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Thread: Besides the winner, who gets the biggest career boost?

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    Besides the winner, who gets the biggest career boost?

    I don't think Suzie will win but I think we'll be hearing from her when this is over.

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    I think Jordis will get the biggest boost assuming she doesn't win.

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    At this point I would like it to be Suzie, but agree with Trippy that it will probably be Jordis. I would love if one of them won it, but based on bottom three results lately I'd be surprised if a female ends up fronting this band. I liked Jordis at the start (please don't turn into a diva Jordis!), but I'd like to see her pull off some more inspired performances. Her last two songs (Layla and Knocking on Heaven's Door) haven't done much for me.

    If Marty doesn't win, he has his successful band in Chicago already, but I suppose they may become even more popular.

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    Jordis, Ty, Marty, and MiG should all get career boosts. I doubt that Deanna and Suzie or even JD will get much.

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    the bigger question is - will a record label find any of these rock 'n rollers 'marketable'? that seems to be the only reason for them to sign 'em to a contract these days, not that they have any talent. sigh . . . . where have all the good rock 'n roll bands gone? or rather, where are the new ones? any of these guys could front the house band and I'd buy that album (oops, CD - I'm old, I guess)
    it's really perennialprincess, there just wasn't enough space to fit it all in!

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    Maybe we'll see the Lovehammers tour with INXS......if Marty loses.

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