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Thread: 'Rock Star' doesn't roll for CBS in ratings

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    No one at work is watching because of the time slot. We work 1st shift at a hospital and 10:00 is to late for most people. Too bad, it's a great show.

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    My friends are TIVOing it and watching it the next day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johannaauthor
    I think 3 times a week is overkill. Even American Idol (which draws HUGE ratings every time it airs) isn't on 3 times a week. They would do well to cut it back to twice a week, I think.
    Along the same lines: One of the reasons I didn't watch it on Monday (aside from conflict with Hell's Kitchen) was because I was under the impression that the first show would consist primarily of Big Brother-ish "Rockers Living Together" footage and not performances. The official website says:
    Every Monday, from 9:30-10 p.m. (ET/PT), we'll see the unscripted drama that comes from the competitors' lives together, and then join them as they undergo a series of rock-and-roll clinics that teach every aspect needed to become an international rock superstar.
    I figured I could miss the first episode without much problem, and there may have been others who felt the same. Hopefully the second night's ratings improved.

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    yeah i didnt see any real promo rotation for the show, and seems a lot of people are mocking the contestants and the band. dont think this will go to far after they pick someone.

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    Don't know, maybe The Smiths would do the next season and look for a replacement for Morrissey.

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