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Thread: Male or Female

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    i just do not see a female singer fronting for inxs, jordis is a great singer, but if they chose her i think she would overshadow the rest of the band...its going to be marty or mig, and i think it will be mig...i think they had the winner picked before the show started.

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    Jordis would be a better possibility if it wasn't for her stage presence, or rather her lack of it. She has a beautiful voice but zero charisma. Suzie is great and I love Deanna, but I don't really see them as good fits for Our Band.

    I don't think there's any gender issues, it's just whose style is most suitable. I don't know that the actual winner was pre-ordained, but the elimination process tells us that INXS has at least a couple of viable winners picked out and will simply keep them to the end. Though I wouldn't completely disregard the fan voting - those are the people who will buy the records and they're not going to pick someone (helllllo, Jessica) who can't garner a solid fan base.
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