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Thread: J.D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog
    I didn't read any of their bios until today. When I came to Suzies and saw she was 28, I almost spit my diet coke on the computer. Come ON! If she is 28, then I'm Oprah Winfrey.
    Dh and I both said she was at LEAST 5 years older than that.

    And yes, she and Deanna both look like those new Mom Rock groups profiled on one of the morning news shows a few weeks ago.
    I agree, the very 1st night my husband and I watched this I said that Susie looked like a soccer mom. I think she's improved since but I think she's older then 28 for sure.
    I'm hoping Jessica is the next to go, I don't like anything about her.
    I want to like JD but his personality is turning me a bit
    I think Mig or Marty is the best fit for INXS
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    Well, since Our Band INXS are fortyish and probably parents themselves, perhaps a soccer mom frontperson is a perfect fit.
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    Poeple, listen up. If you have ever been involved in reality TV production, you will know that this format allows Mark Burnett to establish who goes home. Dont kid yourselves. INXS has already determined who they want. Burnett will decide the order. That will be based on whatever is needed at the time for ratings.

    In order for INXS to change thier minds, the person would have to fall of the stage or the voting would have to be so overwelming in someones favor, they would make a 1 year business decision. Travel with the person even if they didnt fit, just to make profit on the publicity. If it really works out great.

    We all know that despite the awsome voice and talent, Jordis and Tye dont fit to lead a rock band like INXS. They would actually do better on their own. They should not want to win actually. Jordis already needs to lose to make more money.

    As for who is left, there are only 2 that make sense and are talented enough to do it. JD and Marty. The others just dont cut it.

    JD has more individual Q ratings (lovers and haters) and Marty is better liked by the band and will keep the band in its comfort zone but they wont sell as many records.

    From a business perspective, they will watch the demand for Jordis and if it gets so high they cant refuse they will take her, if not, they will prpbably take Marty due to him fitting in and they will be able to "control" him and keep most of the profit. They would pull a larger audience with JD but he would be harder to control and would ultimately leave them anyway to get a better contract.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Very interesting post...to add my thoughts...I figure that Burnett will probably have some "Idol" type contract will give them cuts of any Jordis/Ty future earnings.

    They are both getting great exposure and have been able to show off their vocal abilities. They're definitely headed for a bright future. Jordis is just too young for Our Band: INXS and possibly a bit too goth. Ty hasn't been able to shed his theatre style and may seem a bit soft for an Auzzie band (if you know what I mean...not that there's anything wrong with that).

    JD is a rock star singer. Excellent stage pressence. Selfish. Immature. Insecure. Pouty. Needs attention. But damn if he doesn't make you watch him. Hutchence had more vocal range and was definitely a hit with Our Band; INXS' female fans but he shared most of the typical lead singer qualities (ie Liam Gallagher).

    Marty has done well but I think he would be the safe bet. Doesn't quite have the aura of "oh no, what will he do next". And he reminds me of the guy in the kit kat ad that plays a Super Model..."it's like a Super Model Sandwich" "Not pouty, Dangerous"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockfan
    Poeple, listen up. If you have ever been involved in reality TV production, you will know that this format allows Mark Burnett to establish who goes home. Dont kid yourselves. INXS has already determined who they want. Burnett will decide the order. That will be based on whatever is needed at the time for ratings.
    While I agree that it's entirely possible that INXS has had a clear idea this whole time about who they want, I'd have to say that because this contest is happening in real time it severely restricts Burnett's ability to spin it.

    Getting back to J.D.: What were you thinking, man?!! If you hope to win the prize, you have to follow the rules! If INXS wants you to collaborate with the others, you darn well need to collaborate with the others!

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    Strange Brew
    I cannot see JD fronting this band at all, or any band for that matter. He seems to have a good rock mind, but frankly his singing is not great. He struggles on any song that pushes his vocals at all. Personally I can see him being a good record producer, especially with his great arrangements but not as a musician or performer.

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    Last nights "performance" looked like a bad rehersal: too many oddly timed intonations. Maybe he's the type that needs to rework his vocal stylings longer before he gets it right. Didn't enjoy his vocals at all, making that 3 bombs.

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    It's not just his vocals that are stretched. It seems that he can't sing a song "straight." He always has to re-interpret it. I seriously doubt that INXS has any visions of a new singer re-interpreting their classics. JD clearly will not fit in.

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    JD likely should have been in the bottom 3 at least twice, but he has a fan base who seem to vote for him no matter how badly he performs relative to the others.

    Here's a theory. I'm not a huge reality tv aficionado, having watched maybe 5-6 shows that I followed for its entire season, but one thing I've noticed is that decent looking men who have an aggressive personality usually have a following. They have their detractors, sure, but they seem to also have their fans. On the other hand, if it's a woman, good-looking or not, and she has an attitude, people seem to universally call her derogatory female names. If it's an ugly man and he has an attitude, people seem to universally call him bitter or resentful. Of course, as with all generalizations, it probably isn't 100%, but the trend is pretty consistent in the 5-6 shows I watched, including this one. You have to be both a male and decent looking to be allowed to act out. And you're given complementary names such as "bad boy", "competitive", and "keeping it real". It's an interesting commentary of our perceptions of people perhaps.

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    I've missed 2 weeks of shows so I'm a little out of the loop. Thanks everyone for your comments and recaps to help me stay caught up.

    I posted this weeks ago, and based on what I've read I still believe it:
    Either INXS chooses JD, or they'll wind up competing against him. (And he'd probably win that contest.)

    So doesn't seem like INXS has much choice here. The writing is on the wall for them, now that JD has this publicity.

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