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It seemed like he was mouthing the inxs lyrics to Brandon the other night, not that it helped!
MiG TOTALLY was, and it was the most hilarious part of the show... until Brandon YELLED at **INXS** and we got to hear Our Band sort of giggle nervously, like "uh, heh-heh...yeah" :nono

My guesses for acoustic week: MiG will pass out lighters to his fellow contestants ("C'mon mates- it's a group effort!"), JD will look sour during everyone else's performances (not really a guess), everyone else will look carefully blank during JD's performance & his remarks to the judges, and the audience will storm the stage during Marty's and the apparently magnetic real-estate appraiser will have only his acoustic guitar and scary-conductor moves with which to defend his virtue from the crazed fans.

Also, I predict audience-at-home reaction to this acoustic extravaganza will be a whole lot of