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Thread: Future clinic ideas?

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    Future clinic ideas?

    So I think they've just about covered all of the useful clinics they can come up with, but there is still.. what... 5 or 6 weeks left? What are they going to fill the rest of the season with? Here are a couple of my ideas...

    Living with Groupies Clinic - Open the gates to the mansion and let all the JLuvs and LAGuys of the world storm the place for the week. Can the contestants get rehearsal time in? How long will the alcohol supply last? Will JD need to start saving for child support? Will Ty recruit everyone to join him in "We are the World"?

    Autograph Clinic - Can the contestants sign pictures while running down a walkway towards a waiting bus? Will every fan get their pen back? Learn how to sign body parts both with and without "accidental" groping.

    Rehab Clinic - How can you be a great rockstar without having a few vices, letting them get to the point of controlling your life, and finally entering rehab with paparazzi in tow? Conveniently, the mansion is full of alcohol, cigarettes, and cameras. Lets cut off their supply and enjoy the withdrawals. Imagine the revalations- "Wow, singing without a hangover really IS better", "My original song sounds like that?", "Why didn't anyone tell me my tats were this dumb?"

    Any other ideas?

    [Javelin returns to being completely bored at work]

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    How to avoid the paparazzi clinic: This was actually a real problem for Michael and Paula Yates when INXS was living in England.

    On a more serious note I think they should have another vocal clinic. All of them except for Suzie could use the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trippy
    On a more serious note I think they should have another vocal clinic. All of them except for Suzie could use the help.
    Agreed. I think they've had access to vocal coaches since that clinic. They showed Jordis working with one this week. They may not be available unless asked for though.

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    How about a "Personality Transplant" clinic? This could help J.D.'s chances (but not without a serious "Expand Your Vocal Range Beyond Two Notes" clinic, accompanied by an "Eliminate Your Horrible Dance Moves" clinic).

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