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Thread: 7/18 Show Discussion**SPOILERS**

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    They wouldn't let me in if I wore a FORT shirt.

    I would be told to go home and change and live about 2 hours away

    So that isn't going to happen. A lot of people here know what I look like.

    The performances were much better this week and I really not going to say anything more than that.

    If you are in the spoiler thread tonight of course I will comment while the show is running.
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    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker
    I think this is why I find these forums so addicting. Different viewpoints about everything. I found last night to be interesting & loved the insight as to why the songs were picked. I like the interaction with the band & enjoy the fact that Burnett has chosen to make them a part of the show. I have to feel for Deanna & the REM thing. I may be in the minority here but I have never understood this band. In my opinion they are the most over hyped band ever. I don't feel their songs either & if Deanna can sell me on this one then she has accomplished something. Tonight should be interesting to say the least. I also found it funny that Neal didn't know Melodic. Geez!!
    Too funny, since I *love* REM and could listen to Michael Stipes' voice forever...although I do agree that it would be hard for anyone but him to sing most of their stuff. His voice is so distinct. If Deanna can mix it up a bit so she doesn't sound like she's trying to be MS, then it might just work for her. Just like Jordis did with the Nirvana song. The Band: INXS (hee) seemed to like Jordis sounding like Jordis and not trying to imitate KC, so hopefully Deanna will pull it off too. Having said that though, I did think she was whining a bit last night.

    I agree about melodic...sheesh.

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    That Neal guy who sang 'Summer of 69' wasn't very good. I think he will be eliminated. He's just too Mick Jaggerish. This is Jordis' weakest to date and I actually found her performance in the bottom of the group...bleah! I also don't like Heather and Tara's performances. They are just not INXS material. I think Marty, Mig, & J.D. are the 3 best fit for the band. I hope it will be them for the final 3.

    BTW, why was this not held in Australia? Since they are an Australian band, wouldn't it be more appropriate for them to have an Aussie frontman?
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