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Thread: Followup After the Show

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    Followup After the Show

    Unlike most reality shows, I do want to know what happens to most (not all) of the competitors after all is said and done.

    Will there be a way to find out what the ones not chosen end up doing? I guess if someone makes a record and becomes a huge hit, we'll know.

    I'd just like to know what some of the rockers end up doing and how we would find out about it.

    Maybe they will all have their own pesonal websites we can keep up with them.

    But it would be curious to know if they went back to their lives before or if they move on to something bigger and better as a result of the show.
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    Sign away your life a la American Idol?

    I'm curious, too... Is there some sort of contract the contestants had to sign that says they're obligated to give Mark Burnett's company first dibs at a recording contract (if he even has one) like they do on American Idol? I hope not, 'cause the AI contracts screw the artists, I've heard.

    After last night's performance, I think Marty is going to become INXS's new singer, which would suck for his band in Chicago (The Lovehammers). This is too bad 'cause I've been rooting for MiG all along (even though I really like Marty as well). But I can see MiG (as well as a few others) getting a recording contract out of this. I hope so anyhow.

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    Heather's out on the road (like she said she would be...)

    Her latest album is out and selling...

    check out her websites for details...

    (i cant post links here yet...)

    she has a myspace site and her name is her website... check her out

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