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Thread: Who do you think will win...

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    In order of elimination (just opinion)

    Suzie (great, but not a fan favorite, and not right for INXS)
    Ty (love him, but not right for INXS)
    JD (I'd be scared to death to have such a horrible attitude fronting my band)
    Jordis (great voice, seems like a nice gal, but not right for INXS)
    Marty (love him, love his spin, but I think he might be a little too hard for INXS)
    Mig (winner - not because he's my favorite [he definitely is not] but because he is the best fit)

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    I thought this was an interesting interview with Kirk P on the Michael Hutchence memorial site. He was asked about what INXS was up to, and mentioned the CBS show. He said that one of their criteria was that "what (they) don't want is another Michael Hutchence, because you cannot replace Michael." He added that he, personally, was hoping for a female lead, because there would be no Michael comparisons.

    That doesn't sound good for JD, IMO. In fact, if they're trying to get as far away as possible from the idea of replacing Michael, I think Marty would be the smartest choice. As much as I love Mig, there will be comparisons with him that blonde-haired Marty with his darker charisma won't face.
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    I think Susie has a good shot at it. And after the recording session, I have revised my opinion of Marty as well. He has more of a shot than I was previously thinking. Big reservation on him is Angry Marty tho. He seems to lean towards Angry Marty a lot in his singing and thinks that is his sound. If Marty can get past that, he has a good shot. I will be interested in which Marty shows up for this weeks song. It is one of my favorites and if he does it right, it will be awesome.
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    Mig - best fit. He has done everything asked of him, he's closer in age to the band and so would blend well, and he is a consistently great performer.

    Ty - love him, great vocals, but I think the theatricality will cut his throat in the end.

    Marty - another possible good fit, but I have real reservations about the way he's abusing his voice (A) he won't have a voice for long if he keeps it up, and B) screaming is not a turnon for me). Also I'm a little bothered by his resistance to direction. If he's already putting up a fight in the audition, I'm not sure once he had the job whether he would be easy to work with. When you want a job with an established band, show them first that you respect THEIR thing, before you insist that you want to do YOUR thing.

    JD - Nice voice but until he gets his head out of his arse and gets some air to that brain, I wouldn't wish his attitude on the band and roadies or all the "little people" who will be in his way on tour.

    Suzie - adorable and great pitch, but...

    Jordis - WOW, what a voice! But... I just think putting a 20-something girl in front of a bunch of older men is going to do things to the dynamic of the band that would not be flattering to the men (I think by contrast they'd look like a bunch of dinosaurs playing backup to the girl.)


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    I don't think Marty has had a big problem with taking direction. After the first take of the recording of the new song, the guys told him what they wanted from him and he got it right on the 2nd take. It's true that he did go against their advice when they told him they wanted, "a little more singing and a little less screaming". However, when he gave his explanation for that, they seemed to accept that. Having said all that, he would probably still be better off if he could make his first impulse to sing rather than shout. Thanks

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    I don't think he's gotten nasty about it, but how many times now have they told him not to scream and he's still screaming? And yeah, they accepted his excuse, but at the same time, to me, if you audition for a job and they tell you to do something a certain way, if you want the job, you do it their way. Once you get the job, then you can earn their respect and gradually they will be more open to your ideas.

    He seems like a nice guy, and maybe that doesn't bother the band. But I know in the theatre, a lot of directors will throw you a direction at an audition just to see whether you can listen and take correction and stretch in different ways, and these guys have talked a little bit about doing that same thing.


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    Well technically....as long as INXS likes Marty's performance more than someone else's they can keep him around as long as they like.

    I like Marty because he listens to them but stays true to himself and I don't think he does it in a disrespectful way.
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    I don't think he's disrespectful, either. But I do think inflexible would be fair. To me, if you want to get a job with an existing group, the goal SHOULD be to show them that you can do whatever they ask you to do, that you are flexible and versatile. There's plenty of time to assert yourself once you have the job, particularly once you've spent some time with them and worked with them enough for them to respect your instincts and skills.
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    Judging by the band's reactions, I'd say MiG, Suzie and Marty have the best shot. Probably MiG and Suzie, because even though the really like Marty (apparently) I think he's too grungy for them.

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    It's funny how the editing causes me to continually change my mind.

    At first, I thought JD had it all locked up! Now, like Giz, I'm seeing Mig, Marty and Suzie as the contenders.

    They seem to favor Marty and Suzie though.

    But, like Burnett always does, maybe the editing against JD is intended to throw us off track? I've always noticed, on Survivor, the one getting voted off always seems to be the one Burnett has craftily (is that even a word?) led us away from believing is on the chopping block. I dunno.
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