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Thread: Marty

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalince
    After listening to the Lovehammers audio clips (they just sold a CD!), I'd rather he went back to them. Their sound is just more my style.
    The Lovehammers' CD is available on the iTunes music store. I bought it a couple weeks ago after listening to clips on their website. It's got a few really good songs on it -- several that I'm quite surprised Marty didn't choose to sing intstead of Trees (which is, frankly, pretty simplistic). But Trees is basic, accessible, and catchy, and exactly the sort of thing that'd get a good reaction from a very wide range of viewers...so maybe he was smart about that.

    One thing that really impresses me, listening to the Lovehammers CD, is how bad Marty sounds on it compared to how good he sounds after just a few weeks on RS:I. His vocal technique and clarity have vastly improved after working with a coach, and even if he goes back to his grunge band and continues that sound, they're going to have to do a whole lot of studio work as vocal tracks need to be laid down again. He really has improved that much.

    It constantly amazes me how much my opinion of Marty has changed over the course of this show. I didn't like him at all at the beginning -- I saw him as just another grunge wannabe who needed to get over the fact that Cobain was dead, much like Neal needed to stop pretending to be Mick Jagger and move on. But it only took a while for Marty to break out of that -- I think it may have been his Mr. Brightside performance in Week Five that got my attention, and he's just been phenomenal since then. Now I want to see him win the whole thing, and if he doesn't, I don't really care, because I'll continue to be a fan.

    P.S: I like Psychotic Marty, Scary Conductor Marty, and Eyeliner Marty. That's when I like him best. Scary psychotic eyeliner Marty turning 'Baby One More Time' into a song about obsession and desperation. That's who I want to buy records from.


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    Second (all) that Tay. I like your posts.

    Marty has grace and natural charisma, he takes criticism constructively, his voice talent has grown (and has as of yet shown no limit), he is the only one behaving with the decorum of applying for a 'job'.

    He listens, he applies, he grows. No antics, get's along well with his mates and stays cool under pressure.

    The others have revealed their fatal limitation: they can't escape their genres -- MiG is pretty boy dinner theatre, J.D. will always sound and act like an Elvis impersonator, and Suzie fits her ABBA role to a perfectly pitched 'T'. Jordis, poor thing, is too overcome with insecurity, she's gotten in the way of herself. She's talented, but unripe.

    My interest in INXS would be maintained with Marty at the lead.

    Rock on Marty!

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    Great but not right for INXS

    Well, other people have already said it, but I think Marty is great, I love the songs he performs. But he's more of a 90's grunge guy than someone who fits into INXS. (personally I prefer Marty's 90's music to INXS').

    I can't imagine Marty actually winning because he just doesn't fit. But then again, I can't imagine the shows producers letting Marty get away when they know he's popular.

    I really like someone else's idea in another thread, after it's over and INXS goes on tour with the winner, they should have the house band open with the runner-up (Marty). I could see that definitely being a success.
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    Gotta say...Trees is definitely the catchest of the self-written. I really enjoyed it, so, I'll probably try to get it.

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    Marty totally kicked butt as usual. Like many others I don't care at this point if Marty wins or not. I will end up a fan of INXS or the Lovehammers (it's up to OB:INXS).

    By the way, JD's version of Come As You Are was absolutely terrible, IMO. It sounded like Elvis trying to sing Nirvana, pass thanks.

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    I think the most important thing Marty has said during the whole series is that he wants INXS and him to meet half way. If that's true then we can't just expect him to do no screaming. It's part of his natural style but he does tone it down when the song calls for it.

    I thought his performance last night was very different from his previous ones. Vocally, I didn't notice that british sound that he often has when he sings. Physically at times he almost seemed to me as if he was doing a Mick Jagger impression. I diidn't like last night's performance as much as some of his others but he's still my favorite and I hope he wins. I also wonder if he's gaining in confidence just as we see Jordis is obviously losing hers. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by CdnINXSFan
    Someone mentioned when he sang Frampton on MiG's encore 'Hey he can sing and smile at the same time'. I want to see him sing and smile at the same time again!
    OK I know it's bad form to quote yourself but I heard (maybe it was something edited out of the performance show?) that Marty chose Trees as the song he should sing (out of the many he's written) because he was told he should sing something that he could smile while he was singing. Marty's listening to my telepathic messages to him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumpyGills
    He listens, he applies, he grows. No antics, get's along well with his mates and stays cool under pressure.
    I completely agree with this. Marty has shown that he can take criticism and suggestions and apply them in a way that really works. He has grown incredibly in the past two or three weeks.

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    You know what's funny? Marty was the one guy that when I first saw this show, I thought to myself, "I'm gonna hate this one." But after the past couple of weeks, I have decided that he is my favorite!

    "Trees" was awesome! It's the only song of the originals we heard that I actually remember and can sing to myself afterwards. I would definitely buy that song if it were released as a single.

    I enjoy his performances, he doesn't seem forced or fake, and I appreciate the nuances we've discovered in his voice since he decided to take the criticism he's been given. I really hope he wins the competition.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    You know what's funny? Marty was the one guy that when I first saw this show, I thought to myself, "I'm gonna hate this one." But after the past couple of weeks, I have decided that he is my favorite!
    Same here. There were only two other guys I liked less than Marty at the beginning (and, oddly, JD was one of my two favorites). He's really grown on me. I think it's partly because I love the Peter Murphy-meets-Bowie vibe I get from him.
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