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Thread: 7/13 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Thanks for the info Heppy, Libs, Q! I'm not the only one who's missed this show. One of my good friends has missed two, and my boss missed one and a bit of another. We're all hooked. But I'm not telling them about the site, cuz then they'd know how much I'm on it.

    Yeah, Brooke Burns (dog eat dog) was my "other woman". Her highly publicized romance with "my hubby" Bruce just tore me apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esco_452
    He complimented INXS and the other rockers?
    We're all just so used to seeing reality show contestants go storming off in a whiney fit, it was a relief to see Wil go out in a calm and mature fashion.

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    booke burke was also a playboy centerfold a few years ago......

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    and she is married to one of the cosmetic surgeons from Extreme Makeover, Garth Fisher

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