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Thread: Who Watches the Show? Plus my two cents

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    I am a 5o years old ,stained glass artist.I have always been focused on music collecting and listening to various types of music.I've had various relationships over the years with a few different men that played guitar and wrote music.I play piano ,but I am currently way out of practice. My current partner is 54 years old.He has been watching some of the shows with me.I have two adult children.My son 22yrs. has a vast library of music he has downloaded,and catergorized everything from classical,to Radiohead,etc.
    Our favorites have been Marty and Mig. They both seemed grounded,experienced,professio nal,dedicated,trustworthy,reli able,and likeable.Musically both can play a musical instrument and can write songs.Both are entertaining performers.Personally Marty has the most all around appeal ,and the performer that I would be interested in watching their career develop with INXS.

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    Interesting thread, it is nice to know a little more about all of you!!

    My stats:
    30 year old female
    married with 4 kids
    computer programmer
    living in the mid-west

    I listened to INXS starting in jr high school. I owned Kick and Listen Like Thieves. I didn't listen to anything after Kick, so a lot of the songs on this show have been new to me (and I have enjoyed a number of them). I remember being so mad when M.Hutchence cut his gorgeous hair off that I didn't want to listen anymore - I was a little tempermental at that age !!

    I didn't think I would like this show but I have been proven wrong - it had me hooked from the beginning . JD is my fav to win. I think Marty is great, but will do better on his own. Mig should continue with a successful career in theater.

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    Well, I'm 36, married with 2 and 5 year old girls (who enjoy Pretty Vegas, and who when watching AI often ask "is that good? because it hurts my ears!"), and I'm a wannabe stay at home mama who works for University of California Riverside instead. I've lived in 7 states (including PurrpleCat land in Kansas) so it is fun to hear different perspectives from around the country (not to mention the world) on here.

    I love JD. Always have from California Dreamin'. Have wanted to poke him in the eye before helping him remove foot from mouth a few times, but I love his voice, and I can't take my eyes off the screen when he is on even on multiple airings.

    In any case, this board has been a blast and so has the show. I'll miss the show, but will hopefully "see" many of you around the FORT this fall.
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    my whole family watches RS:INXS:

    Me: 35, Aussie Journalist and Computer Programmer, loved INXS when I was younger, still love them now. Not sure who I would like to win - I loved all four of the final four at some point.
    Wife: 39, Housewife-cum-Secretary-cum-OfficeAccountant, "liked" INXS when she was younger but says she must have missed them somehow. She has never LIKED JD, although she has appreciated a couple of his performances. She LOVES Mig, and she really liked Suzie. She doesn't think Marty is cut out for INXS and she doesn't like his style of music.
    Son: 8, loves the show and is often bopping away to various performances. He has heard INXS before because I own most albums and so enjoys the bottom 3 performances the best where his surprisingly good ear often picks up out of tune notes. He likes Suzie and Mig - he liked Jordis and Ty as well.
    Daughter: 4, since she loves anything that allows her to dance, this is a natural for her. That said, she appears to like it in her own right and her favourites were all girls - Suzie, Jessica and Jordis were her top three I would say. Again, she LOVES INXS because she hears them on daddy's car and computer all the time, although she has a particular fondness for the X Squared dance/remix versions.
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    30, attorney, Washington DC. If you couldn't tell, I love Marty. I like INXS's music.

    But every one of these guys in the F3 are really talented. MiG and JD are also very sexy but in different ways. Marty is not the kind of guy who would turn my head, but when he performs he's definitely got this something that just grabs me. I love his intensity.
    I me some Marty Casey. Go Marty!

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    Well I'm 19 yr old female who works at kmart. I had originally never thought about watching it but there was nothing else on that night. So here I am now. I prefer this show over idol because I think the contestants are actually talented. Everyone in my family watches it too including my dad who is 40 and a major hater of reality shows. I only know of two other people outside my family who watch it and that is my friend and her sister. I think it would be a great deal more popular over here if it wasn't shown on just cable, because most people i know don't have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher
    I remember being so mad when M.Hutchence cut his gorgeous hair off that I didn't want to listen anymore
    ME TOO! I went more the full fledged mourning route, ugh, it was a dark, dark time. Almost as dark as the first time I watched RS:INXS (missed the first two weeks) and thought that my sweet Jon had turned into TIM! Thank goodness for the captions!

    I'm 32, married to a guy who puts up with the constant TiVo rewinds of various songs and my own schreeching rendition of the INXS songs (complete with the changed lyrics that were oh so cool in 9th grade). Have liked Marty since the beginning, got a little tired of the screaming stuff and was really happy when he changed it up. JD grew on me without me even realizing it. MiG has always been fun for me to watch. First time I can say at this point in a show, I'm happy with however wins. They are all great to me in totally different ways.
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    I'm 32, single, working for GM...

    I have always loved INXS, from the early Shabooh Shoobah (sp?) to their stuff in the early 90s. Watching this show even has me listening to their music again, which is still soooo good! Michael Hutchence was always so sexy to me, I was so sad when I heard of his demise.

    I love all three finalists equally but I see JD making the final cut to front the band. He just has a great vibe onstage. Marty's awesome, I can hear him making a name for himself in today's modern rock scene. And Mig...he's hott and so talented, he'll do well in whatever he does.
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    Re. the download stats, wonder if the age of the fans affects this. DH and I as I posted above are late 30s. We don't own MP3s and wouldn't know how to download music off the net if we wanted too. Never even completely replaced all our cassettes with CDs, and still have a few treasured vinyl discs about.

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    this is a fun thread - i am ClosetRTWatcher with a few execeptions -

    early 30s
    computer industry
    2 kids
    huge fan of INXS in the early years, but then didn't stay with them int he 90s
    4 year old makes me play "trees" in the car every day
    allow 4 year to stay up on wednesday to watch elinimation show (bad mom?)

    marty is the one for me, big time!!! but, i don't really mind jd or mig - like the final three.

    side note: listening to my old INXS cds last night in the car and call me crazy, but on many of the songs i think that marty sounds more like MH than jd. jd has way too much vibrato - MH didn't have that much and he sort of did that some articulation thing that marty does (from This Time - "we are always wantin' - like the articulating on the wantin' part - )
    MH clearly had a much stronger singing voice than marty, but the quality (i think that's the word) of his voice is more similar to marty than jd - IMHO.
    sorry for the tangent -

    not scared about marty taking OB into a funky direction - i think they would get on well and could possibly do some cool things together -

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