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Thread: 9/6 Performance Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    I wish I knew sukee! I'm fine with Marty's top half in the picture, but those Levi's themselves are just so wrong in so many ways...especially for a guy.
    Haven't seen tonight's show yet. West coast. But I will say I have a real hate-on for cut-off pants. Basically,unless it is the early 1960's and you are Annette Funicello, put down the capris and back away. They just really irk me. I think in ten years, everyone who once owned capris will look at those old photos and wince, just like those of us who once owned shoulder pads do now.

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    Nice vocals on "I Can't Make You Love Me" and props to Suzie for her dedication to Ty.

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    FORT Fogey sukee's Avatar
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    I really liked Suzie's original song.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sukee
    I really liked Suzie's original song.
    Me too.

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    I liked Suzie on I Can't Make You Love Me but her original left me underwhelmed.
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    It was pretty good, but I am still stuck on JD's performance- AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have voted in several weeks but I'm giving them all to Suzie tonight, unless somebody walks on water before the night is up.

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    I have to agree with Dave Suzie is the best vocalist there.

    And I also liked her original song.

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    I liked Suzie's original song...I wasn't paying much attention to the words but I liked the music to it...Wasn't thrilled with her outfit tho I think her hair is killer!!!
    and I think every week I fall more and more in love with Garry in INXS...he is such a cutie...I love that smile!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Suzie I Can't Make You Love Me and original song Soul Life (dedicated to Ty)

    Dave: I think that you are the strongest vocalist here. You have an incredible voice, I've never heard you off key or falter. When I heard you sing I really saw you deliver the story in that song (I Can't Make You Love Me). With your original, I thought it was beautiful, the band played great, you sounded great. I wasn't sure if that song would necessarily be appropriate in this environment, however before you sang it you said that it was about staying true to who you are which I totally support, so nice job.

    INXS: I agree with Dave, if we were to play it we'd make it our own anyway though. No disrespect to the house band cause they are awesome. It takes a fair amount of time to get your song together properly, but with the amount of time that you had I thought it was incredible.

    Please tell me that's a pair of shorts and not the bottom of Suzie's shirt that you can see from that extremely high slit in the skirt?? I'm just gonna hope that's the case cause that's not tye type of outfit I've gotten used to seeing her in on the show.

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