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Thread: 9/13 Performance Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    {FYI, most of this was written immediately following Sunday’s show. I’ve only made a few minor corrections after viewing the broadcast.}

    The Last Sunday Performance Show.

    Wow…. It still hasn’t quite sunk in. This show has given me so much pleasure over the last 10 weeks, and I have had some truly memorable experiences with some truly wonderful people. Much love to them all.

    On with the show….

    Suzie – Interstate Love Song & What’s Up: I’m not familiar with ILS, but it didn’t do much for me, frankly. Heading into the audience for a portion didn’t add anything to it (since I couldn’t see her from where I was standing.) What’s Up was much more successful, and Suzie handled the range and eccentric vocals well. Our Band gave her a Standing O after and were very complimentary, citing her voice & versatility.

    J.D. – Pretty Vegas & Money: Well, we all know what Mr. Fortune can do with Pretty Vegas by now, and he did not disappoint. He interacted with Dave more, so it wasn’t quite as “audience-focused” as his previous performances. But it’s great that now the whole crowd knows the words and is more than happy to sing the chorus along with him. The rhinestone-encrusted megaphone was also a nice touch. Standing O from OB immediately following. Before beginning Money, J.D. did a lengthy audience-interaction (putting the House Band on hold and stating that they could edit it out later – which they didn’t, quite): “How many people have enough money? How many people could use just a little more? How many people could use A LOT more?” etc. Then he launched into the song and just gave an amazing performance, imo. It’s not the type of song for anthem-ic grand gestures and pogoing, so instead J.D. pulled out all kinds of slinky & slithery moves. The hand spasm even made a brief return -- and I now have a dozen phony bills with “You Are Not A Slave” hand-written across each & every one. Vocally, he nailed it, and was accorded a second Standing O from Our Band.

    Marty – Trees & Creep: We were first treated to an acoustic version of Trees with Dave & Marty playing guitars. At the time, I thought I actually preferred this version of it better, but upon viewing the broadcast show, I’ve changed my mind. Quieting it down only accentuated the insipid lyrics, imo. “You & me up in the Trees…” What is this? Frickin’ Sesame Street? Yes, it’s catchy – but so is It’s a Small World. Fortunately, Marty then did Creep in typical Marty fashion, including a couple of song-ending screams. No Standing O, but Our Band still praised Marty to the rafters.

    MiG – Paint It Black & Kiss From a Rose: Well, MiG proved, once & for all, that he DOESN’T have a Dark Side. His performance of Paint It Black was the weakest of the night, imo. Either Marty or J.D. have the persona that could’ve made it work, but MiG just looked like he was play-acting. His Kiss From A Rose was lovely, however, and led OB to sing his praises afterwards (focusing on KFAR, however, with barely a mention of PIB).

    In conclusion: I wish that both J.D. and Marty had been given 2 new songs to do, along with Suzie & MiG. Though INXS couldn’t ding them for doing what they were asked to do, I wonder if the voters will feel the same. J.D., in fact, gets the shortest end of the stick – as his fans will likely be torn between voting for Pretty Vegas (yet again) for an encore, or Money. A tough, tough choice. (But certainly INXS are intelligent enough to realize this?) So, expect Marty to end up with the encore of Trees.

    I also want to say that I admire & appreciate all of the Final 4 in different ways – as well as several of those who have gone before them. This show has turned into my passion this summer because of its unflagging energy and the high caliber of its talent. I don’t know if American Idol will ever hold much attraction for me in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurrpleCat
    DVM? SweetPea? LAGuy? Were you all as mezmerized by Money as I was? I too liked last weeks Pretty Vegas better, but Dave playing the song kind of distracted. Money was AWESOME.
    Ummmm....heck YEAH!!! Even Mr. Sweetpea, who hates all things reality-tv, watched with me and said "he nailed it" - and he is a HUGE Pink Floyd fan. PV was good, again, but I simply loved watching him sing Money. I seriously think he can win this thing, and it's been so fun to watch him go through all the crap and come out stronger than ever. His confidence is high, and I think the band is really enjoying watching him. I think they are seeing $$$ signs as well.

    I think the band is self-confident enough that this thing is going to come down to who is the better/more exciting/most charismatic performer and someone with an obvious talent for writing/arranging/working the crowd RATHER than the one they will get along with the best. MiG would win that title hands down but after his butchering of the Stones tonight, how in the world could they hire him? I liked the Seal song, but that is definitely where his talents lie...in the ballads that allow him to showcase his vocal strengths. As a rocker? Forget about it?

    Mr. Sweetpea didn't think much of Trees, I'm afraid. Not the melody so much as the lyrics. He had a lot of fun with the rhyming...meeeeee....treeeeees .....Iiiiiiiii.....skkkkyyyyy. I thought Creep was pretty good, with some obvious difficulties towards the end. He recovered though with the screech at the end. I think Marty is safe.

    Susie, her 2nd song was better. I think it is her time to go.

    If MiG isn't in the bottom 3 this week there's something seriously wrong going on. JD should win the encore for Money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn
    But JD can conjure up some serious heat (Cold As Ice, anyone?)
    Oooooh, yeah, thanks for reminding me...must watch that video again before retiring. At the beginning of the performance, the open shirt, the hands on the belt, the rocking back and forth? Uhm...can y'all excuse me for a minute?

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    My thoughts,
    Mig and Susie both had a more difficult time tonight because they each had to do two new songs (for them) compared to two very good repeat songs from JD and Marty. So they were at a slight disadvantage from the get go. Susie did well on her first song but her stage presence could have been better. She redeemed herself on "What's going on". Thought it was the best of the night. I am getting a little tired of the fall on the floor endings though. JD has the best stage presence overall and certainly has sex appeal. Loved both his songs, and he has a great career ahead of him whether he is chosen to front the band or not. Mig is certainly cute and sexy and can sing great but needs to develop more of an edge or at least show us he has one more than he has up to now. If he makes it through this week he must really show he's got what it takes to be a rocker. Marty, much as I love him, is a little too much of a rocker for my taste. I'm not sure that his direction will be best for OB INXS. He's really grown on me and I think this show has definitely helped him develop as a performer and vocalist. I think Susie and Marty are both at risk this week, and wouldn't be surprised to see Mig in the final three.
    Who I think will be in the final three: Mig , Marty and Susie
    Who I hope survives: Susie and Mig
    JD has a good chance of winning this gig and it's his to lose.
    I hope Susie will become INXS opening act if she doesn't make it as their lead singer.

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    I'm warming to JD. He has lost some obnoxiousness and he really can nail the songs. He has great range and stage presence. But I still would rather watch Marty. I could watch Marty sleep and think it was exciting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spite Brigade
    ...and has all of australia pulling for him, but really, he's got to go.
    Can people PLEASE stop assuming that all of Australia is voting for MiG because he's Australian?!?!?

    I'm actually starting to feel a little insulted that you would feel that those of us from Oz would be so shallow as to obliviously vote for someone just because he's from our own country. To be honest, we're (mostly) a lot less patriotic than a lot of other countries...

    I only know about a dozen people who watch Rockstar in Oz (mainly because it's only on cable and cable is not a popular thing in Oz like it is in the US), but all are mixed. Some like JD, some like Marty, some like Suzie and some like Mig.

    My wife and I DO like Mig, but because we like his ability. Still - from week to week we will vote for the best - 2 weeks ago we voted for JD, Marty and Suzie because we felt that we couldn't decide which one was best (in our opinion) while Mig and Jordis didn't cut it for us that night.

    I've also said elsewhere that we only ever vote for someone once per week. So, even if we did think Mig was the best, he would only get one vote.

    Yes, there may be other Aussies who vote as much for Mig as they can, but the total population of Australia is 21 million. That's 21 million for the whole country - men, women, children. Cable goes to less than 10% of the population - that's 2.1 million maximum. How many of those would watch reality tv at all, let alone a more niche market of Rockstar? Let's be generous and say 10%. We're now at 210,000 viewers. Probably would be fair to divide that by 2 to get per household - 105,000 viewers. How many of those would get off their butt and vote? 10% again? 10,500 voting viewers. How would that stack up against the number voting in the US and Canada? And that's assuming that ALL Aussies voted for Mig which I have already said is not the case purely because of the dozen or so people I know.

    It's something like $0.55 per vote (no internet voting in Oz) too so people aren't going to be able to afford hundreds of votes.

    Sorry for the extended post, but there have been a few Aussies on FORT who have said similar things but people don't seem to understand how few of us there are compared to North America.

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    Well it seems that INXS is leaning towards JD at this point in time. He also has the closest moves and voice to Michael Hutchence than any of the remaining contestants. If only he's not quirky and temperamental which the band might find difficult to work with, he would have had this gig from the get go. Suzie's vocals is the reason why she's still around but she's not Rockstar enough for INXS and that goes the same for Mig which lacks an edge in his personality. INXS didn't even say that his arrangement of Paint in Black is great. His theater background actually goes against him. As for Marty, he is too much rock to the point of being grunge, I don't think INXS would want to go in that direction.

    My Final 3 still stands. Mig, JD, Marty

    However, I think Mig is slipping. I think all have 2 encores except for him (well, Marty's 2nd anchor doesn't really count since he was selected by Suzie). If he lands the bottom 3 this time which is very likely (I voted many times for Marty and twice for JD), I think he or Suzie will be eliminated.

    I vote for JD's "Money" to be the encore song. This could be his 3rd encore and will only solidify his frontrunner status.

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    Tonight I actually enjoyed watching and hearing everyone.They all have something to offer.Certainly this show makes AI seem like The Mickey Mouse Club when you compare much of the talent on Rockstar to most of the AI performers. Mig's Kissed by a Rose sounded so much better then all of those male contestants on AI who had to sing it during auditions.I was wondering what other performer on Rockstar could have sung it as well? Maybe Ty? I like Suzie's songs,but yeah the falling down stuff is a little too much.I think she would be great with the House Band,and maybe they do originals. JD's vocals on Money for me were much better then some previous performances ,because he finally enunciated more and sang the words with more emphasis.Probably helps that many of us have heard that song played a zillion times.I 'm not sure if that song is quite so difficult to sing in that having heard it so much he may be more familar in the timing etc.Also I do not think that song has such a wide range vocally as some other songs like Kissed By a Rose, Dream-on,or the in-famous We Are the Champions. He had to belt out more parts of the song,but it was all in his vocal range. Marty's song "Trees" was better last week I thought.But I did like that he actually got less serious with it near the end and would like to see that in him more often.But I do like intense,passionate Marty too as he displayed in "Creep".

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Exactly how long is the voting window open? I'm in Central Time..show went off at 10:00 p.m. CST..it is now 2:45 a.m. and it is still allowing me to vote???!!! Just wondered..................
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    WOW. That was an absolutely *awesome* show!

    Suzie- I still love her, and I think she did a good job with both songs, although yeah, like everyone else said, much better with the second one. It's funny, this is twice Suzie has made me somewhat like a song I couldn't stand-- I adored her "Bohemian Rhapsody", and I hate, *hate* that song with the fire of a thousand suns. I hope she sticks around after this week.

    JD- Okay, I'm not a JD fan. I just don't like the guy, and I wince every time I see his "human being" arms. But he absolutely *nailed* "Money". And all of those slithery movements? Those were the sexiest thing I've seen in ages. I don't know if it was just the fact that these songs were well-suited to him or what, but I'd have liked to see a lot more performances like this one over the course of the contest and less Wannabe Elvisness.

    Marty- Oooooooooh! I love him. The person who said watching him sleep would be interesting? I love "Trees". I hope it's on the CD, because that's catchy as hell. I absolutely adored his "Creep", and that's another song that I really don't like but liked better after one of these guys did it. He has so much raw emotion in his performance, I was completely and totally blown away. I hope he wins this! If he does, I will be sure to buy anything INXS puts out. Marty rocks my world.

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