This preliminary voting result release is not a good idea and should be cut from the show, IMO. It doesn't assist the process in any way and actually does not make the voting fair for the contestants in 'vote' where you can vote multiple times. They are getting performers who did well stuck in the bottom and eliminated because of low popularity, not performance.
The idea that INXS has the final say with the Bottom 3 and can save their favorite also becomes flawed because they will be forced to release a person if they are in the bottom multiple times, whether or not they sing an INXS well. Why?? Fans would not support the band if they gave the gig to a singer who was voted in the bottom 3 more than a couple of times, and successively? So the marketing plan ultimately fails if that happens.
Watch this week, if they show preliminary low vote getters those 3 will remain as bottom 3.