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Thread: Who do you think will win...

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    Despite the musical growth and improved attitude, I think JD's previous issues won't reflect well on INXS. I also think the songwriting session will turn out to be a negative. MiG is obviously very talented and a great guy, but I am afraid Bohemian Rhapsody wont' reflect his growth and talent (as Marty said in Sunday's show).

    FINALLY, I do believe that Marty is the one to bet on based on this vocal and songwriting talents not to mention his confidence (which INXS has been impressed by).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane
    I've seen Hutchence in concert several times. He didn't dance so much as he slithered across the stage (and I mean that in a good way). He was very fun to watch.
    I never saw them in concert but boy could MH strut, slither, move! I get sweaty just thinking about it.

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