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Thread: News Articles About "ROCK STAR": Post Here!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CdnINXSFan
    There was some talk of a second CD if this one sold well. I hope they decide to do it (whether this one sells well or not) with some of the better songs on it. I have no desire for that CD.

    The DVD, now that's a different story!
    Yeah, I can't imagine this CD selling very well. I think I'm the only one who bought the thing. Am I a sucker? It would be really nice if they did another CD that was more indicative of the talent that was showcased... I'm with you though--I would get the DVD even if it was the crappier songs. Just getting to watch them perform again would be so much fun!

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    Remus Lupin

    Smells like Pinoy spirit

    Smells like Pinoy spirit

    By Gabby Libarios
    October 11, 2005

    For more than 10 weeks, Filipinos watched Star World’s Rockstar:INXS religiously and rooted for Fil-Australian rocker MiG Ayesa. Every week, thousands took time to vote for our bet. Some even went as far as sending txt messages to their friends after every performance episode just to remind them to vote for MiG, either through SMS or the Internet.

    But the die has been cast, and our hero has fallen.

    To the dismay of Filipinos, MiG was the first to say goodbye at the finals, giving way to fellow rockers Marty Casey and JD Fortune for the final showdown.

    When it came down to choosing between Marty and JD, INXS chose the 32-year-old musician from Ontario. JD Fortune was proclaimed the next frontman to fill the shoes left by the late Michael Hutchence.

    “I knew that it was JD all along,” Pinoy rocker MiG Ayesa said in a phone interview recently. “I always knew it was JD because INXS had been gunning for him all the time.”

    Despite this disappointing turn of events, MiG chose to be tactful by not harboring resentment toward INXS’ new frontman JD Fortune and Marty Casey, who was invited by INXS to do the front act of their world tour. “I’m very happy with the results. I’m very happy for Marty and JD. They’re good friends of mine. I think INXS has chosen really well. They chose the person they really wanted,” he related, adding that Marty and his band The Lovehammers have been prepared since the show began.

    MiG might have lost his chance to be the frontman of a popular band, but that doesn’t mean he has lost everything.

    Singer Peter Frampton, who did the original version of “Baby I Love Your Way,” has extended his congratulations to MiG for doing a great cover of his hit. “Peter called me up and said that he loves my arrangement. Maybe if I can score a deal, I can include that in my first album,” MiG shared.

    Next week, MiG Ayesa will be going to New York to meet up with a record label company, with whom he will discuss plans of a “new project.”

    “Since I’m still thinking of taking my music to a new direction, that might have to wait for a bit longer,” he shared.

    The most pleasing news for a Pinoy fan, however, is still his plans of visiting the Philippines early next year. “You know what? It might be sooner than that,” MiG exclaimed. “I don’t know when I am going to be there. I might surprise everyone and just turn up.”

    Below is the rest of the interview in which MiG reveals his plans of going for a solo career, a world tour, and other interesting tidbits that weren’t shown on TV.


    What are your feelings now? Are you feeling more relieved, now that you’re free to pursue whatever you want to pursue creatively?

    Initially, I was disappointed with the results. But at the same time, I was surprised how relieved I was when I heard about it. I kind of realized a few weeks ago that INXS was actually thinking not of me as the lead singer. I kind of resigned myself to the fact that I am not going to win this competition. Instead, I’ve realized that all I wanted to do was be at the finals and do the best that I can. When they said that I was not right for INXS, I felt kind of relieved about that.

    In a way I am happy with results, I got into the finals and achieved what I want to achieve. I was not anyone other than myself and I am very proud with the fact that I got to keep integrity and dignity. And at the same time, I won a Honda. I don’t know what to do with it yet.

    What gave you the idea that Inxs would not choose you?

    I screwed a little bit, to be honest. I kind of made a mistake. There was a time when we had to perform during the “request week.” Instead of singing the song the public requested, I did an original song, which is a ballad called “Home in Me.” I think it was the wrong song to choose at the time, especially when J.D. started to sing “Pretty Vegas.” I realized the crowd was so pumped and hyped up that I thought, ‘Oh my God, they wouldn’t want to hear a ballad. I’m screwed.’ I was very nervous about performing. It was probably my worst performance. Actually, I thought of singing another song that I wrote called “I am the One,” but I felt that INXS might find it “mayabang.” From that point on, I was just playing catch up.

    What did you feel when INXS asked Marty to front for their world tour?

    Well, I felt fine about that. That’s a great second prize. If I were to tour with INXS, I’ve got to put a band together and everything. Marty has his band The Lovehammers, which he has been pushing ever since he got into the show. I think Marty deserves it. As for me, I’ve got some talks with record companies. In fact, I’ve got one in New York next week. I really want to develop a new album and a new style.

    Marty can go on with his tour. For me, I’m working on a new direction for my music. Maybe a solo project. But that’s gonna take a little bit longer. So instead of fronting for INXS, I want to have my own world tour.

    Have you talked with JD after the competition? What did he tell you?

    You know, it’s funny. I spoke to JD straight after the show to extend my congratulations. He told me that we’re friends for life. Then we met at the party that evening and hugged each other. He told me, ‘hey, it’s over. We did it!’ Since then, I left a couple of messages for JD, but he has not returned any of them yet.

    What happened to the clothes that you ripped, and sometimes threw, on stage? Did you keep them? Did you have them repaired?

    Actually, I carry them around like war wounds. The most damaging thing that I did to my clothes was this one time when I wore these really tight leather pants for an elimination show. Those pants were on loan and they’re worth $5,000. When I did my final note, however, and got down on my knees, I split the pants on the knees. As for the jackets, I might sell them for charity.

    During the competition, you mentioned that you have the most to lose. Has this perspective changed? How?

    It’s true. I had the best job in the world. I was playing the lead in a show called We Will Rock You in London. I was earning a lot of money every week, I had a really great life in London. It was kind of a big risk for me. I was doing a high profile job, working with luminaries like Brian May and Roger Meadows Taylor of Queen and the famous playwright Ben Elton. Yet I gave those things all away for a chance to be part of this TV reality show and the band INXS. Even though I did not win, I’ve been getting a lot of notoriety in LA. Everytime, I would walk down the street, people would stop by the road and say, ‘You rock! I voted for you!’ Basically, I’ve gained a lot of supporters here in LA. I think I’m going to be okay.

    How does it feel working with legends of rock like Brian May and Roger Meadows Taylor?

    Getting a chance to work with Brian May has been a big, big thrill. That’s one of the greatest things working in music, everyone becomes a fan of one another. If you continue what you love doing, sometimes you’d get the chance to work with the legends, with your idols.

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    New INXS front-man JD Fortune ruffled some feathers during the reality TV show Rock Star, in which he won the right to sing in the band.

    Early on in the competition, Fortune irritated viewers and competitors with comments like this about the other rockers: "While they're learning the INXS songs, I know them because I love them."

    Fortune's antics on and off stage, like planting a kiss on Red Hot Chili Peppers' Dave Navarro, made sure he rubbed some people up the wrong way. But far from putting INXS off, Fortune's straight-up attitude helped him win.

    "The less bullshit you can experience, the better," drummer Jon Farriss told Sunday News.

    "You know, he did some pretty funny things. I think he went through a process during the show when he had to live up to expectations. Those guys were a bunch of singers living and playing together, competing to be a lead singer of a rock band.

    "There's no handbook for dealing with this sort of situation. Even for us watching from the outside it was just an incredible experience.

    "We have had a lot of experience in front of cameras but a TV show was definitely a new experience for us.

    "It was really organic. We were really seriously looking for a singer. We really were having to comment and give constructive criticism to the finalists."

    Joining a band that has been together for 30 years seems like a daunting task.

    Jon and his older brothers Andrew and Tim, together with bassist Garry Beers and guitarist Kirk Pengilly started playing together as kids in a garage.

    The death of Michael Hutchence in 1997 left a hole in the band that has variously been filled by different singers, including Kiwi Jon Stevens -brother of Idol judge Frankie.

    It was the band's decision to undertake a worldwide search to find a permanent singer to front INXS.

    It was also their idea to approach TV producer extraordinaire Mark Burnett - responsible for hit shows Survivor, The Apprentice and The Contender - to make that search into a TV show.

    "I'm really glad Mark Burnett agreed with the idea to just do it properly.

    "One of the first things for us was we didn't want any cheese platters on this experience. "We thought that if we were going to travel the world and audition hundreds of people, why the hell not film it?

    "It's really great that we invigorated the band's exposure. It's been wonderful, there's been so much positive reaction.

    "Right now we have got ourselves a wonderful tour coming up, and JD is our boy."

    The world tour kicks off in Vancouver in January, and is expected to wing its way to Australia and New Zealand in August.

    From talking to Farriss, it seems that Fortune settled into the band very quickly.

    They're getting on "fantastically", he says. The first single of the new album Switch was co-written by Fortune and Andrew Farriss.

    "As every day goes by he's getting closer and closer to us as the bond goes deeper and deeper. He just turned out to be an extremely talented person," Farriss said.

    "We have got options for a future, the way things are going. He and I get on really well. I've got a soft spot for JD and I think he has that for me. He's always gone 'I love you man'."

    It all sounds a little bit like a 'kumbaya love fest', to steal a phrase from Fortune.

    Farriss says Fortune stood out from the first time they saw him perform.

    "Kirk accompanied him when he auditioned - he sang Never Tear Us Apart," Farriss recalls.

    "He was one of the only people who got the grace of one of the band members to help him out. We went through so many people, and JD always stood out.

    "I always had my eye on that guy."

    So what would Michael Hutchence have made of the Canadian rocker?

    "I think he would love him. He's a star," Farriss says.

    "And I think there's a kindred spirit with anyone with the talent or charm that they have. I don't know how those guys do it. There's a lot of light coming from that guy's eyes. Michael was the same."

    Farriss doesn't believe any of the other contestants on the show could have worked as the lead singer of the band.

    "We went through a very stringent process of workshopping which would reveal and bring out the best," he said.

    "JD was legs ahead of the rest."

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    Attention Canadian fans!

    INXS announces 12-city cross-Canada tour
    Updated Wed. Feb. 8 2006 8:34 AM ET

    Canadian Press

    TORONTO — INXS has hit the big time - again.

    After opening their world tour with a successful swing through smaller North American venues, the Aussie band fronted by Canadian J.D. Fortune is moving up to hockey arenas.

    The band announced Tuesday a 12-city Canadian arena tour starting May 7 in Moncton, N.B., then moving to Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener, Ont., London, Ont., Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and wrapping up June 1 in Vancouver.

    Fortune, who won the job on the reality show Rock Star: INXS, made his debut with the group on Jan. 18 at Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The band played Toronto's Massey Hall on Monday and Tuesday. Other concert dates were in the U.S.

    The new leg of the tour is another homecoming for Fortune.

    Fortune, 32, was born in Mississauga, Ont., before moving to Pictou County, N.S., when he was five. He lived in Nova Scotia until his mid-teens, when he returned to Ontario.

    Coming back to Toronto has been emotional for the singer, who was once famously forced to live in a car during his time here.

    "Seeing the city skyline . . . just really warmed my heart," Fortune told a news conference Tuesday to announce the tour. "I used to take the GO train to come down here and shop my demo."

    Now he's looking forward to riding in limousines to some of Canada's biggest venues.

    After selling out back-to-back shows at Toronto's Massey Hall, which seats 2,800, the band will return three months later to perform at the Air Canada Centre - capacity: 20,000.

    Fortune has already performed there once: he sang O Canada before a Leafs game.

    Other big venues on the itinerary include GM Place in Vancouver, Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary and the Bell Centre in Montreal.

    Since winning the CBS reality show in September, Fortune has done more than help his own career. He has jump-started INXS, which had stalled after the suicide of former lead singer Michael Hutchence in 1997.

    During the news conference at a downtown Hard Rock Cafe, Fortune and his bandmates were presented with platinum albums for Switch, the band's first record in eight years.

    His cross-country victory lap includes his first East Coast visit since participating in the contest.

    "Playing back home, that'll be the point where I go, 'Yeah, I have made it,' " said Fortune, whose rock star status comes with an affable demeanour.

    "I've gone all over the world and . . . (will be) back in my hometown, doing the thing that I started doing in my hometown."

    Of course, there's a difference.

    "The next time it'll be in front of 40,000 people."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane View Post
    TORONTO — INXS has hit the big time - again.
    I doubt it very much. Where were they during the Grammys ? Not even a mention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OriginalSinner View Post
    I doubt it very much. Where were they during the Grammys ? Not even a mention.
    Well would you rather be at the Grammys or be peforming to sold out crowds?

    Personally I would take the sold-out crowds.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLuvs View Post
    Well would you rather be at the Grammys or be peforming to sold out crowds?
    Personally I would take the sold-out crowds.
    What I meant was INXS has not 'hit the big time again' (quoting the news article). I said it all along that Switch is a weak album and their peers at the Grammys obviously agree. It is hardly played on the radio and has poor showing on the charts.

    And yes, I would take the Grammys anyday with it's wide TV audience. Hey, the Grammy comes once a year, and there's plenty of time for sold out concerts after the Awards

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    Actually, cds have to be out at certain point to be viable for Grammy nominations. I don't believe the INXS was out by the date, but I could be wrong.

    What I love about INXS, and yes that is even new INXS, is that they have said again and again they are their to please the fans. That is what matters to them, not critics, not awards or nominations. I admire them even more for that.

    I would take having fun on stage in front of fans who paid to see me and were singing along to my songs over the Grammys any day....regardless of the size of the viewing audience of the show.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    I'm realitevly sure that September is the cut off for music to be considered for Grammy awards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker View Post
    I'm realitevly sure that September is the cut off for music to be considered for Grammy awards.
    It would be delusional to think that Switch/INXS/JD would even be considered for a Grammy even if it met the deadline.

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