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Thread: Who do you think will win...

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    Trippy, I agree with you. I think Tara is gone next, followed by Brandon. Then it gets a little difficult to call. Maybe Jessica, maybe JD (since INXS can't afford his on-stage and off-stage antics), and Suzie (good singer but not quite a stage presence). Which leaves Mig, Ty, Jordis, Deanna, Marty, when it becomes anyone's guess. But this is high quality talent, for those of us used to sappy R&B and country from American Idol.

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    I guess some of it depends on whether they are hoping to recreate the ambience that Michael Hutchence created. MiG just seems so darn clean cut and lacking in mystery, but on the other hand they might want a change. I find him funny looking, but apparently that's just me. Vocally I like Ty and Suzie the best. Marty's got something good going on, and so does Deanna.

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    I don't think INXS would work with a female lead vocal. I love Jordis though and hope this is a boost to her solo career.

    Id have to say at this point Mig will win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giz
    I find him funny looking, but apparently that's just me. Vocally I like Ty and Suzie the best.
    No...you are not the only one, giz. Me too, regarding Mig...but he is very likeable! Luckily in rock, you dont have to be the most beautiful (judging from rocks illustrious past), you just have to have the style!
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    Agree w/DVM, think JD although weird can win it. His last choice "Champions" did not help, but otherwise he has had probably as much positive feedback as anyone (other than Jordis) so far.

    INXS showed last week that they are not screwing around anymore. They were harsh to almost everybody and want to see who can really step it up.

    And, hate to say it but like other posters, I can't see a woman singing the pre-existing INXS catalog on tour. Though the frontrunner for women IMHO would be Jordis - hands down. I would buy a CD she sings on in a second!

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    My update after week 4's performances, ranked from most likely to win to least (see my previous post for my initial evaluations). The numbers in parens are my ranking this week followed by last week's.

    Jordis (1/2) - Got to do an encore that MiG hasn't had so far so I'm moving her to the top. Band obviously still loves her.

    MiG (2/1) - Still doing an excellent job but the band seems to think he's still holding something back.

    JD (3/4) - Bounced back from last week and the band, from what they've shown on TV, has been giving him more positive feedback than they have Ty so I moved him up ahead of Ty. Still suspect he's more limited as a singer compared to MiG and Ty.

    Ty (4/3) - Good performance of Kick after mangling the beginning of Everlong and ending up the bottom three. I feel the band is getting tired of his theatrical act and he's going to have to loosen up his style if he wants to get past MiG and J.D. on the guys side.

    Suzie (5/7) - I like her chances more than Deanna's now even though Get Back wasn't one of her best performances. She still doesn't have the stage presence of Deanna but she's more versatile as a vocalist and better technically as well.

    Marty (6/6) - Does the angry young singer shtick very well but despite the fact that the band and the studio audience loves him to me he's so far been very one dimensional and doesn't have the singing ability of MiG or Ty and I think his shortcomings will be revealed when he has to sing some INXS songs.

    Deanna (7/5) - Excellent when she's belting out a rocking tune but seems to struggle otherwise. Even though she gave a good performance Tuesday I'm moving her down until she can show she's got more versatility.

    Jessica (8/8) - Has been improving but hasn't shown she's better than the remaining females.

    Brandon (9/9) - Still struggling vocally. Like his new look though.

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    My money is on Jordis or Mig.
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    I think either Mig or Marty will win, possibly Ty. Wild card: Jordis

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    For me it's down to Marty and Mig. I liked Brandon early on but he's been too inconsistent. I might include JD but I really haven't liked what he's done to the songs he's performed. Thanks

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    It's a pity that INXS don't rank performances, maybe for good reason. However, I'm following Trippy's lead for my own ranking:

    1. Jordis: Outdid David Bowie with this one. The only voice in the group that can be clearly heard clearly over the band. Not sure if can match the 3-octave level of Michael Hutchence but probably close. If INXS don't want a frontwoman, I'm sure she'll have a great solo career.

    2. Mig: Steady performance, but nothing to be particularly excited about yet. Likeable personality. The Aussie factor may work in his favor.

    3. Ty: Did well for an Everlong song he hasn't heard before. Should have notched up the pitch as Kirk suggested. Talented, but his cockiness may be rubbing off on the audience vote.

    4. Suzie: Another steady performance, but last week's Superstition was better. Vocally strong, but needs to learn some skanky moves and how to lose clothes from Jessica:-).

    5. JD: I like him for taking risks, but sometimes he blows it. Talent may be limited. This week was better than last week, but nothing spectacular.

    6. Marty: Under the angry look, I think his vocal range are limited in the high range.

    7. Brandon: Much improved performance with the Tonic song; wondering why he landed in the bottom three. But, Wednesday's Devil in disguise was not good. Fortunately for him, Tara was worse.

    8. Deanna: After this week, I'm convinced that she has limited vocal range in the higher frequencies. Emulating Jessica's moves and shaking booty in front of the INXS' face may be entertaining, but hardly a way to win the competition.

    9. Jessica: Poor singing this week. May have gotten some sympathy votes this week, but will likely be gone next week.

    Best way to gauge everyone's performanceis to have them all sing the same INXS song (preferably a slow one with good vocal range) where their voices will not be drowned by the band. Let's see who stands out. BTW, I encourage others to list their weekly rankings, with or without rationale.

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