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Thread: Ty

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    FORT Fogey razorbacker's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Ty always brings his A game, but there is just something about the guy that doesn't ring true for me & I can't put my finger on it.

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    Apr 2005
    Austin, Texas
    Ty said what needed to be said. Good for him. No way he should have been voted into the bottom three all those times.

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    Jul 2003
    Ty is an excellent singer, yes. Should he have progressed further in this competition, NO.

    What really got me is his "My People" rant. He is the one who picked to go with all safe songs for him, that is any song that was written/sung by "His People" he took. He started with "Cult of Personality" after all. The only song he wasn't comfortable with was Foo Fighter's "Everlong" which he didn't know. How can he be a rocker and not know that song???

    "His People" for the most part have chosen not to go into real rock. The few exceptions being: Jimi, Living Colour, Jon Butcher, Terence Trent D'Arby and probably a few others.

    Time for him to get over himself...

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    Spite Brigade
    it wasn't that he was black,
    it was that he was broadway.

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    I think Ty was eventually going home. But I think he's better than a few people who are still there. I do think race played a part in the voting. I think the reason black people do other genres of music is because the rock audience is still pretty WASP (the P part might not be a deal breaker, but the WAS part I think is).

    He had some weaknesses as a performer, particularly as a rocker, that meant he wouldn't get the gig, but this is probably the first week he actually deserved to be bottom three, and much as I love Jordis' voice, I think she is an even worse fit for INXS (I could have stood to see her make final three, but that's just because I like her voice, not because I want her in this band). For that matter, I think JD looks like a chipmunk in a hat, so all that attempted sexiness of his is kind of lost on me. Either one should have gone home first.


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    Remus Lupin
    Quote Originally Posted by Austin Gambler
    Ty said what needed to be said. Good for him. No way he should have been voted into the bottom three all those times.
    No one gets voted INTO the bottom 3. You get voted OUT OF the bottom three.

    These things are always popularity contests. He's the 6th most popular out of 15 and will just have to learn to accept that rather than continue to whine about perceived injustices.

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    on no, the race card..in what world did anyone ever think ty would be the lead singer of inxs....however there was a race card played, it was when they chose a black person to complete to be the lead singer of a bunch of middle aged white guys...and the girls may find the same fate as well...time will tell...i still think the winner was decided upon before the compitition ever began, this is just a huge publicity stunt...how do we even know if the bottom three are really even correct, are we going to call the reality police to check this...get real, this has been the most rigged reality show ever..

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Spite Brigade
    it wasn't that he was black,
    it was that he was broadway.
    And nowhere near Rock enough.

    Soul music? Yes. Reggae? Sure. Would I buy a Rock CD with him? No. That simple.

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    I don't think it's a particular genre of music he needs to stick to, he just wasn't right for this job, for this band's sound. He his entirely too smiley and bubbly on stage.

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    But...just to play devil's advocate. Wasn't it only a couple pages ago, in this very thread, that we had someone saying that Ty shouldn't try to be a rock star, and he would probably make a better rapper because black people don't sing rock and roll?

    *shrug*. That may not be why Ty kept ending up in the bottom 3...but you can't deny the mentality's out there. It even showed up on this forum, which is in general pretty open-minded -- in society in general, it's going to be magnified.

    If you want to consider injustice, think of it this way: last week, Jordis destroyed 'Dream On' in what was probably her worst performance ever -- worse than her 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door,' which was pretty stunningly bad. Jordis didn't make the bottom 3; Ty did, despite doing a fantastic 'Proud Mary.' Why? Purely because of audience sympathy, not because of who did a better job or who's more talented or who's more deserving.

    Now consider last week in light of the fact that Ty just got eliminated for the sole reason that he's been in the bottom 3 three times and the others hadn't. Had Jordis been in the bottom where she belonged last week, she and Ty would have both been up there for the second time.

    Ty was, in that way, absolutely right.


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