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Thread: J.D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog
    But its the fans that buy the CD's and concert tickets, so I would think that INXS wants someone the fans like.

    Look how Van Halen tanked when they got rid of David Lee Roth. The loyal Van Halen fans didn't really take to Sammy Hagar very well and it showed.

    So INXS knows that they need someone that the fans like and apparantly the fans don't like Suzie.
    I'm not real fond of her either and after the beggine performance last night I am even more turned off by her. Performances aside.
    There's not always a direct corrolation of a reality show winner and the records they sell. I don't watch AI, but I remember reading that in one or two years, the runner up actually sold more albums than the winner.

    Also, record sales are often driven by things such as airplay, marketing, video exposure, and hype. It's been postulated by many that the best bands and singers are not even famous due to bad timing, bad relations with producers, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.D.
    I pegged him from the beginning. I think//hope INXS realizes a female can't take over the lead spot. Cover band, maybe. Original band, no.

    I love the way he plays the crowd. It's like he's playing them, they know it, and he knows they know it....and so on.....it's fun for me to watch.

    Oh yeah. And he's talented too. But even if he weren't that could be taken care of in studio. (Britney, anyone?)

    I'm hanging with my bro, JD.
    Me too, babe, me too.

    He's controversial, talented, and really wants this more for the sake of playing with his favorite band of all time than anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpilltheBeans
    Based on previous voting habits, we can predict that Suzie, Deana, then Ty, then JD will fill the bottom 3 from this point forward unless the 3 favs (Mig, Jordis, Marty) really mess up.
    based on the voting habits of the one week they told us who was in the top 3? remember, just because the previous week had jd in the bottom 3 "at one point" does not mean he did not end up in the top 3 after voting was over.

    just sayin' ...

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    I found an intersesting JD article. Many people opposed to him will be surprised to read that the kid's got friends... trippy. Click here for the link.

    Fortune & Fame
    Salt Springs-raised singer J.D. Forutne is making a name for himself on the latest reality singing series Rock Star: INXS. His friends here ar home believe he's the competitor to beat.

    By GREG GUY / Entertainment Editor

    A few months ago J.D. Fortune called upon an old friend for help.

    The Salt Springs, Pictou County-raised singer, now living in Oakville, Ont., arrived on the doorstep of his longtime pal Dave Gunning.

    He wanted to enter the new CBS Rock Star: INXS reality show and had to record a video tape to send to the producers. The winner becomes the frontman for the popular Australian band.

    Fortune, known to his friends in Pictou County as Jason Bennison, needed musicians to accompany him on his audition tape. Gunning was more than willing to help. With friend Zack Fraser on drums, the trio recorded a video of Crowded House's hit, Better Be Home Soon.

    The CBS show, headed by Survivor's executive producer Mark Burnett, received thousands of entries worldwide and J.D. Fortune landed in the top 15. Halifax-raised Tara Slone was also chosen, but was eliminated last Wednesday.

    For the past five weeks, J.D.'s been living in a Hollywood Hills mansion with the other Rock Star: INXS competitors stirring it up on the reality show, impressing original INXS band members - Kirk Pengilly, Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss, Andrew Farriss and Garry Beers, who are judging the competition - and winning loads of admirers along the way.

    Probably the most competitive singer on the show, Fortune hopes to be the last one standing and is longing to embark on a worldwide concert tour with INXS and be part of the group's new album.

    Before heading to Hollywood, J.D. also asked Gunning to help him record a demo CD of the Mammas and the Papas California Dreamin', which he performed a few weeks ago on the show.

    "We laid down tracks on two acoustic guitars, bass guitar and percussion," said Gunning. "It was neat to see they used that version on the show."

    Gunning knows J.D. realizes, probably more than anyone, that this show is a competition.

    "After he got off to a rough start on the first show, I wasn't so sure, but now," says the ECMA award-winning Gunning, "I feel the same way as the judges, who've already said he's the one to beat."

    Gunning believes J.D. realized after the first week that he's got to have an edge to stay around and for several weeks he was viewed as the villain on the show, especially in a speech after the judges praised his performance a few weeks ago.

    "He was doing so well, until he spoke that night," Gunning says laughing.

    With his fellow competitors sitting close by, J.D. responded by taking a shot at them by saying, "while they're learning the INXS songs, I know them because I love them." J.D. tried to cover by adding that he "didn't want to diss anyone," but the damage had been done.

    Producers played up the comments and showed the drama back at the mansion after the show. His fellow competitors were furious.

    He has also been portrayed as a real conniver at times. Each week the competitors are given songs to select, marking their first and second choices. J.D. will go to any length to get the song he wants to sing. One week he convinced a fellow competitor that she would be better singing a certain song, because he wanted to sing Queen's We Are the Champions. However, with his own arrangement, the plan backfired. The judges were thumbs down for his performance that week.

    Later, J.D. said he was in a daze during his performance of We Are the Champions. He looked out to the audience and saw his sister Sarah-Jane and her husband, who were visiting from Florida.

    Gunning, who still refers to his friend as "Jason", describes J.D. as a charismatic guy who lights up a room as soon as he enters it.

    "He's very spontaneous and a really good-hearted guy."

    J.D. isn't the first Pictou County singer Gunning helped on the road of reality television singing competitions.

    He also assisted his friend George Canyon, a.k.a. Fred Lays, on his successful runner-up run at the Nashville Star title two years ago.

    "When I think about this, it freaks me out," Gunning says over the phone from a tour stop in Prince Edward Island.

    "There's Jason and Fred, both Pictou County guys who changed their names, and went on to international stature, and they just happen to be people I know. Sometimes I feel like Forrest Gump."

    Gunning has fond memories of growing up with his musical friends.

    "I remember when the movie La Bamba came out, I think Jason, who was working at a New Glasgow theatre saw it about 30 times," he recalls. "I think Jason thought he was the lead singer (Lou Diamond Phillips who played Ritchie Valens). He learned the song and I learned it on the guitar. In Grade 8, we decided to perform it at a variety show at West Pictou Junior High.

    "There was me, (J.D.) and manning the sound board was George Canyon."

    After the La Bamba performance, J.D. fronted a few Pictou County bands including Bad Habit. They would perform '50s and '60s cover tunes with a bit of John Mellencamp and Barney Bentall thrown in.

    J.D. moved to Ontario in his high school years and lost touch with Gunning for a bit. But out of the blue, when he was home visiting family (his mother Sandra lives in Westville), he paid his friends a visit.

    As Gunning put it: "He'd just show up."

    On his last visit, when he sought Gunning's help to record the demo, they both played for students at Salt Springs Elementary School, where Gunning's wife Sara teaches.

    "(J.D.) was walking through the school grounds saying, 'I got beat up over there, I got punched out over there,' " says Gunning laughing.

    From the Rock Star: INXS website to J.D.'s own blogs, it appears the 31-year-old singer has been living a real-life roller-coaster ride since leaving Salt Springs. He joined the army, performed before stadium crowds, lived out of his car and even wound up being an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. He dropped out of high school after being offered a job on a TV show in Ontario.

    But on his recent visit to Nova Scotia, family and friends gathered to give him a rousing send-off and awarded him an honorary diploma from West Pictou High School.

    "It was something he always wanted," says his good friend Karen Corbin-Hughes.

    With contractual agreements with the show, competitors were told they were not to do any media interviews while still in the running. Even Gunning and Hughes were reluctant to talk about their friend's involvement before the show aired, because they didn't want to ruin his chances.

    On the website however, J.D. talks about his struggles with drugs and depression.

    On the July 21 blog J.D. writes: "I came to the show in search of success. But what I'm finding is me. When I was younger my life was an ironic one-man show. I was lost but could always find a way to convince people (especially those I loved) that I was happy. I always seemed to fall into 'the wrong crowd.'

    "I turned to drugs and had a romance with the self-medication of my pain. Temporarily it seemed like the answer. I felt I could control my life by numbing it. Eventually the lows really outweighed the highs. This led me down a fast road of doubt and depression. I was ready to cling to anything or anyone," he writes.

    "Lucky for me I found some great human beings to call friends! In learning that this is a big ocean (and I'm swimming hard) I'm learning to love the things I was always afraid of. Marty Casey showed me that angels come in all shapes and sizes. He is a natural born leader and is becoming an intimate friend. I look forward to lifelong friendships with everyone here."

    Longtime friend Corbin-Hughes says in the past several years that J.D. has "been around the block."

    "You have to have downs to really appreciate your highs," she says. "Throwing him in a pool of people with the same interests and vying for the same goal is great. He is a truly dedicated friend."

    J.D. also misses his friends back home.

    In his last blog dated July 30, J.D. writes: "I'm also longing for my friends back in Nova Scotia. At the beginning of the summer I discovered a great blues jam bar. It's called Fibbers and is always full of talent. It's right in the heart of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. It's got the most beautiful staff and the food is awesome."

    Gunning and Corbin-Hughes believe J.D. has a very good chance to win the event, which was organized to fill the gap left by frontman Michael Hutchence's suicide in 1997.

    Since his death the band has worked with a number of singers including U.S. soul artist Terence Trent D'Arby and New Zealander Jon Stevens.

    Music writers also feel J.D. is in the running for the long haul.

    RealityTV magazine recently offered: "The controversy that J.D. creates is the only thing interesting going on at the mansion. J.D. could probably suck helium and sing in a high pitched voice, and co-host Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction guitarist) and INXS would still rave, because they know if they lose J.D. then the ratings will go even more South."

    Corbin-Hughes says the cameras love J.D. and he has the look of a rock star.

    "His look grabs you. He belongs to the rock-star world," says Corbin-Hughes. "When he's passionate about something, Jason gives 300 per cent. He's probably going 'Wow' with all that's happening right now."

    Rock Star: INXS airs Tuesday at 11 p.m. on CBS and is repeated at 12:06 a.m. on Global; followed by Wednesday's elimination episode which airs 10 p.m. on CBS and 12:06 a.m. on Global.

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    I have no problems believing he has friends. That doesn't help with the fact that he is totally unappealing to me as a performer.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Thanks so much for that dvm, much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    I found an intersesting JD article. Many people opposed to him will be surprised to read that the kid's got friends... trippy. Click here for the link.
    I don’t think anyone is suggesting that JD does not have friends (thanks for the smear)

    What I and many have been saying is that of the remaining contestants JD is the worst singer. (and several of the contestant already voted off were arguably better than JD) He has a limited range and hits more sour notes than one can count. Many find his stage presence lacking and the whole “human” and “being” tattoos just sad and pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    I found an intersesting JD article. Many people opposed to him will be surprised to read that the kid's got friends... trippy. Click here for the link.
    Sorry if I have offended anyone with the above comment. It was a lame attempt at sarcasm.

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    Nice one dvm...thanks for the article.

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    What I and many have been saying is that of the remaining contestants JD is the worst singer. (and several of the contestant already voted off were arguably better than JD) He has a limited range and hits more sour notes than one can count. Many find his stage presence lacking and the whole “human” and “being” tattoos just sad and pathetic.
    I think he is far and away the best singer. He is raw, passionate, and unpredictable. He is the only reason I watch the show because none of the others draw me in. Not saying that the others are bad, just saying that they do nothing for me.

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