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Thread: 9/13 Performance Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Okay...JD has to marry me now. I'll bake him asscakes and we can shower together and raise little JD's who will be all little buggers like their daddy...

    Great show! JD nailed Money and Pretty Vegas was great too. I would have liked to hear something different but heck JD could just stand up there for 3 minutes and I would be happy...ahem

    Suzie sounded good on 4 Non Blondes but I thought when she went out in the audience in the first song she sounded like she was having breath control issues.

    I like Marty but didn't like acoustic Trees. I wonder why he did that? Is it because OB really heap praise on him when he sings things in a softer way? But that is not his true style. I think Marty would probably regret getting chosen by OB after a while, his style is not theirs. He should form a new band if the Lovehammers arn't up to his level.His Creep was quite pitchy in places.

    MiG is a sweet guy. He has a great thing already going with his musical theater. I don't know why he would want to leave that. By the sounds of all the shows he's done, he is already successful. His 2 songs sounded a little forced and pitchy as well. I was surprised as he is usually spot on. He must be feeling very nervous. He still has a slammin' body tho!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn
    I can't help myself... I'm captivated by Marty's rendition of Creep. It's not perfect but it's very powerful and I'm digging it VERY much...
    I thought he was mesmerizing. The contrast between Marty's personal power and immediacy and JD's karaoke act was so striking...My almost-16-yr old son, who walked into the room during it, said he'd be a really cool front man for the band. Which is progress, because he usually comes in and drawls, with ineffable teenage superiority, "I CAN'T believe you're WATCHING that!"

    I don't get why they said Money would be a challenge for JD: it's perfect for his voice and overly-studied stage manner. He did a good job with it vocally, I must admit, but it lost all its original edge and sophistication. Go listen to the original and compare. JD never seems real, he's always putting on an act. And all that crotch-shot posing really turns me off. He'd be perfect for Kiss or some other second-rate hair band. (And I have to say that Pretty Vegas, while admittedly catchy, sounds like a rip off of the intro to We've Gotta Get Out of This Place mixed with some Innagaddadavida (sp?).)

    I agree with everyone's estimation of Mig's Paint it Pink, but his second song was great. Susie's first song was too low and lacking in interest, but her second song was excellent. I hate to say it, but unless the band comes to its senses and gets rid of JD, Susie's gone this week.

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    That jacket

    I have read so many posts regarding that jacket, I don't know whether it was brought up on this board. What is it with some Americans ?? So overly sensitive over a jacket. If he offended anyone, he didn't mean it. He is such a sweet guy. And there is no reason to get offended, it is just a piece of rag.

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    I don't see what is wrong with rhyming twice in the chorus of Trees. He doesn't rhyme throughout the song and it's not like there are no other songs in the world that rhyme. A few other rhyming lines just from last night: What's Up - "...knew I should/ ...brotherhood", Pretty Vegas - "After the show/ No place to go", Creep - "I want to have control/ ...I want a perfect soul", Kiss From a Rose - "...on the sea/ ...dark side of me" (and there is rhyming all through that song), Paint it Black - "Summer clothes/... darkeness knows" (just about every other line in this song rhymes too. OMG! A sacred song has rhymes in it!)

    Quote Originally Posted by MrAndyPuppy
    Can people PLEASE stop assuming that all of Australia is voting for MiG because he's Australian?!?!?
    Stop trying to confuse us with your Aussie mind tricks! Honestly, the only Patriotic support I've seen in the FORT is from those darn Canadians. Soon though, it will turn cold up there and they'll quiet down I think Mig is surviving because he has a broader range of fans, meaning there just isn't anything to dislike about him. For example, if my mom were to watch the show, she wouldn't like JD's tattoos, Suzie's nose ring, or Marty's long hair.

    On to the show.

    Brooke - Yes, I get it, she has a great figure, but am I the only one who thinks a nice form-fitting evening gown is more sexy than putting on a purple belt and calling it a skirt? It would be nice if they gave her something classy for the finale.

    JD - Pretty Vegas is a decent song and he performs it well, but the song itself still doesn't blow me away. The mega phone is a nice effect, glad he used it more this week. Money he did great on. It fits his range perfectly. I'm guessing it will be the encore, giving him the most encores of anyone. He will make it to the final show... unless he really screws up his bottom 3 performance this week

    Suzie - ILS is way too repetative to be a good competition song. Trying to hide the fact she started one line too early by starting too early again probably isn't the best solution. She did ok on What's Up, but her timing seamed kinda weird. I got the feeling she was sick/ losing her voice this week. She had troubles with a lot notes that should be within her range.

    Marty - I like Trees, but the full band works better for that song. It does a lot of starting out quiet and then powering up that didn't come across in the acoustic version. He did well with Creep, even ok with the super high notes Radiohead hits at the end. Those always sounded out of tune to me, so I'm sure there were a lot of people watching who didn't know the song and were thinking he screwed it up big time.

    Mig - I thought he did well with most of Paint it Black. At the end of it he got carried away and tried to show his range which didn't fit, but the rest worked for me. I thought it was also his most natural "non-theatrical" performance so far of the songs he had stood up for. He did great with Kiss from a Rose, only sounding nasally a couple times.

    Bottom 3 in no particular order because it is too close to call - Suzie, Mig, ____. Is that cheating? At this point I don't care who wins, only that Marty doesn't. His band probably already has a list of contract offers waiting for when he gets back. Any of the other 3 will do fine with INXS or on their own.

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    I finally had to post. Thank you for this show! I have loved it all the way through, and can't wait for next week. Ok, on to my 2 cents for what its worth.

    I have always thought that JD is probably best suited for the band. I don't particularly like JD, I don't like his limited range, and his affectations, but really think that if INXS wants to just kind of remain the same as they were, then he is their safe bet. I do think that JD did a good job with Money, although I didn't really see it as a difficult song for him. It seemed it fit his range well, and that INXS knew that. Pretty Vegas...hmmm..I'm sorry, I just don't get it. I don't think its really fabulous. It is catchy at times, but heck..didn't INXS write the music? No wonder they love it.

    Suzie....well I still don't see a woman fronting INXS, and I was a Jordis fan(until she fell apart). I just find her boring. I know she has a lot of fans, but I always watch her and go..."meh, ho hum". I think she did a really good job with Whats goin On...but disliked her version of Interstate Love Song. Send Suzie home this week I think.

    Mig...good old Mig. How can you not like this guy? He seems like a great person, is not so bad to look at, and can sing a tune. That said...he just does seem to "poppy", or as other people said here and my husband said from day one, too Monkeys or Davey Jonesish. I did not think he went really dark with Paint It Black, and I thought INXS would call him on it. He did a great job with Kiss From a Rose, but it's a ballad, and he can do those really great. I guess I could still see him fronting INXS though if they are writing poppy stuff like the music to Pretty Vegas.

    Marty...well I do love me some Marty. In some ways I want him to win because I do like him, but also do not want him to win because I do like him. lol I think if INXS does want to move a bit forward and change, then maybe Marty would be a good choice. I personally don't see that happening though. Bash me if you want, but I like Trees, or maybe its just the way Marty sings it I guess. Yeah, its kinda cheesy, but I end up singing it the rest of the night. I love the dark, angst filled Marty. I thought Creep was great, and had just watched an acoustic video of the song by Radiohead earlier in the evening. I think Marty will be a very big star. I also can watch him do just about anything and enjoy it.

    Wowee..what a skirt or lack thereof. Maybe I am just jealous though. I also used to like Dave N....but I guess I never really had heard all that trite stuff come out of his mouth before.

    I always loved INXS, but I am not sure I am going to like what they come up with next..I guess I will have to wait and see. This show did rock though. It blew AI out of the water!

    Thanks for letting me share..I actually had a whole season worth of stuff to say, but tried to pare it down. I need to stop lurking and start posting more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lochabar
    I doubt most Australians are voting for Mig. First, Rock Star INXS is not on free to air TV but cable in Australia which means most Australians are not watching the show. Second, Mig is not your typical Australian male so there is no guarantee that he will connect with the Australian audience. Third, it is wrong to assume that Australians will vote parochially for Mig. It is like saying that Americans will be voting for Marty because he is American. Fourth, Australia's population is smaller than the State of New York so there is no leverage in population numbers.

    If anything, I think Mig has a huge popularity in Asia because of his background and his polite personality seems more to accord with Asian values.
    I totally agree! I'm Aussie and i haven't voted once throughout the whole show . . . although I am a huge fan and never miss it. I only know a couple of people that actually have cable, and from that I only know two people who actually watch the show and they don't vote either. Besides that fact they are not huge MiG fans.

    Quote Originally Posted by LAGuy
    In conclusion: I wish that both J.D. and Marty had been given 2 new songs to do, along with Suzie & MiG.
    Thats what I thought too. I'm not saying that their original songs weren't good. Just that it would have been nice to see something new. Otherwise it gets a bit repetitive and I pretty much knew what to expect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OriginalSinner
    I have read so many posts regarding that jacket, I don't know whether it was brought up on this board. What is it with some Americans ?? So overly sensitive over a jacket. If he offended anyone, he didn't mean it. He is such a sweet guy. And there is no reason to get offended, it is just a piece of rag.
    What jacket? MiG's? And what about it?

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    My thoughts:

    Bummed this was the last performance show. This has been, by far, the best show on TV this summer. I wonder how well this show would have done, had it not been in the summer (with traditionally much less TV viewership). I think a show like this, with the talent it brought in, highlights how sophomoric American Idol is. Anyone know if there are plans for a follow-on show?

    JD: I think JD nailed "Money". Pretty Vegas was good as well, but I think his best performance of this song was last weeks performance show. Still my favorite. I would buy INXS concert tickets with him as lead (not so if Marty, MiG, or Suzie wins).

    Marty: He's alright. I find it interesting that in the band interviews Kirk said "I guess you've figured out that we not too much into screaming", and then he goes out and does Creep with the screaming in it. I think that's his natural style, but not a good style for OB:INXS. He'd be my frontrunner for RockStar: Nirvana though.

    Suzie: Great voice, nice person, but I can't see her fronting INXS.

    MiG: After last night's Paint it Black, I think his fate is sealed. Great guy, but the only show I see him winning is RockStar: The Wiggles.

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    I wanted so badly to post during the show, but I couldn't get to the FORT site

    Suzie – Interstate Love Song & What’s Up:
    I wasn't all that impressed with Suzie this week. ILS seemed to low for her and although she was really throwing herself into the performance, her falling all over the stage was just a bit too much. What's Up was better, but she made it kind of "talky" and I was really surprised when her voice cracked on a couple of notes. I also found her outfit distracting. That huge white wrap/belt thing made her look a little thick thru the middle, which she most certainly is not!

    J.D. – Pretty Vegas & Money:
    I still think PV is a really catchy song and I love me some slithery moves !! Although Money may have been well within his range, the difficulty is in the timing - timing can be really tricky, just remember what happened to Ty with Everlong! Bottom line for me: JD is HOT and sounds great singing INXS songs !

    Marty – Trees & Creep:
    I really like Marty, but I did not like the acoustic version of Trees. I overlooked the silliness of the lyrics when he sang it the first time because he was ROCKIN that song. I adored his performance that night! The acoustic version put too much emphasis on the lyrics and it ended up "cutesy" . I am not a Radiohead fan, but I did like his rendition of Creep. I wonder if INXS was put off by the screaminess at the end...

    MiG – Paint It Black & Kiss From a Rose:
    Mig is so NOT dark. I did not like his version of Paint it Black. The Stones and Gob versions are dark - Mig's just wasn't right. His Kiss from a Rose was okay. I know he's got a great bod and is super nice, but on stage he is just "Meh" to me.

    Did any of the performers get critical comments this week? They OB usually has something constructive to say but this week is was just great, great, great, and great... Maybe they just don't want to give us any idea which direction they are leaning. I can't believe this show is almost over. I'm going to miss it

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    I'm worried. I'm actually starting to like J.D. Not as a person -- he's still phony to me -- but as a performer he's really raised his game the past couple weeks. I thought his version of Money was the highlight of the show, closely followed by Marty's Creep.

    At this point, the only one of the four I feel is truly not right for INXS is Mig. I'd definitely go see him in We Will Rock You, but as part of a band he just seems like too much of a lightweight.

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