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Thread: J.D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willybobo123
    He's light years better than that woman with the gunt. That's for sure.
    What the hell was that on her guntsuit, a spade?
    I took it to be a fleur-de-lis; a stylized lily. A symbol incorporated into Quebec's provincial flag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willybobo123
    Let me take a wild guess: JD is the best-looking contestant. Right?

    He's light years better than that woman with the gunt. That's for sure.
    What the hell was that on her guntsuit, a spade?
    I actually prefer Brandon. But then I have a thing for gruff and shaggy men. Sure I have to hit the mute button when he is singing but so what?

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    JD is not so good vocally, Jordis, Ty, Marty, Mig, and possibly Suzie are far better than him. He is good for the eyes though. Plus he is creepy, plays all these mind games (choose Suzie's song so that he could give it back; says to Jordis, "after this show, I'd like to knwo you better"). Hey this is a talent competition, focus on your singing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiVvV
    I don't think JD is the best looking..sorry..I think Marty who is my favorite is the best looking. He has a natural insane rockstar look
    Tom Petty meets Iggy Pop
    You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymay
    Tom Petty meets Iggy Pop

    ROFL! You nailed it.

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    Wow...I'm a bit stunned at the backlash JD is getting. Actually stunned isn't the word because he is a bit of a prat.

    It's not like he's auditioning to replace the rock world's most steady role model. Isn't it a rock rule that your lead singer is supposed to be a bit of a diva?

    ALL lead singers are insecure, attention seeking, power hungry nobs (Bono even admitted it)

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    I was surprised he got such good comments from Dave and the band last night.

    They showed his reaction a lot when the others were performing or getting critiques.
    It seemed as though they camera frequently went to JD who was generally sitting pretty stone faced if others received praise.

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    You're right, Fluff . . . he looks rather sick when others receive high praise.

    I really enjoyed his performance of "California Dreamin'," but I haven't been wild about him since. It's not just because he's so freakish/manipulative offstage, either . . . his performances just seem to be presenting him as a one-trick pony. That's true of many singers, but some tricks are better than others. His dance moves genuinely annoy me.

    Another thing I've noticed is how he always has an excuse for everything. With the vocal coaching, he was coughing and thumping his chest as though he had a cold or something. After the whole "sister" debacle, I'm afraid I'm not inclined to believe any excuses he'd pull out. He would have won some major points for simply admitting that "We Are the Champions" was too hot for him to handle rather than trying to blame it on outside factors. We all heard his voice cracking while he was practicing inside the house!

    Downsey, while you (and Bono ) are absolutely correct, JD is lacking the charisma that should go along with the bit of ego. It's one thing if you're preening and likeable at the same time, but you're not going to win any fans if you're simply an ass.
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    Fluff! Where's Paul Weller gone? I'm liking Little Britain as well, but it's a shock after all these years.

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    Weird JD

    I find JD's performances a bit disturbing. Is he truly weird or just acting weird? I remember his first performance when he grabbed a girl by the hair and even one of the INXS guys said he had crossed the line. I think he's a bit of a wild card and I doubt they want to deal with it long-term.

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