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Thread: Favorite performance each week?

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    Favorite performance each week?

    I didn't see the debut, so I can't vote there. I don't mean the INXS shows (the elim), but the actual concert performance.

    Week 1: JD-"California Dreamin"
    2: Mig-"Walk This Way"
    3: Marty-"Lithium"
    4: Jordis-"Man Who Sold The World"
    5: Ty-"No Woman, No Cry"
    6: Mig- "Baby, I Love Your Way" (Miracle, as I dislike Frampton)
    7: Suzie-"Start Me Up"
    8: Marty-"Wish You Were Here".

    Anyone else?

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    This could take a while to narrow down...

    1 - Ty - Heartbreaker
    2 - Ty - Somebody Told Me
    3 - Ty - Everybody Hurts
    4 - Jordis - The Man...
    5 - Ty - No Woman...
    6 - Mig - Baby I Love Your Way
    7 - Suzie - Start Me Up
    8 - Suzie - Bohemian Rhapsody

    Dang. Didn't know Ty was my #1 pick for so long To be fair though, it was pretty much a tie in week 1 with Suzie and weeks 3 and 5 with Marty.

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    Live At the Mayan - Jordis Unga - Baba O'Riley

    Episode 1 - J.D. Fortune - California Dreamin'

    Episode 2 - MiG Ayessa - Walk This Way

    Episode 3 - Marty Casey - Lithium

    Episode 4 - Suzie McNeil - Get Back

    Episode 5 - Marty Casey - Mr. Brightside

    Episode 6 - MiG Ayessa - Baby I Love Your Way

    Episode 7 - Suzie McNeil - Start Me Up

    Episode 8 - Marty Casey - Wish You Were Here
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    1: JD - "California Dreamin"
    2: Ty - "Somebody Told Me"
    3: Marty - "Lithium"
    4: Jordis - "Man Who Sold The World"
    5: Ty - "No Woman, No Cry"
    6: Mig - "Baby, I Love Your Way"
    7: Suzie - "Start Me Up"
    8: Marty - "Wish You Were Here" (Suzie did well with Bohemian Rhapsody, but Marty was better IMHO)

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    Mick Ray
    1: JD - "California Dreamin' " ( See, I didn't ALWAYS hate Jerk Dog!)
    2: Ty - "Somebody Told Me" (Before the Mohawk had become BORING!)
    3: Marty - "Lithium"
    4: Jordis - "Man Who Sold The World" (One of the 2 best performances so far!)
    5: Ty - "No Woman, No Cry" (The most heartfelt of his performances- and sadly the last... he really went downhill from here!)
    6: Mig - "Baby, I Love Your Way" (Honorable mention to Marty for his take on Britney!)
    7: Deanna- "My Truth" (IMHO she was HOTTER than Suzie that night. Not right for INXS, but a valiant effort. I thought all the performances on this episode were barley passable. They all should have had to do their originals)
    8: Marty - "Wish You Were Here" (The other of the two best performances thus far.)

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    JD Cal dreaming
    JD Hand in my Pocket
    Deanna Give a Little Bit/Marty Lithium
    Brandon If you Could Only See
    Suzie Losing my Religion
    Marty Baby One More Time
    Suzie Start Me Up/ JD Cold As Ice
    JD Suspicious Minds
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    101A: Jordis - Baba O'Riley
    101B: J.D. - California Dreamin
    102B: Jordis - The Reason
    103B: MiG - Lola
    104B: Jordis - The Man Who Sold the World
    105B: Marty - Mr. Brightside
    106B: MiG - Baby I Love Your Way
    107B: Suzie - Start Me Up (I actually didn't really love any of the songs in that episode)
    108B: Jordis - Imagine (hmm...I'm noticing a pattern here )

    Honorable Mentions:
    101B: Deanna - Should I Stay or Should I Go
    101B: Marty - Take Me Out
    101C: Suzie - Never Tear Us Apart
    103B: Jordis - Give Me Some Lovin
    103B: Suzie - Superstition
    103C: Jessica - Elegantly Wasted
    104B: MiG - We Will Rock You
    105C: Ty - No Women No Cry (no yoddling version, heh)
    108B: Marty - Wish You Were Here

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    JD -California Dreaming
    JD -Hand in My Pocket
    Marty -Lithium
    Jordis -The Man Who Sold the World
    Suzie -Losing My Religion
    Suzie -Bring it on Home to Me
    JD -Cold as Ice
    Suzie -Bohemian Rhapsody

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    Week 1 - missed it
    Week 2 - loved everyone and too confused by the large number of people and the fact that EVERYONE was better than almost everyone on American Idol to be able to figure out who was better and who was worse.

    Week 3. 1/2 were bad and 1/2 were good so it was much easier to rate.
    Ty - Everybody hurts (interesting that Marty (my current fave) was the one I couldn't rate. Everyone else was in the top half or the bottom half but I had no idea where to put Marty)

    Week 4. I can't for the life of me remember who I liked best. I think I was torn because I can't find a list from that week

    Week 5 Ty- No Woman No Cry
    Week 6 Marty - Hit me Baby (First time I noticed him)
    Week 7 JD - Cold as Ice (everyone but Jordis was amazing)
    Week 8 - Marty Wish you were Here

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    Week 10 for me: "Trees" by Marty.

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