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Thread: Rock Star: INXS 8/14/05 Recap: There is No “JD” in “Team”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna

    I wonder what Marty did to tick them off?
    Possibly acting like he and Jordis were the only 2 on that song writing team with talent and dissing the other 2 and actually sending JD away telling him to write KNOWING they wouldn't use his material. I'm sorry, but that's wrong. Even if you dispise JD, that was wrong. They were told in the beginning it was to be a "collaboration".

    So as Team Leader, Musical Director, etc., it was up to Marty to keep his team together and he didn't. I liked Marty and Jordis up until this show. Now I see a side of them I'm not too thrilled with. Jessica is a non-entity. I had initially liked JD, then had grown to dislike him and after last night, I feel sorry for him. I blame Marty and Jordis for that groups losing last night. It wasn't JD that left to go outside and write, it was them that sent him away. ANd he got the final revenge when his song was better than theirs. Had they allowed him to stay and have some input, they might have won the dinner out. But they refused to listen to him, thought they could do better and their egos cost them a stereo, dinner with the band and ultimately some brownie points in the whole competition.

    As a result, Marty gets punished with Brittany Spears. I think its funny as anything. Bring him down a notch.
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    ...So are they really going accoustic this week?

    I think Marty will be fine. Turning a pop song into rock shouldn't be that difficult as long as he gives it a twisted, evil feel like Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love".

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    Thanks for the recap. Somehow I wasn't thinking and didn't record the show.

    I can't believe they would give anyone on this show a Britney Spears song. Overall I thought their song choices have been very good - and it is one of the aspects of the show that I love. It is great that the singers don't get to pick any old song and butcher it a la AI. Picking a BS song tanks that all.

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    I'm hoping the show will be on tonight in Canada. Sounds like our Marty deserved the Brittney a little. They did need to see him do something different, though I would have argued for something tender, not the current version of the Archies. Should be interesting!

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    You rock, Manny! The covers are fab!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    I’m sure that right now, Brandon is enjoying a delicious, steaming platter of poached crow with chives.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    We open to a shot of Dave Navarro, striding towards the mansion with great purpose in his step. He’s like Death. Death in leather pants and make-up.
    ... and tatoos and ego!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    Jordis, however, will have none of his ideas; she finds them too obvious. Long story short; Jordis would prefer to go with lyrics so vague that you don’t really know what the song is about, while J.D. has a vision of a song that tells a story.
    Didn't JD said to Jordis some time back that after this show is done, he would "like to know her better"? I guess that offer is now "dust in the wind"!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    Ty’s team is up first, and they’re as beaming as ever. All in their places with bright shiny faces, they belt out “Stop Go,” which is . . . ah . . . the rock equivalent of Kidz Bop?
    Remember "Shiny Happy People" by REM?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    “However,” adds Dave, “Could you perform your song, J.D.?” He and Andrew are curious what great missive drew J.D. away from the team. Ironically, it’s the best song of the bunch!
    This kid has a lot of creative talents, only if he does not pisses off people before he gets to showcase his talents.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    As the big winners, Ty, Suzie, Deanna, and MiG go out to dinner with INXS that night, while J.D. and the rest are stuck with Julie Chen’s leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
    As punishment, INXS could have forced the losing team to a face-to-face one-hour conversation with Julie Chen (boy, I hate that woman!). I'm just breaking out trying to imagine the vacuous conversation that would have followed. Same network, two shows - Big Brother and RockStar - Night and Day!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    Marty, receives . . . wait for it . . . “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. The sound that emits from Marty’s lips can only be described as the cry of a man losing his very soul. The band wants to see him do something that’s not so serious, but Marty doesn’t have a clue where to begin with it. Come on, Marty! Glam it up! Strut! Make it fierce!
    Maybe an accoustic performance. Maybe a Nirvana type arrangement or with guitar riffs. Maybe we'll see Marty in schoolgirl uniform. The suspense is killing me. I bet this was one of Dave Navarro's cruel (spelled "cool") jokes. Did you guys see Haddaway's performance of Britney's "Toxic" on another recent show?

    I also can't wait to hear what Ty, Jessica, Deanna had in store for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    He says he can see the cover now. I'm seeing the cover, too.

    Poor J.D.—maybe his song will become a hit yet. I can see it all now.
    These covers are great, Man! Thanks for the entertaining re-cap!
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    JD sure acted like a prima donna on last night's show, but he wasn't the only one. what in the hell is an obvious melody? are they auditioning for a rock band or for the most obscure yet musically sophisticated jazz band ever?

    and i can't really blame anyone for not wanting their name to be attached to something in which they don't believe. I've done it many times at work, or back when i was in school. As long as you have another version prepared with which you are happy, then talent should trump team work, especially in a creative endeavor such as writing.

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    I thought last nite was the best house show yet. I loved the clinic. I found it hilarious that Jessica didn't even pretend to have something to offer to her group.

    I do like both JD and Jordis and the power play last nite was great. It does seem obvious to me that the rest of the house is now going to do what it takes to get the spotlight off of JD. Personally, I did enjoy his song most. I'm glad that he's not pretending to be someone else. If they like him, at least they know what they're in for whereas the others haven't really shown much as far as what they're like personally. IMO.

    Tomorrow's show can't come fast enough!!

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    Hi, Suicide Blonde! (I could tell by the name that you probably liked this show. ) to the Fort!

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