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Thread: Who Watches the Show? Plus my two cents

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    I am in my late 30s. Prefer classic, hard rock. If Mig or Marty wins I will buy the INXS album coming out and try to catch a show. I think I'd be the biggest fan of Marty's own band.

    ETA: American, East coast, but originally from Michigan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumpyGills
    Like all things new and old. This band needs to reintroduce itself (smart move doing this show), they cannot rest on their laurels. Marty's the guy to take them forward. They need his energy/charisma to make them relevant to todays music listening audience and they need someone who will fit within the tight-knit team that they are. Marty has shown he's smart (and his education is relevant, this IS a business), that he's humble (he listens, applies and learns/grows) and that he has something to offer as a contributing member. Generally the lead is the front man for a band and he would do them well in that role.

    Well stated
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    My husband and I love the show. We think it's much better than AI (although we only watched that once or twice). I was a fan of INXS - have the KICK CD. I think most of the contestants are very talented. Marty is our fav now, but like some other posters, we don't know if winning is really in his best interest.

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    me - 40's, underemployed, stay-at-home mum, Canadian.

    If I were the band, I'd pick JD. MiG is too poppish (and I don't think would draw in the old fans enough), and Marty is too edgy (and possibly too bossy, or "calmly controlling" as he likes to call it). JD could do the back catalogue, plus larger venues, plus has the charisma to pull in some new fans via video.

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    I'm a 43yo mom of 2 teens, (dead god help me!) They aren't interested. But my hubs and I watch it. We're reality addicts.

    Never got into INXS back in the day...still don't care for their music. But I think they should go with JD. Really like Marty & Mig. I think they are better than JD. BUt JD fits.

    Jordis's rendention of The Man WHo Sold the World was touching. She should see if Bowie would let her re-release that.

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    Given the predominance of older rock music on the show (there have been some newer tunes, but mostly it seems the songs are classic rock) I'd have to say the audience for this show is a little older, those who remember and hopefully loved INXS back in their day. Me? Giz and I could be twins. I'm a 40 year old mom of twins, stay at home, and honestly think JD is the best fit with the band.

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    Well I am a 26 year old female and before anyone tells me I too young to know who INXS is my brother has all of their CD's and introduced me to them, much to my Mum's joy I am sure.

    I went to the first show out of idle curiousity and then went back to all the other tapings because of the talent of the contestants, the house band, and the song they were getting to cover.

    As for who I would like to win. At this point I would be happy with the final three, and no aliens have not taken over my body. Here is why:

    JD - He was actually in my top 3 for the first couple of weeks and then he hit a string of duds for me personally. I think that he is supremely talented, in fact the most talented of the three that are left. He also is extremely nice to fans and non-fans. I think that contrary to what Mark Burnett showed he is actually a very charming individual. Sure he did put his foot in his mouth one time, but I believe everyone has done that at some point and I don't hold him responsible for that. I think that he would give a very entertaining concert and although I am still not sold on going to see him in concert he would certainly pull in the crowds.

    Marty - Marty has been my number two favorite since the beginning of the show. I love his intensity when he sings, his sense of style, and I love Trees. He treats his fans so well. The first time I talked to him was after Lithuim and I was with his Mum and the fact that he spoke to me when he would only have about five seconds with his Mum speaks volumes. At the CD taping he was beyond sweet to me...beyond...and I will never forget that. If INXS wants someone that is intense on stage but a teddy bear for their fans they should go with Marty.

    MiG - I don't think I can state this enough but MiG was the only person that I didn't care about seeing before I went to the first taping. I had listened to all of the contestants prior to the show and I was the least impressed with him. He won me over more and more each week and luckily that has never stopped. He has talked to me an obscene number of times at this point, through security of course, and has been nothing but a gentleman to me. At the CD taping he treated me like a queen and I have seen him treat all of his fans with the same regard. I think his broadway experience would help him to put on a great show. I love his voice. His body.....well..I am not even going to go there but I know a lot of people who approve and lust after him.

    It really just depends what way INXS wants to go, but I would be happy with all of them.
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    JLuvs, I am very jealous!!!!

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    Marty-I would love to see front Nirvana or start his own band. I think he has talent, but not suited for the band style of INXS. The band didn't seem that happy with him during the interview portion (another reason they let Suzie go). They saw Marty's controlling side. In a band that has been together for years, this will be a huge problem.

    JD-I like his deep voice, but he can't shake the Elvis thing. I wish Elvis would leave the building and JD be himself. He needs to stop trying to Michael Hutchence and Elvis. I think his attitude will be a huge problem with the band as well. If he wins, I foresee him only being with the band for one year (if that) and the band being sad that they let Marty or MiG go.

    MiG-He fits the best with them. He has a good vocal range and can learn to sing in a "deeper" voice if need be. He has a great attitude. He looks like a rock star and like he has been with INXS for years. When he sings INXS songs, it's like he was meant too. Not like he is trying to Michael Hutchence which is what JD does. I think that the band will has more common ground with MiG personally as well.

    I think it will come down to a toss up between JD and MiG. The band does like them both.

    I have wondered if INXS have been pushing "Trees" and "Pretty Vegas" in an attempt to kick start JD and Marty's solo careers.

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    I'm in my mid-forties, have been an INXS fan in the past, and have watched the show since episode 2...

    I agree with some above posts regarding Marty. I think he's very talented and would be better in another band. I was leaning toward JD until last night, but was very impressed (unlike some others) with MiG's performance of What You Need. I'm totally torn between JD and MiG and don't envy INXS at all for the decision they have to make.
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