy," Fortune recalls. "We want to let it breathe a little more, because Andrew has written a really nice groove. We're going to look at that one again, and I was really flattered to learn that."

    Like his fellow competitors from the TV show, Fortune worked long and hard for his shot at overnight success. "I've shopped demos and been in other bands for over 15 years," he says, adding, "I was literally destitute when this audition came along; this is a dream come true. Michael Hutchence, Andrew Farriss and INXS were some of the main reasons I became a singer-songwriter. To have this come full circle is profoundly beautiful for my life."

    Jeff Elbel is a locally based free-lance writer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remus Lupin
    Not exactly news articles, but these are comments from Queen guitarist Brian May's website regarding RockStar INXS.

    Ha! Apparently they are voting on us being in the next show?!!! ha! ha! Can you imagine? I don't think so! For any number of reasons .... so don't bother voting for us, folks!!

    I mean, REALLY!!! (as Fred would have said!)

    Well I guess this dispels the rumor Mark Burnett was going to get Queen as the next RS participant. His comments were anything but good about the show except for how well some of the performers did.

    I think they should get Van Halen next and let David Lee Roth take over Dave Navarro's job. Replace one obnoxious mouth with another that is more so! LOL! Same sexist crap about the women tho, I'd betcha.

    Well, I think we need to see how well INXS does. It the album goes platinum and the tour sells out, then I think bands will be lining up to ask Mark Burnett to give them a go at all that wonderful and probably free to them publicity.

    One thing you can't deny, there's been more talk, more exposure and more INXS played in the last 12 weeks than in the last 12 years. Can't beat that with a stick.

    Que me amat, amet et canem meum
    (Who loves me will love my dog also)

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    You know what they say about show business, there's no such thing as bad publicity. I imagine there would be a number of bands that would love to get the airtime and buzz that INXS has received.

    About some of the negative comments. Apparently an artist that they worked with in Australia (can't remember his name) gave an interview and said it was shameful that they were doing this, Michael H would turn over in his grave, etc. I can't remember the exact quote, but GG reportedly replied, when asked what they would say to him next time they saw him, that they would have to buy him a beer and tell him to get over himself.

    Glad to know the band is letting the negative comments run off their backs, at least I hope they do for the most part.

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    I just love his description of how he felt when Tim told him he was roit. Sounds like he's really bonding with the guys as well.


    & Fortune
    INXS's Rock Star J.D. Fortune basking in the media spotlight.

    By TIM ARSENAULT Entertainment Reporter

    If there's one thing J.D. Fortune shouldn't have any problem with as the new frontman for INXS, it's doing television.

    Since being crowned Tuesday night as the winner of Rock Star: INXS on CBS, the swaggering vocalist raised in Salt Springs, Pictou County has been thrust into a whirlwind of media obligations.

    The new lineup of the Australian band taped an episode of Ellen DeGeneres's talk show on Thursday for broadcast on Friday and played Friday afternoon for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. That talk show appearance was shown Friday night.

    Then there's been a constant stream of interview requests to deal with for the man who takes over the microphone from the late Michael Hutchence.

    "I'd be getting sick of me," Fortune, 32, joked Friday during a brief phone interview from Los Angeles.

    The experience of the 11-week Rock Star contest of attrition has seasoned Fortune to the extent that his new band mates might be looking to him for telegenic advice.

    "Yesterday we did Ellen DeGeneres and I thought, 'Oh, I'm going to be so nervous' because of this TV show. Then (drummer) John Farriss said to me, 'Dude, you have more TV experience than any singer I've ever met in my life.'

    "Ellen moves back to expose the band, she's like 'Here's INXS,' the crowd goes nuts and I'm so not nervous. Really cool," Fortune said.

    Since his victory on Tuesday over Marty Casey of Chicago and Mig Ayesa of Australia, Fortune's feet have not had much chance to touch the ground. And his head hasn't been very close to a pillow, either.

    "No, I haven't had any sleep yet. It's wonderful, though. I'm running on adrenaline and ginger ale, basically," he said.

    "Can you believe this? This is incredible. Oh my goodness, man, this has just been amazing. This has been like watching my dreams come true the last three months."

    Those dreams took another twist on Thursday with the delivery to radio stations of the new INXS single Pretty Vegas, the song Fortune co-wrote with the band's Andrew Farriss during a songwriting clinic conducted as part of the series.

    "I'm dying to hear it on the radio," Fortune said.

    "It's amazing how that came about from that clinic and now being a part of INXS. For me, it's just blowing my mind. Then there's a single out that's got me singing. It's so weird, man. It's great."

    Now that he's been freed from the protective insulation of reality television, Fortune is gradually getting caught up with what transpired on Rock Star.

    "Last night I watched two episodes with John Farriss. It was getting fairly late. It was kind of weird, to be honest with you, because I was right there. For me, it wasn't like I was watching TV. It was like, 'I remember doing that. It was just a couple of months ago.'

    "It was bizarre. I actually had a dream about the show last night. So I think I'm going to have to go into therapy because of this show, but that's alright."

    The climax of Rock Star had Fortune and Casey both singing an INXS song backed by the band, an arrangement that was only slightly pre-planned.

    "Right before the show started I think the studio audience was already in Mig had a song, I had a song and Marty had a song. INXS said, 'We want you guys to do these tunes.' We had one rehearsal with them, then it was lights, camera, action, show starts. Whoever was picked had to know what they were doing when that moment came up. Mig was eliminated so he didn't get to do one, but he had rehearsed one, in case," Fortune said.

    When INXS elder statesman Tim Farriss delivered the band's decision, Fortune crumbled to the stage in a tear-stained heap.

    "The reason why I buckled was because when Tim put his head down I thought he was going to say, 'I'm sorry, mate. You're just not right for INXS.' He got me good. He totally got me. It was unbelievable.

    "I had no choice but to buckle because I was on my way down there anyway."

    Fortune said it's possible that he may be back in Nova Scotia in about a month but, in the meantime, there's an album to finish Switch, due Nov. 29 and rehearsals for a world tour to plan.

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    I loved those articles! Thanks so much for finding them guys. I thought Brian May was being snotty. Cool to see Rolling Stone cover the show. I thought JD sounded very excited in all the pieces. He's articulate, sounds bright, sounds like he thinks outside of the box. I can see why they were concerned about Suzie's interview skills, after seeing JD's responses. I liked that he's existing on adrenaline and gingerale. How Canadian of him!

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