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Thread: 9/7 Results Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Ok .... what am I not getting? After all this talk about Jordis' weight, I was more fixated on that than on her singing ... and I kept looking and looking - but I didn't think she was fat. No, she's not a size 3 ... but she is not fat. She layered clothes a lot - and I don't think that helped. The girl needs a stylist - but if our culture thinks that is fat, then we have been brainwashed by Madison Avenue ad agencies who have convinced us that that stick figures with lollipop heads are what a normal woman's body type looks like --- NOT.

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    Juls2, I agree. Those hip-hugger, flared jeans could make almost anyone look like they are carrying an extra 15 lbs. I don't think she is overweight or underweight. I think she looks just fine, and she is truly beautiful. Her hair, well, I don't like it all that much but her face/eyes are stunning. I dislike focusing on body type and instead prefer to focus on the singing.

    I think if Jordis had dressed more like Jessica we'd have seen she is probably perfectly proportioned, just not skin and bones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog
    OMG! I turned to my husband last night and said this very thing while she was singing.. Sounded like Cher.

    To me she kind of sounds like Annie Lenox, but her looks and personality remind me of Suzanne Summers from Three's Company. Similar IQ if you
    know what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William13
    While not agreeing with any conspiracy theories I do have to think that INXS must have a good idea who they want to hire by now. INXS must have discussions amongst themselves outside of the show - especially after the clinics and after performance night.
    I don't know - look at the kind of discussions we have - constantly flip-flopping on different performers. My wife and I were big MiG fans for almost the entire show and while we still are, the last couple of weeks have made us stop and point at the other 3 or 4 other contestants and say "wow - these guys/girls could really win, you know".

    I wonder if INXS are having the same kind of problem - they like all of the final 4 for different reasons, and it's possible that different band members put different emphasis on those things - Gary Garry might push hard for Suzie's "best" voice for instance, while Jon and Tim might push for JD's wildness to enervate the band. And from week to week those little things could slip and slide around.

    We'll just have to see.
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    in this age of tv and videos, image, appearence, body type, the ability to communicate effortlessly and youthfullness are all important and depending on who your market is, different values are attached to each....i cant believe the band or anyone else could be so in the dark as to believe that only the voice is important, its just one component...life may not be fair, just ask christopher cross..a hugly successful singer untill mtv hit the air ways and people got a good look at him, ever since that moment appearence has taken on a whole new meaning as it relates to the music industry...the mainstream music consumner wants to feel attracted to an entertainer, as well as like the music, these days you have to have both. blame it on wallstreet or whoever you want to, but you can bet inxs knows this and this is what they are having a problem with..which one of these great singers will sell the most records for the long run and who will the fans want to come and see...does anyone in their wildess dreams think that the singers who top the charts today are all great singers, heck no, but they all look pretty good and are marketable...im not talking about the fringe element of music im refering to the main stream, which is where inxs is going to compete...will they chose the right person, probably not, but they will get a few more tours and a few records..chances are thats about it..there are just to many new younger bands entering the scene and music, or lets say the music consumner who buys (and this is what is important) the cds are mostly younger who are not going to be as interested in a bunch or middleage men....as they are in the new younger buff 6 pack guys and the centerfold pretty girls.....the entertainment industry is a jungle. its just not all about the music anymore...sorry

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    I disagree. There are very few groups that I even know what they look like, much less find attractive. Other than the pure pop side of music where they find the latest high school cheerleader to churn out a one-hit-wonder, most groups are normal looking people that happen to be able to sing/play instruments. They only look better in a video because of the makeup, lighting, designer clothes, etc. Anyone could look better with all of that. If I'm driving down the road listening to the radio, I really don't care how someone looks, only if the song is decent. If they have a Shirley Manson singing lead, it's just a bonus, but I'd still like Garbage if she wasn't attractive. I'm sure there is a portion of the general public that does only focus on the looks, but there are just as many that really don't care.

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