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Thread: Marty

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    FORT Regular RushVB's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Second performance was clearly near-perfect. Hope the other performers don't play mind games with him as Suzie did. It seemed to get to him a little.

    Will have to investigate his bands' stuff out of curiosity. Probably in my top threeon the mens side...

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    C'mon Without Cmon Within QuinntheEskimo's Avatar
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    May 2003
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    top three on the men's side- which means top 3 overall- and he's less of an ego (headcase) then JD and MIG...

    I ahve no freaking idea what INXS is looking for- but Marty seems talented and humble- as opposed to some of the other talented male contestants- INXS has been around a long time- i seriously doubt they would want some new person mugging for cameras- and showing up the rest of the band...

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    I really like Marty and think he is one of the ones to watch to win it all (along with Mig). Don't see the Fonz thing; Tom Petty similarities in looks, definitely.

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    Lipstick and Callous GlitterGabi's Avatar
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    His preformance tonight was affected in my opinion.
    Ich liebe dich!

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    but keep in mind that the song he did tonight was a BIG song. There was lots of room for mistakes, and he could've easily botched it bigtime. But he didn't. He delivered a big song and delivered it successfully.

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    I would have liked more clarity and passion during the soft parts of Lithium, and maybe that was where INXS's criticisms were directed. The loud part never originally was sang (screamed) with a lot of range, and he tried a faithful copy of that and pretty much nailed it.

    Originality is fine, but don't over do it, as JD does all the time.I don't think he could have sang Lithium the way Marty did without butchering it.

    MiG's "stylings" last night were a tad over the top, IMO.

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    I watched this show last night for the first time, and Marty blew me away. He can really sing.

    I'd put him in the top three with Ty and possibly Jordis (missed most of her performance, but what I saw was great).

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    I like Marty more and more each week.
    He never fails imo and I loved the slowed down version of the "crazy conductor".

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    Marty's Performance 8/2

    My husband and I thought Marty's version of Arms Wide Open was awful. He sounded off-key to us but Dave et. al. loved it. What did we miss? Normally I really like Marty a lot but just didn't get what he did with the song.

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    Marty has quickly climbed up the chain to become one of my very favorites. I think he's becoming more popular because he consistently does well and builds on each performance, and his unassuming attitude is surely endearing as well. He may not have the best vocals, but he knows how to draw the audeince in and has a great rapport with the crowd.

    For someone to perform "With Arms Wide Open" and me to really enjoy it . . . wow!

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