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Thread: Who do you think will win...

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    Who do you think will win...

    Few issues to note first:
    1. Unlike American Idol, this is not a popularity contest. Audience picks bottom three, but after that, its INXS' choice.
    2. I suppose INXS' choice is based on talent, fit with their genre (e.g., they don't do country rock or metal), stage presence, delivery, etc. I don't suppose looks or tattoos fit into that equation.
    3. I also suppose they are looking for someone who can hit the ground running with their upcoming global tour, not someone to be trained. Someone who can rearrange existing songs will be a plus.

    Here's my impression on the remaining contestants after week 3:

    Brandon - Nice guy, but limited vocal range, based on his rendition of "Tempted".

    Deanna - Sultry sexy voice, mature, delivers well. INXS like her.

    JD - Talented, but obviously no Freddie Mercury (after "We are the champions"), somewhat immature and tried to weasel his way out of a tough song. INXS likes him for his ability to take charge, but he's not going to get much choices with INXS numbers. Recipe for disaster. Maybe a good performer after he grows up.

    Jessica - Solid, strong voice, and I actually like her. Looks good for a 40-something all-male band :-)

    Jordis - Seems to be the most diverse in the entire group. Can deliver a 60's Spencer Davis classic the same way as Hoobastank's 2001 hit. Overall solid performance, but I haven't seen her push the envelope yet.

    Marty - I was really impressed with his rendition of Nirvana's "Lithium". But sometimes his voice sounds weak. Can he perform throughout a 3-hour loud concert?

    Mig - I love him. Great personality and sounds good. But is it good enough for INXS?

    Suzie - The most improved of the lot. Strong vocal range. I enjoyed her arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" including the harmonica.

    Tara - I think she could be gone next week.

    Ty - The most talented in the entire group. REM ballad "Everybody Hurts" was sensational, even though he seems to prefer the hard rock variety. I like his theatrical stage presence and his attitude may come across as a little obnoxious, but weren't the British glam rockers similar?

    Among those departed, I agree with most, except Neal - I think his dismissal (before some others like Tara) was a mistake. Last man/woman standing - I think Ty. What do you think?

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    Marty or Mig

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    It's a tough call, but I think Mig is porabably the front contender right now. I still believe JD has alienated the band. The feedback he got from them - not to let his cockiness do him in - was completely ignored as he tried to do a song he wasn't capable of. They called him on it, too. They seem to be letting go of the ones who aren't making the changes they suggest.

    If he can pull off a minor miracle and redo his personality, I can definitely see JD as the winner. Don't think he can do it, though.
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    Ty or MiG
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    Mig! He has a good voice, is a fun performer, and it can't hurt that he's a fellow Aussie.
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    Here's how I would rank them right now from most likely to win to least. This also assumes that INXS is serious about giving a woman a chance to be their lead singer.

    Mig - Excellent vocals technically (just behind Ty of the guys). Excellent stage presence. Seems to be getting better and more confident every week. He and Ty are very similar on paper but being an Aussie may give him the inside edge.

    Jordis - Technically not as strong as Suzie or Deanna in her vocals but I like her various tones the best. Not the most energetic stage performer and needs to use more of the stage. Even with her problems, though, her performances overall have been among the best so far -- she clearly has that "it" thing going on which some of the other contestants lack(ed). Most consistent of the females so far and clearly one of the favorites of INXS.

    Ty - Best vocals technically of the guys. Excellent stage presence even if it's way over the top for my personal tastes. Mr. Consistency on the guys side. Was probably the favorite of the guys early on but MiG has passed him as the favorite in my book.

    JD - Raw, untamed, unpredictable talent. Not nearly as good vocally as either Ty or MiG but has that raw charisma on stage. Can still be a top contender if he rebounds from this week's performance.

    Deanna - Excellent vocals technically (just behind Suzie of the females). Hasn't been showing the stage presence and energy she did during Should I Stay or Should I Go but presumably it's still here. Of the females I see her as being able to fit in best with INXS on a personal level.

    Marty - Excellent stage presence even if he's a bit too theatrical for my tastes. Seems to be only a so-so singer which could prove to be his downfall like it's doing to Brandon and did to Neal. If he can show he can sing well (doesn't have to be as good as MiG or Ty necessarily) will move up as a favorite.

    Suzie - Best female technically. Stage presence not as good as Deanna, Jordis, or Jessica. Needs to really rock out one of her songs. If she can show she can do that that may move her up.

    Jessica - Decent vocals, decent energy on stage and better stage presence since she's given up on her stripper moves. Has shown improvement which is something INXS seems to like and has shown she can follow directions which they also seem to like. Can't see her surviving past Jordis, Deanna, or Suzie though.

    Brandon - Good energy and stage presence. Mediocre if he's not in his comfort zone. His tone and singing style just don't fit with the INXS songs.

    Tara - Decent vocally but worst of the remaining women, so-so stage presence, and like Brandon I think her tone is all wrong for INXS.

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    Its hard to say who I think will win but I can bet my money on who I think wont win...so that will leave you with who I think WILL win.

    Here is who I think definitely wont win...JD, Jessica, and Tara. I can *almost* bet on it if I were a betting woman.

    In the "iffy" category for me...who I think may be booted off...Deanna, Suzie, Brandon.

    So that leaves me with...Mig, Jordis, Ty, Marty!
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    although jordis could possibly win istill see being between marty or mig

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    After much thought I think it will be Mig because of his talent and ability to adjust to what INXS wants without making a big deal out of it (ego not big). It has to be someone who's comfortable being with INXS. Once he gets picked, he will blend in and it won't be "Mig and INXS"...if you know what I mean.

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    Good analysis, Trippy . I agree, except I think the best in JD is still better than Mig, Jordis or Ty, which is why they all seemed put off/threatened by him. He's got the most charisma and is definitely the most interesting of the bunch. I don't care that he's weird-- weird can be cool in this business.

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