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Thread: J.D.

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    His California Dreamin' was even better tonight
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    Kudos to JD for turning his performance around like that. His moves are still a little too wonky for me, but much improved at least!

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    Yeah. I'm still not sure about him. I liked that he did something different with an already lovely song, but truth be told the original was SO good that I couldn't wrap my mind around his arrangement. I also agree with Aly that his moves are a bit much.

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    I didn't see his first performance, but after hearing California Dreaming, I'm in love He's got a great voice, it was amazing!

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    After California Dreamin', I think J.D. is the one to beat!!!!
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    He's definitely the one to beat. Well he and Jordis.

    I couldn't get over how sexy he was either

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    That version of California Dreamin' was really, really good. Like good enough to be a single. Very impressive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 702loves205
    I liked his voice very much but those "moves" of his still bother me.
    I think his performance was good but his moves were still a bit awkward, making me feel uncomfortable for him. His moves are like J.D. meets INXS meets Michael Jackson.
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    What a turnaround from day one. No hair pulling and less frantic. And his encore on the third show proved he was precise in doing the song the same way twice.

    One of the top two men (w/Ty). Would rather see his manic craziness then the other extreme - Wil's stiff, boring, stare-at-one-girl antics.

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    This guy ASTOUNDS me. I cannot believe how completely different his 3 performances have been! He has become my favorite because of his versatility. He's the one whose performance I can't wait for next week, because I want to see what he does next!

    His first performance he was all wiggly and and everywhere like a snake on speed. His second performance was a completely different type of song, a very smooth mild song, and he gave it an edge. This week he took a wailing jilted girl song, added the beat of a good-but-dated pretender pop tune, and produced a completely magnetic rhythmic performance in which he stood like a statue with his hand in the air for 80% of the performance. And it was ADDICTIVE! It was like a remake of the song, so different from the original yet so completely good!

    I am shocked and very pleased about what he can envision in his head. He definitly didn't turn out just another karaoke-type performance.

    If INXS doen't take this guy, some other band will. And that other band will then be stealing customers from INXS.

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