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Thread: 8/9 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeronicaBelle27
    Was distracted during the entire show, because i was initiating a newbie to our show. I wish I had taped it, there are a number I'd like to re-watch.
    Videos of all the performances except for episode 101A are available at http://rockstar.msn.com/videos

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    I really liked Suzie and Marty this week. They showed the most creativity by far. When the show air initially I was in another room working but could still hear the audio. When Marty sang, it didn't sound great. But I sat down and watched it this morning and I loved his performance. Inxs and Dave are right -- he has a certain charisma that's makes him interesting to watch.

    Also re-watched Jordis' performance, with the sound up loud, and it wasn't that bad. After the Man who Sold the World, though, there was nowhere to go but down.

    Bottom 3: Jessica, Brandon, Deanna (great performance, but had trouble with the held notes)

    Going home: Jessica.

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    Order of best performances
    1.Suszie-Great re-arrangement. She sang it great and is one of the better people. She will probably be asked to do a encore.
    2. Deanna- Lively,entertaining, made me want to get up and dance, great vocals.
    3. Jordis- It wasn't her best however it was on of the better performances tonight. She is such a great singer.
    4. Marty- Only because we went unplugged, either wise it was pitchy, he only did this because he knew if he screwed up people would give him sympathy votes.
    5. Ty- It was good but very safe, it wasn't very rock and roll like type of song. It wasn't his best.
    6. Mig-It was lively but it sounded to much like the original, he needs to be more original and make the songs his own.
    7.Jessica- Wasn't great and wasn't bad, loved her style, the ice beneath her skates will hold for another week or two.
    8. J.D.- I don't get why they said it was great, i didn't understand one thing he said in his song, it wasnt great vocally.
    9. Brandon- Lively but very pitchy. I think he just got it through his head last night that any chances of him winning are gone. He saw he wasn't right for the band.

    Bottom 3 prediction:

    Be asked to do encore- Suszie

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    Its too bad for Jessica that she thought Come as You Are suited her more than any other song. I'm happy to hear a Nirvana song every week, but not by her, it doesn't suit her at all, and she robbed us of a chance to hear someone do something great with it. I would have loved to see J.D. do something with it. Like LAGuy, I was feeling a little sorry for Jessica, but I'm losing sympathy for her. Not all her performances have been bad, but I agree with the majority that her time has come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeronicaBelle27
    Ty: Couldn't help but be good. Take a great song, add a performer with a great voice who happens to love said song, have a great band play it before a huge crowd at the end of a "concert", have performer tone down their usual theatrics, and what else could possibly result? He'll probably get the encore, but I think it should be Suzie or Marty.
    Tailor made for him, but it was Suzie and Marty that took risks. I'd love to see both do an encore.

    Looking back at the on-line video of Marty's performance last night, I was able to hear him better and like his rendition even more.

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    As always, excellent review LAGuy!

    I wish I went and saw "The Best Performance of the Night." The time I went, I was surprised at the difference between seeing it live and watching the broadcast. A lot of the energy and motion just does't transition well on TV. Huge difference, IMO. By the way, did they pull you on stage again?

    I agree with both your encore prediction and the bottom three. I think Jessica's going home next, as she should. If Brandon goes as well, even better!

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