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Thread: Marty

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    Re: Marty

    Marty's been out on his own the past week or so doing solo acoustic shows, one of which passed through Central Florida and I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze it into my schedule. Here's a couple of shots from his gig at the Hard Rock Casino down by Tampa.....

    This one was fun because it was an all ages thing in the hotel lobby and the kids that were there got up to sing Trees with him....

    And at the meet and greet after the show...

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    Re: Marty

    Cute pictures, libs!

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    A.J, Nicole, Renee, Jenah ILikeThat's Avatar
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    Re: Marty

    Oh marty. I just love how he sings "Wish you were here". I started loving this song beacuse of him. Cute! I though he would win.
    Whitney won!!!

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