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Thread: 8/9 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    I'd have given the Energy Award to Deanna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    so far Marty sounds a bit "INXS" to me.…
    I thought so, too. This is the first time I've been able to see someone other than Mig fronting INXS. And I like Marty's smile.

    I've never heard of that song, either. But I also didn't know the one Brandon did, either (must be from the 60s ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    Deanna brought it IMO.
    She did a great job with it, for that genre. I don't personally care for her honky-tonk delivery, but that's just me. (The ONLY Doobie Bros song that doesn't make me gag, I might add - as if anyone cares, )

    I'd go with Ty, Marty, Mig as the top three (in that order). Bottom three, worst to best, Jessica, JD, Jordis.
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    If truth is relative, how do you know?

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    The crowd continues to grow. But, as I mentioned last week, there are fewer “regular folk” (such as Yours Truly) in attendance. It now seems like 2/3rds of the crowd is on some Preferred List or other (Production, Sponsors, Rockers, etc.) Although I didn’t see them – as I frankly wasn’t paying attention – this week both Jeff Probst and Ray Liotta were amongst the many, the proud, the Preferred.

    The vibe also got a little ugly this week. A group of aging frat guys (& their dates) apparently hired a limo and spent the time prior to the show getting bombed in the backseat. Once inside, they were stereotypically loud & obnoxious, riling people and pushing aggressively against those in front of them. (Guess who I had the pleasure of standing near?) Fortunately, a couple of them ended up getting forcibly evicted by Security before the show begin, which served to keep the rest of them in check (despite their blowhard blustering of “Bring it on!”)

    Once the frat guys were taken care of, and before the taping began, we were told that Marty was going to do a rehearsal of his song. It turned out that, literally at the last minute, Marty decided to scrap performing with the band as rehearsed, and wanted to do the song as an acoustic solo. Since production needed to get sound levels, he was going to do a run-through. We were told we could clap, etc., but didn’t need to go crazy. Little did we suspect that we were about to be treated to The Best Performance of the Night before the show even started!

    Marty was just absolutely f-ing incredible!!! Words really can’t do it justice. Since he’s one of the favorites anyway, people were attentive & appreciative to start. But by the end of the song, the crowd was going NUTS! Women wept, grown men trembled, aging frat boys probably passed out, and even my goosebumps had goosebumps (TM Garry). It was one of the best performances I’ve seen in the 4 weeks I’ve been going to the tapings. I would gladly PAY to see that caliber of performance. As soon as he was done, I thought, “I don’t need to see anyone else. I could go home happy right now.” But I stayed, of course. There was still a whole show to go.

    Opening Banter tidbit: Dave was made to do 3 separate takes of his comment to Brooke that she “could kick up that skirt a few notches.” He wouldn't have seen anything anyway, as she was wearing spandex shorts under the spangles. But she kept acting all coy & embarrassed anyway.

    And now, on with the show....

    Suzie: Losing My Religion (R.E.M.) – I knew right away that I needed to hear this again to form a better opinion. I love the song, but the arrangement really threw me. Now that I have heard it again, however, I can say that I liked it. Our Band INXS did, too. I also liked that Suzie gave J.D. credit for working on the arrangement with her, and the two of them shared a nice little huggy “thumbs up” moment when she returned to the couch. (So, no, I don’t think he was trying to sabotage her…)

    MiG: All Right Now (Free) – Before the show, a production guy came out and told us what everyone would be singing this evening. And the minute I heard that MiG would be doing All Right Now, my heart sank a little. I knew he would do it great – and he did – but I also knew it wasn’t what he needed to be doing at this point. MiG has been playing it safe – and he really got called on it this week. Dave & Our Band INXS took him to task for his song selections over the past couple of weeks and for staying in his “comfort zone”. MiG responded that he hasn’t usually gotten his first choice and that he hasn’t really fought for the songs he’d rather be doing. But Dave (especially) wasn’t buying that and told him that, since this is a competition, he really needs to fight harder to do songs that would show OB:INXS something different.

    J.D.: Crazy (Seal) – J.D. singing Crazy? <Insert token J.D./insanity joke here.> But he demonstrated, once again, that We Are the Champions was an anomaly and that he really can handle a diverse array of songs. It came off much better Live - he really does have an amazing amount of charisma - and I liked it much better than his somewhat manic performance of The Letter last week. Dave & Our Band INXS just lapped it up. (Dave is almost always the one with the most extravagant praise of J.D. Which kinda surprises me. Because of the whole peacock/ego thing, ya know?) When he got props for changing up his song selection each week, J.D. graciously thanked his “good friend MiG” for gifting him with this song. Oh, yeah: I thought the buzz cut really worked.

    Jessica: Come As You Are (Nirvana) – I know she fought for this song, and I at least give her credit for not going the Pole Dancer route this week, but this was NOT a good performance. And the aftermath was brutal – much worse than what you saw on air. Dave and Our Band INXS dished out some of their harshest criticism yet. As much as I don’t care for Jessica, I almost started feeling sorry for her. Until her attitude kicked in, that is. When you’re getting slammed by one & all for failing to up your game and for not having any passion in your singing, it’s probably not a good idea to stand there and respond, “Whatever.” Stick a fork in her: She’s done.

    Jordis: Layla (Eric Clapton) – Even though there was some acknowledgement by Our Band that this wasn’t her best performance – actually, it may have been her weakest – they still piled on the praise. (It’s interesting, however, that they edited out most of those comments from the broadcast.) At this point, there’s probably little that anyone can do to prevent Jordis from being in the Final Two – unless she does it to herself with a string of so-so performances. I don’t think that’s going to happen, though I do think she needs to work on her stagecraft a whole lot more. The dress didn’t help her any either, as it looked like she had trouble moving in it.

    Brandon: It’s All Over Now (The Rolling Stones) – It was very fun & very energetic, and the crowd really seemed to get into it. Definitely my favorite performance of his so far (even though that’s not saying much). But, while they gave him good marks for vocals & performance, they all basically parroted Garry’s comment that “Brandon + the Stones does not equal INXS.” (I guess that’s just another way of saying he’s not roit for ah bend.) That didn’t really go over well with the crowd, however, and there was a lot of rumbling & mumbling -- though no outright booing -- to be heard. Dave’s remark about how well Brandon just stood there and took in their comments came off as another little dig at Jessica.

    Marty: Mr. Brightside (The Killers) – It was still good, but it only delivered about 75% what the rehearsal did. (See my comments above about The Best Performance of the Night.) Our Band INXS once again gave Marty major props, including credit for a gutsy move. Kirk echoed the comment Dave made earlier (to MiG) by saying that he wanted Marty to make him weep, at which point Jon chimed in and said that Marty was on the right track. Dave summed it up by gushing, “Riveting, riveting, riveting.” Oh, how I wish they had heard his rehearsal….

    Deanna: Long Train Runnin’ (The Doobie Brothers) – Okay, she looked good, and I kinda remember enjoying it while she was doing it. But it really left no lasting impression on me – aside from the fact that the House Band rocks! Audience and OB:INXS reaction was positive, but hardly overwhelming. Deanna’s just not at the level of most of the other performers, and her time is running out. Someone is going to be joining Jessica & Brandon in the Bottom 3 this week, and my bet is on her.

    Ty: No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley) – A nicely sung, controlled yet heartfelt rendition of the song – and one of my top 3 performances of the night. But if I didn’t think anything could top the tongue bath that Jordis got last week, I was in for a surprise. This suddenly became the greatest vocal performance of the night, the greatest vocal performance of the whole competition, of any competition, since the beginning of recorded history, etc., etc. (Okay, I exaggerate. But, then, so did Our Band INXS by going more than a little overboard in their comments – the vast majority of which did not make it into the broadcast.)

    Parting Comments
    As I’ve mentioned before, there are always lots of judges' comments that don't make it on the air. But this is the first time I feel that they've left out some of the more extreme ones (both positive and negative). Perhaps they've realized that heat-of-the-moment commentary isn’t always the most perceptive. Regardless, the recurring theme this week was certainly clear: Take a Risk, Change It Up, & Show Us More. Suzie, J.D., Marty & Ty all got props from OB:INXS for doing that, while others (including the otherwise stellar MiG) got dinged for not.

    Ty will get the encore this week.

    Who I think will be Bottom 3:

    Don’t be surprised if there’s a double boot this week. Based upon the whole tone of their comments, I think Our Band INXS has seen enough of both Jessica & Brandon.

    Until next week, LAGuy out!
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    thanks for a fantastic live performance recap LAGuy! I totally agreed with just about everything you said from watching it on tv..

    for my own opinion... no one did worse than Jessica.. i had to come in here to get her version of that song out of my head immediately.. it was tragic.

    my faves for the night were marty, ty and i suppose suzie, even tho she isn't normally one of my favorites at all, but i didn't hate her version of that song. i liked mig and jordis too but they weren't the stars tonight by any means.. just so-so. jd is just off in his own world somewhere.. not sure where he fits in.

    i don't care for deanna at all, and hope she leaves soon. brandon too.
    and i am also hoping for the double boot tomorrow night should brandon and jessica be in the bottom.. would be fair, i think, and totally on spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAGuy

    Jessica: Come As You Are (Nirvana) When you’re getting slammed by one & all for failing to up your game and for not having any passion in your singing, it’s probably not a good idea to stand there and respond, “Whatever.” Stick a fork in her: She’s done.

    Brandon: It’s All Over Now (The Rolling Stones) Dave’s remark about how well Brandon just stood there and took in their comments came off as another little dig at Jessica.

    Don’t be surprised if there’s a double boot this week. Based upon the whole tone of their comments, I think Our Band INXS has seen enough of both Jessica & Brandon.
    That really explained a lot. Since they have fewer contestants, they should use the time to show more of the critiques.

    I would also predict a double elimination, as the guys are really starting to get to know the contestants. It is readily apparent that Brandon and Jessica aren't what the band should be looking for. Brandon knows what works for him, and it ain't the style of music OB INXS™ does. Jessica, she wants to do the style of music she likes, but it isn't right for her. That's a tough lesson to learn. What ever it is, she isn't what OB INXS™ is looking for.
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    Suzie - That was an interesting hard rock arrangement. I can't decide if I like it given that I'm so familiar with the original but I like that she tried to show she could rock out a song for a change. Based on that one performance she's not as good at that style as Deanna or Jordis but props to her for taking the chance and changing it up this week. I don't think it was good as her Roxanne or Superstition performances though. She's also making more goofy faces again (she and Ty must be trading notes or something) and she needs to lose that ugly nose ring. Those gloves weren't doing anything for me either.

    MiG - I agree with the various comments that this was another safe performance for him. Vocally it was up to his normal high standards but his stage performance seemed to lack that extra energy/spark that some of his others had. I also missed the audience participation jump at the end of the bridge which they didn't play (understandable given the time constraints). If he's going to continue to do these sorts of songs he needs to mix up the arrangements like he did on Lola if he wants to stand out from the other contestants.

    J.D. - This was an odd performance for me. He sang it pretty well technically, if you ignore the fact that you couldn't understand him much of the time, but he did it in a schizophrenic fashion where part of it was sung in a sultry style like the way Seal sings it and the rest in his angry rocker style and I don't think it worked well. Suzie also changed up her song and sang it with a harder rock style but at least she was consistent rather than constantly changing vocal styles. I'm also really getting tired of his affected singing style with his strange vocal mannerisms, odd pronunciations, and mumblings. I really wish he would just "sing" a song for a change, but maybe he can't which is why he doesn't.

    Jessica - The producers/INXS must really love Nirvana. This was the fourth song of theirs, I believe, if you include Jordis's performance last week which was really a cover of Nirvana's version rather than the Bowie original (the lyrics are slightly different in one place). I know Michael was really into Nirvana and the grunge rock scene in his later years but that sound is nothing like the INXS music most of us know so I don't know why they keep making the contestants sing these songs. Jessica had been getting better but while this performance wasn't horrible (I actually cringed more during Jordis's performance) it was a step backwards for her.

    Jordis - Her first bad performance and the first song where her typical out-of-tuneness made me cringe in parts. And I really didn't like how she sung the name "Layla" -- it totally lacked the emotion of Clapton's original which is weird since she's shown she can sing with emotion. She finally used more of the stage which was nice but that dress, while nice looking, didn't work for that song. It would've been much better if she had worn it last week.

    Brandon - Back to singing in his Southern Rock style which of course matched the original perfectly. One of his best performances but it's hard to say how the voters are going to respond to it. Was it too safe a song choice for him or was it "better enough" than some of the others to keep him out of the bottom three?

    Marty - I never heard of The Killers before this show and I listened to some of their song clips for the first time tonight on Amazon and wow it's uncanny how close a resemblance vocally Marty is to Brandon Flowers, though Brandon doesn't have that strange semi-English accent singing sound that Marty uses on occasion. That was like the perfect song for Marty to sing given how close their voices and styles are and I thought it was his best vocal performance. However I didn't like how the band didn't criticize Marty for doing the same sort of singing performance every week unlike how they did to some of the others, though maybe they edited it out.

    Deanna - Tied with Should I Stay or Should I Go as her best performance in my book. And I like how she "oversings" her songs though I could do without some of the interjections. She is one of the few contestants that has enough confidence in her or his singing ability to be able to do that well and it's not like she's doing it Christina Aguilera-style where every single word is like a musical production in it of itself.

    Ty - His best vocal performance yet, though his stage performance still bugs the heck out of me. I could've done without the yodeling at the end, as well, which not only sounded bad but looked and sounded contrived especially when compared to what Deanna did at the end of her song.

    Ranking of favorites
    1. Jordis
    2. MiG
    3. Suzie
    4. Deanna
    5. Marty
    6. J.D.
    7. Ty
    8. Jessica
    9. Brandon

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    thanks LAGuy

    too bad Marty's own encore didn't match the sound check performance....I really liked what I saw, but wanted just a bit more from him. Maybe it was the 25% you felt was missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trippy
    Jessica - The producers/INXS must really love Nirvana. This was the fourth song of theirs, I believe, if you include Jordis's performance last week which was really a cover of Nirvana's version rather than the Bowie original (the lyrics are slightly different in one place).
    Actually I think it's five -- I left off Marty's first performance which I didn't see.

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    Mr Beefy
    Pretty much agree with most of the performance evaluations, so I'll just throw out some random comments....

    1. A lot of comments were made by Dave and INXS about song selection (i.e. "you need to fight for your song", "I'd like to see you do a ballad", etc.)

    2. I don't care for J.D., and not just because of his cocky attitude either.
    Granted, he has a powerful voice, but to me he sounds a little too "Elvis-like" (for lack of a better description) most of the time.

    3. Finally some chinks starting to show in Jordis' armor, I don't get why everyone thinks she's so friggin' wonderful. She mailed it in last night, seemed like she was just going through the motions. Perhaps she is getting a little overconfident? If Ty can make the bottom three after only one stinkeroo, then why not Jordis?

    4. I also look for a double elimination this week, especially since the decision was made to end the series two weeks early.
    Brandon and Jessica will be sent packing, and don't be surprised to see somebody like Jordis or J.D. in the bottom three as well.

    5. Geezus....how much more ridiculous can Brooke's revealing outfits get?
    I predict that next week, Brooke will be wearing nothing but a G-string and pasties.
    By the series finale, Brooke will be center stage laying naked with her legs spread wide open. (not that I would have any complaints, mind you... )

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