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Thread: 7/12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Mr Beefy
    Quote Originally Posted by kalince
    I managed to narrow it down to about five for now. They all got a vote or two from me. Marty is cool, Jordis = AWESOME (and the only girl that stood out to me), Neal, Ty and JD are also on my list. The rest don't really stand out, or stand out in a bad way (Wil, Jessica).
    I'll go along with Ty, Jordis, and maybe JD..........but NEAL??? I thougt he sounded horrible last night. He's nothing more than a Mick Jagger wannabe (except Mick can sing), not even in the same league as Ty & Jordis. The jury is still out on Marty though.

    The only women that I think have a shot at winning this thing are Deanna & Jordis. Heather was good, but her whole look / image just doesn't work for me. I liked Daphna the first night, but she did nothing for me last night. The rest of the women were just so-so.

    For the men, obviously Ty is the early favorite. He set the bar extremely high and will be tough for the others to catch if he can keep up this pace. The other men who I think may have a shot at winning are Brandon & J D. I'm trying really hard to like Mig (being an Aussie I thought he'd be a good fit w/ the band), but so far he's still in the middle of the pack somewhere. He and Marty could be dark horses.

    I look for Wil to go next. He belongs on American Idol.

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    Watched the show for the first time last night. On Monday's I watch Hell's Kitchen though I may have to get another PVR so I can record both shows now. Some meta-comments before I comment on the actual performances.

    American Idol is one of the shows I watch religiously and I don't think you can really compare the two shows. The level of talent on RS:I is much higher than on AI by design. AI is looking for young "amateurs" with raw talent that can be easily molded into pop stars. RS:I is looking for an extremely talented professional polished rock singer who can fit into the band with presumably a minimum of adjustment. AI has had its share of really good performances (e.g. Anwar's What a Wonderful World from last season was incredible) but most of them are mediocre to poor which is part of the fun of watching it -- you are waiting breathlessly for that one really good performance each week. In comparison in last night's RS:I episode I thought there was only one really bad performance which was Wil's.

    I agree with some of the other posters that the songs they are performing on RS:I are better compared to AI. The songs on RS:I are the ones I grew up listening to which makes it more interesting for me. I don't like, however, the fact that a lot of them aren't really "singing" and are more just yelling at the top of their lungs. A lot of that has to do with the song choices but it still makes it very hard to figure out who can actually sing. I hope they are made to sing more melodic songs like some power ballads and whatnot.

    I'm a little disappointed the band and Dave didn't offer more constructive criticism. It sounded like they were more critical the first night so maybe last night will be an exception.

    I personally don't like overly theatrical stage performances so that'll be reflected in my comments on the performances. I realize that INXS may in fact be looking for exactly that.

    I love how some of the contestants really get into each other's performances.

    Lucy, are thinking of Gary Oldman?

    Heather - Somebody to Love - Very nice. A little out of tune in places but not too bad. She sounded a little too much like Grace Slick but maybe she just sounds like that. I like the way she moves on stage -- very sexy -- but it might be a little too restrained for what INXS is looking for.

    Marty Take Me Out Excellent song choice. Didn't like the theatrics at the beginning before the chorus (didn't like all his arm pointing/swinging) but once that started it fit in perfectly. I found amusing how he was channeling the sound of Robert Smith from The Cure in some parts.

    Daphna People are Strange Okay vocal performance. The prowling around on stage fit the song really well but the moves were too choreographed (what's with the butt thrust?).

    Suzie Call Me Not bad. I liked her vocals and how she changed things up a bit so they weren't identical to the original. She has an odd way of moving on stage that I don't really like (she's got a weird twitch at times) and the way she smiles when she's singing the high/long notes is also kind of strange.

    Brandon Hard to Handle That's the kind of stage performance I like. Energetic and natural feeling without being theatrical. His voice sounded pretty good but I could hardly understand a word he was singing.

    Jordis Heart Shaped Box Wow she sounded really good at the beginning but then she started having pitch problems but they were usually the trailing notes so it wasn't horrible sounding. I liked how that song showed off the different dynamics her voice is capable of -- softer more melodic at the beginning, powerful rock sound during the parts of the chorus ("Hey. Wait"). Impressive performance especially given her age.

    Mig All Day and All of the Night So so vocals. Started off bad but got somewhat better as he went along. Energetic performance but a little too theatrical and repetitive. Didn't look like he has many moves.

    Deanna Should I Stay or Should I Go Wow that was amazing. Great vocals -- changing things up so they didn't sound exactly like the original. Great moves on stage without looking slutty like Jessica did.

    Wil - Right Here, Right Now Weakest performance of the night. Very weak sounding voice and the song choice didn't help either. Horrible falsetto. Worst stage presence as well.

    Jessica I Want You To Want Me Don't like her voice. She doesn't sound like she has a strong rocker voice. She can sing loud but the sound that comes out doesn't have any "depth" to it like, say, Jordis's does. She moves around on stage like she's a stripper. Yuck.

    Tara Take It Easy Horrible song choice compared to the others. I kind of liked her "honky tonk" sound (nice change from the all the yelling previously) but she didn't change the song up enough to make it interesting. Boring stage performance.

    Neal Fortunate Son Okay sounding though the song didn't really show off his vocal talent assuming his has some. His Mick Jaggar impersonation has got to go or he's going to be gone. There's no way INXS would pick him if he's just going to be a Mick clone.

    Ty Heartbreaker- Really did not like this guy. His voice sounded okay but it hard to tell how good it is since he was yelling most of the time. I didn't hear him hit one out of tune note though so that's better than most of the other contestants. His moves on stage while energetic and powerful were too over the top for me. He has this odd exaggerated way of moving which makes him look like he's a white guy trying to be black or he's a stripper or he's gay, if that makes any sense at all.

    J.D California Dreamin Also over the top in terms of stage moves but it's an interesting unique style unlike Ty's which looks totally unoriginal. I loved how his arrangement kept changing time signature and dynamics. Very impressive.



    Don't like:

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    I think this show rocks too! Much better than AI. I really cant handle all that bubblegum style of singing...all sounds the same after awhile. I will be watching!
    "Pluck not the wayside flower..." William Allingham

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    I don't normally watch the singing-competition shows because I don't like the kind of music, but this was fun. I actually went over and voted for a couple of the guys a few times...a first for me! However, even though most of the girls should be able to find bands to sing with, the idea of a girl singer in INXS to me is just so, so, wrong. It's bad enough to not have Michael Hutchence anymore, but I'd never listen to them with a female singer. It's just a hangup with me. (Then again I don't care to hear very many women singing rock; Grace Slick, Patti Smith, and that's about it.)

    Is the elimination done purely on viewer's votes or what system are they using? I missed the last part of the show and don't really get how it works.
    I feel kind of the opposite on this one. I think the women may have an advantage because a new male lead singer is going to be constantly compared to Hutchence. Michael wouldn't have done that or Michael would have done it this way & it may be a big hurdle for a guy to get over. A woman however, could take the band into an entirely new & exciting direction without having to take on the ghosts of Michael. It's a tough decision & will be interesting to see how the band handles it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iam1039
    Looks like Mark Burnett, the master of the cheesy reality show dismissal catchphrase, came up empty here. What about:

    "What you need...is to leave."

    "You've been KICKed out."
    How 'bout "They could never tear us apart...NOT!"?

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    Mr Beefy
    I'm with queenb on this one, I just can't picture a woman fronting INXS.
    Same as if a group such as The Pretenders got a male to front the band...it just won't work.

    They need to find somebody who can do all of the existing INXS tunes justice, yet maintain their own identity on the new stuff, kind of like Brian Johnson replacing Bon Scott in AC/DC.

    However, I'm willing to wait until I hear them belt out some INXS hits before I pass final judgement on the ladies. I think Jordis and Deanna are the only two capable of pulling it off anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace
    How 'bout "They could never tear us apart...NOT!"?
    Or "This Time, Will Be the Last Time"... that you'll sing for us.

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    I would just like to say every member of INXS offered constructive criticism to each performer last night. Just not all of it was show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar
    Jordis is only 22??? WOW! Until I saw her, I though there was no way I'd want to see INXS with a female singer. But I don't have enough of a command of current slang to describe how good she is.
    I agree. 100%. I could not see a girl fronting this band but when she opens her mouth.....WOW. Bar none she is my favorite girl. I'm having a harder time figuring out how I feel about the guys other than Wil has to go and Neal is 'meh'. He was fun to watch last night but he just isn't as commanding on stage as the other fellows. I'd like to see Wil go next. Jessica and - what is her name? Tara? The "Take It Easy" girl? and definately Suzie - also leave me flat. Overall, though, this was a fabulously entertaining show!

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    I am digging this show and Jordis still rocks!

    This show is a good anti-Idol obsession for those of use that feel a little bored with the kiddie-pop on Idol. INXS was big when I was in high school and college and most of the covers are music that I like, whether they are recent or from back in the day. I get really bored with the theme nights on Idol and the endless parade of pop dreck. Blech!

    I am glad they showed more of the performances on Tuesday than they did on Monday. Jordis stands out to me the same way that Kelly Clarkson did on the first season of American Idol. I think that's a very good thing, she comes off as very genuine and has a special spark that some of the others lack. Her smile is natural, not phony like Suzie.

    I also like how she is not one of the fame-whore camera hogs. I don't remember seeing her much except for smiling appreciatively during performances. I view it as a good thing that we seemed to see a lot more of her performance the first night and not much of her in the requisite reality-TV mansion antics and boozing.

    Go Jordis!

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