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Thread: Rock Star: INXS 8/21/05 Recap: Songsmithing Shenanigans!

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    Much appreciate your viewing and processing chops, your speedwriting chops, your shrimp-cocktail-eating chops, and your pork chops! Thanks!

    Wow, Marty is going to kill on that song. They all picked the best suited possible songs out of the ones available. Nobody took a risk. Ty, Proud Mary, probably be a little closer to Tina Turner with his usual theatrics, check! JD, Cold as Ice, check!

    I predict the bottom three is (poor) Suzie (!), Deanna, and Ty
    Could does not mean should

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    As a big Foreigner fan and seeing what JD has done to some of the other songs, I'm affraid of what he might do with "Cold as Ice". Very affraid. Thanks

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