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Thread: Suzie

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    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
    Occupation: Musician
    Age: 28

    Born and raised in Mississauga, Canada, Suzie grew up in a very musical family singing harmony with her mum and her sister.

    She was always determined to be a full-time professional musician, and has successfully done so for over five years now, performing in musical theatre as well as studio and live band performances. She has performed with and beside Canadian musicians including Garth Hudson (The Band), Alan Frew (Glass Tiger) and Jeff Healey.

    Suzie now tours around Canada and the United States with an ABBA Tribute Show, "Abba Mania," which has performed for up to 15,000 people at a time. Her voice can be heard on numerous Canadian commercials. She writes and collaborates with Toronto singer/songwriter/guitarist Sean Cotton through her alter ego, Jackrabbit. Her most recent collaboration was with Toronto songwriter/drummer Alison Maclean, who won last year's Canadian Mix 99.9 National Songwriting Competition in a band called Four Star.

    Suzie likes and respects every style of good music including everything from Bread to Phish to Spearhead to Queen, and she most enjoys great vocalists including Etta James and Lauryn Hill. She has many favorite CDs in her collection including Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, and Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley by Robert Palmer. Suzie plays the piano, guitar and harmonica. She enjoys Star Wars, all of the Muppet movies, animals, environmental awareness and nature in general.

    Suzie's birth date is October 15, 1976.

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    i like all of her "likes." and she has a rocker look to her. i hope she is impressive in person.

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    How does one enjoy environmental awareness?
    Token Christian.

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    I like her look too...very dirty-girl rocker.
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    Her voice can be heard on numerous Canadian commercials.
    According to my TV guide, Marineland is one of the commercials. Now I know who to blame when I can't get the "Happiness is Marineland" jingle out of my head.

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    She really dodged a bullet last night.

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    I don't like the way she tried to psyche out Marty, telling him his voice needs to be checked out. She's a snake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyblue
    I don't like the way she tried to psyche out Marty, telling him his voice needs to be checked out. She's a snake.
    I completely agree. I was so glad that she screwed up much worse than him. I'm proud of Marty for making such an improvement in his performance on the second show.

    I don't think Suzie will last too long. I don't enjoy her performances at all.
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    Got to love the editing. They could have edited it a certain way to make the comments worse than they are.
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    Suzie did a great job last night. Her performance redeemed her in my eyes.
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