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Thread: Rock Star: INXS 8/14/05 Recap: There is No “JD” in “Team”

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    How do I see this show? Is it on a different channel? Or is the show I will see Tuesday night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenjon
    How do I see this show? Is it on a different channel? Or is the show I will see Tuesday night?
    This is the show of the house drama that use to be on Monday nights on CBS.

    The ratings were low so they moved it to VH1 on Sundays. I know that it has repeated once already so it might repeat again.

    The Tuesday show is totally different and is on CBS.
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    Marty can do it!

    Thanks for the recap--I apparently missed the only really good house show! Here in the Washington DC area, the tv guide said it was on at 9:30 on CBS. Where did you see it and when?

    It made me laugh that Marty has to do a Britney song. However, he is very creative and I think he will pull it off!

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    This was the first house show I watched since it started, and it was interesting to see the dynamics. I almost missed it, but found out they were switching it to Sundays on VH1.

    Seems like JD goes out of his way to be difficult, but I'm sure the show's editing plays into that. I agree that in the end he was "rewarded" for NOT working with the group. His song was good, though, and the others in his group did not appear to be embracing any of his ideas.

    I've been enjoying all the performance shows, and can't wait for tonight. This show has me hooked. I really like Marty as well as Suzie, but I would be surprised if they chose a woman in the end. You never know, though.

    This is my first post, but I've enjoyed reading all your discussion this season so thought I'd join in!

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    just wanted to add that VH1 does replay the house show during the week.
    i noticed it was on again last nite at 8.30pm ET.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea
    Great recap! thanks from those of us who can't get the show anymore (stupid CBS).

    Does anyone know if the songs they wrote from last night are available to listen to anywhere? I'd love to hear J.D.s version vs. Marty/Jordis/Jessica's song.
    The "Clinic" video is available now on the RockStar site. It has clips of each of the songs.

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    Bringing this back to the purpose of this thread, Manny's excellent recap...

    He’s like Death. Death in leather pants and make-up.

    Well, Ty, I think you would still win, because in that case the other team would be guilty of copyright infringement, and the whole lot of them would be hauled off to prison. Dinner with INXS would be moot at that point.

    Come on, Marty! Glam it up! Strut! Make it fierce!
    Thanks for the witty summary, Manny! And I heart your album covers.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    So does anyone know who's got what songs?

    I think on the show they only told what 4 of them had. But I could be wrong.

    I'm interested to see how Marty is going to perform his song...I wish him luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spite Brigade
    i can't really blame anyone for not wanting their name to be attached to something in which they don't believe. I've done it many times at work, or back when i was in school.
    I always HATED group projects in school, and if i were an empassioned artist i'd hate it more. No that I'm comparing talent, but would Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain or even Michael Hutchence happily collaborate with a group of random people they didn't click with?

    I don't "like" JD but he would be a good fit for the band. Not the best maybe, but far from the worst.

    And he did write the best song..

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