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    grr, hate the way he spells his name. Yes he looks like an elf. Anyone who spells their name like that has got to be more than a little pretensious. (Just had epiphany about why I hate Sting and Bono. It's the names! I hate them so much it makes my husband want to cry, and my husband is a mean mean man).

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    I think that he is about fifteen years to old for the look he is trying to pull off.

    What’s wrong with aging gracefully?

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    I just have this to say.....after speaking to him. Not pretentious at all
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    JLuvs, you seem to have the inside scoop.
    "Pluck not the wayside flower..." William Allingham

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    OK, I really don't get it, but since many of you seem to like him, please explain to me MiG's appeal. It seemed to me that last night the major point of emphasis in the editing and the judges' comments was that he got all of the words to a song that has a lot of them. Granted, it's a big faux pas not to get all of the lyrics, but isn't that a bottom line expectation? I don't want to be dismissive (even if I still think he looks like an elf) and am willing to give him another shot. so what am I missing?

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    I think he is a natural performer, great vocalist and crowd pleaser

    But that is just me. Not everyone is going to like him.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Solid, but not really better/worse than anyone else. Maybe fourth best of men?

    Kind of enunciates a little too much, like Ty. Theater singing will do that.

    That said, he really did well with "Walk This Way."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chorita KaBoom
    What? Like there aren't any Caucasians "from" the Philippines? It's a global village nowadays.
    I saw this article. Yup, he is filipino. He and his parents moved to Australia when he was 2 years old. It takes a filipino to know one. I'm filipino and I could tell he has the filipino feature. He's probably kinda look white wash because he grew up in Australia and as you well know, good weather makes your complexion lighter. If he grew up in the philippines, he'll probably be darker. Anyways, here is the article:


    Only in Hollywood : Pinoy-Aussie rocks Hollywood

    First posted 08:28pm (Mla time) July 21, 2005
    By Ruben V. Nepales
    Inquirer News Service

    Editor's Note: Published on Page A2-2 of the July 22, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    LOS ANGELES -- Filipino-Australian Mig Ayesa is probably the friendliest rocker there is.

    Mig-at press time, still one of the finalists of the new reality series "Rock Star: INXS" (on Starworld)-met us with the most dazzling smile last Sunday in his dressing room before the taping of this week's performance episode (aired last Tuesday on CBS in the United States). This member of the Roces and Legarda clan in the Philippines wore his shirt open all the way down, over the most "dangerously" low low-rise jeans.

    When I asked if he spoke Tagalog, Mig smiled and said, "Hindi, pare. Ang Tagalog ko putik." We-myself, my wife Janet who was snapping away, and Inquirer Entertainment editor Emmie Velarde, who was in town-burst into laughter at the guy's valiant but literal effort to say he was not very proficient in the language.

    The Manila-born dynamo surprised us by saying that he wrote a track in one of Martin Nievera's early albums. I was to learn later that he wrote three
    other songs on Ladine Roxas' album, "How Can I Make You Love Me."

    Mig, whose full name is Miguel Alfonso Ramon Ayesa, moved with his mother and brother to Australia when he was 2.

    When we first wrote about Mig (June 16), we quoted an e-mail from his prominent Australia-based relative, artist-writer Alfredo "Ding Roces" (shared to us by our friend Zen Lopez): "Miguel Ayesa...is the son of my niece, Carmen (Uko) Legarda Ayesa. His grandfather (Dr. Alejandro Legarda) is a first cousin and his great grandmother (Filomena Roces) was my father's sister. We would chance upon him with his mother when he lived in Sydney before he moved to London last year to pursue his stage career there."

    Before moving to London, Mig appeared in Australian stage musicals and film, on TV shows and commercials, and played in bands. His breakthrough role as Ritchie Valens in an Aussie touring production of the musical, "Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story," led to reprising the role in London's West End. He also played Angel in the musical "Rent."

    Before he was chosen as a finalist in the latest reality show of producer Mark Burnett ("Survivor"), Mig was starring as Galileo in London's musical about the band Queen, "We Will Rock You." He had to sacrifice this big role for a chance to be the new lead singer of INXS (band frontman Michael Hutchence's death in 1997 was ruled a suicide-he was found hanging from a leather belt in Sydney), a recording contract and a world concert tour with the band. Mig admitted to us in his dressing room: "Letting go of 'We Will Rock You' was something very hard for me to do."

    In a blog entry posted online, he wrote, "I am only wishing I can share as much of these experiences with my wife (Simone de la Rue), which I know I cannot. This will be my greatest trial, being away from her."

    After our quick chat, Mig pressed my arm and said, "O sige, pare." Then we proceeded to the studio to watch him electrify the live audience. The show's beautiful Mayan-inspired set looks big and spacious on TV but it's actually an intimate and cozy space. Host Dave Navarro-notable guitarist, formerly with Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers-and the INXS members sat in Gothic chairs like rock royalty, evaluating each performance. "Babe-licious" co-host, Brooke Burke, a surprisingly engaging TV emcee, moved around the set for her intro spots.

    A TV critic earlier groused that the finalists should be performing with INXS, not with "a band of anonymous musicians." But this house band rocked ... and the finalists, as a matter of course, gave solid performances. Mig was so good the day we watched that he made the INXS members stand up and cheer during his performance. The band declared him "Incredible!"

    The other finalists were no slouches, either. So "Rock Star" is one suspenseful contest. This CBS show is aired three nights a week worldwide, including the Philippines. Night one shows the contestants' life in their Hollywood Hills mansion digs, night two is performance show and night three is the thrilling elimination show.

    Mig is asking for the support, especially from Filipinos all over the world. Voting can be done online via www.rockstar.msn.com or by text (only for Verizon Wireless subscribers though).

    Following is our chat with Mig.

    * * *

    How do you feel at this stage in the competition?

    I feel very privileged to be here so far, now that we're down to 13 [finalists]. It's been a hell of a trip. I'm pretty happy [but] at the moment, I'm kind of nervous, too.

    How often are you in Manila?

    I was last there in 2000. I used to go every Christmas and New Year. My Lolo and Lola Gigi used to fly me to the Philippines to make sure that I stayed close to my cousins who all still lived there in Alabang Village.

    You said your Tagalog was ...?

    Putik, putik naman kasi, e (Laughs).

    Have you heard from relatives since the show began?


    Is there anybody here in LA to support you?

    No. I have relatives in New York. They are hoping and trying to get to LA to see one of the shows. But I do get e-mails from a lot of my cousins from the Philippines who are proud to see me on television. They said they'd be voting.

    Do you know a rock song in Tagalog?

    Um no, but I do know some Gary V songs.

    Oh, that's not rock. (Laughter)

    Yeah, I know ... but do you know the rock band Wolfgang?


    The guitarist is a Legarda (Manuel, his cousin). He gave me his CD so I could listen to the songs. But I [still] don't know how to sing them.

    How's that band doing?

    They've disbanded.

    You know, I wrote a song, "Looks Like Love," for Martin Nievera and he recorded it in an early album, "Time."

    Martin and Gary are here in LA this weekend.

    No way!

    We saw them last night. They had a show.

    Really? Are you going to speak to Martin soon?

    Oh no, Martin is leaving tonight.

    Because he was texting me in London, when he was there while I was doing the play. But I was so busy, we never got the chance to meet. Can you please tell him that I said hi? I'm not allowed to speak to anyone [outside of the show].

    Gary is still here, though.

    Gary is amazing.

    You know, Jane here once interviewed Michael Hutchence.

    Really! How long ago?

    In the Philippines, in the '80s.

    Michael's father and his brother lived in the Philippines for a while. So there is a Philippine connection to INXS as well.

    I see your joy when you are performing-where does it come from?

    I think from the fact that I'm actually doing this, instead of really working for a living. It's much more fun than actually going to, you know, [a workplace]. My mother is a doctor, all my uncles and aunts were doctors.

    What do you think of your chances? Manila is rooting for you.

    Really? Can I go to Manila? Please keep voting.

    A lot of folks are voting for you.

    Brilliant. Well, my chances are at least one in 13, huh? I joined the contest thinking I was so well suited to this. But when I witnessed everybody sing, I thought, gee, it could go to anyone!

    But we want you to win.

    Yeah. But I have no idea ... I have a band in London and we were recording some stuff for our album there.

    There's a "We Will Rock You" in Las Vegas as well.

    I know, but it was based in London first. They just put up my new posters in London. So I'm all over London for "We Will Rock You," ... and then I leave the show...

    Was it an easy decision to make?

    [No] but this is an opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime. And it could be my last chance of becoming a recording artist or a rock star.

    What are you singing tonight?

    Aerosmith's "Walk this Way."
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    Uh-oh Jluvs, this says he's married - and happily so, that doesn't kill your fantasy does it?

    Actually, I liked him on the last show - he does seem to have a natural grace in his speech, etc. I'm rooting for him too, he's def. in my top three to watch.

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    I think he's a very real, very humble sort of fellow. Personality-wise, he's one of my favorites for sure. I think he's also got some real talent, but the same goes for most of the rest of the cast unfortunately (or fortunately, at least for the audience).

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